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What if?

February 15, 2015

What if   This isn’t even speculation. It is pure imagination!
What if… there were a field of energy soooo big, the word “infinite” just began to describe the number of frequencies in it? A field is just a mathematical construct where we draw lines to represent the way we perceive the energy flows. If we constructed a hologram of a horseshoe magnetic field, it wold have three dimensions in space. If we added the Newtonian linear construct of time, we would have four dimensions. Our new, huge energy field is n-dimensional. We can’t comprehend it, but we can imagine it.

Now let’s say, due to the law of entropy, or enthalpy, or some other phenomena, a few packets of energy slow down and begin to form matter. The matter grows and because of gravity or some other force, begins compressing on itself. It attracts more energy into it, and becomes as a black hole in our huge energy field. Finally, all this energy can’t stand being compressed, and like a massive atomic bomb, goes “boom.” The Big Bang from a different point of view.

This energy and matter, expand from the explosion. Woosh! We have our universe. Energy is neat stuff. At the sub-atomic level it travels in packets when we look at it. When we look at it differently, it travels in waves. Regardless of how we look at it, it has two other properties: it can be transmitted and it can transform. Focus sunlight (photons) through a magnifying glass on a piece of paper, and light energy turns into heat energy.

Now let’s take another look at this matter stuff. Most of it is just slowed down energy and space. Should we go as deep as we can today into matter, at the sub-atomic level, we find a bunch of weird particles: quarks and stuff. What’s neat is some little tinsey bits of energy are bouncing around in there, doing something with the quarks? This energy is called Zero Point Field (ZPF) and had to come from the Big Bang. We humans are matter too. There are those who call us “star seed.” I guess that is as far as they can imagine. Stars go back to the Big Bang. Maybe we are “Big Bang seed?”

Since our original field is so incomprehensibly huge, there is nothing stopping energy slowing down at some other point or points, compressing and going boom? Waddya know? Another universe. A parallel universe? A Perpendicular universe? Maybe we call it an alternate dimension? What’s in a name?

Now, let’s give this incomprehensibly huge energy field, from which our ZPF originated, a name. We like names. Let’s call it “love.” Indigenous peoples of North America call it “The great Spirit.” In South America, Quetzalcoatl. Think also of Agape, Akasha, ApAaga and Amore. There are all kinds of names. Holy Shit! That means everything, including us, is made of love!

So what is so special about us? I really don’t know? Could it be because we have a larger genome with more base pair than any other living creature? (Except Norwegian Spruce, Whisk Ferns and some amphibians. Frogs only have 13 chromosomes or with the copy, 26 where we have 23 and with the copy, 46. The spruce has a dozen and and the DNA is repetitive. Maybe this is why girls kiss frogs? ) And how do we define living? Is it because we critters from amoeba on up, have a bit of excess or different frequency of energy? Could it be we have a greater capacity to focus love than animals? I look at my pup wagging her tail, and observe we do not appear to be using this capacity! And why is it animals and plants have this energy and rocks don’t appear to have it? Or is that we cannot perceive it, or have been diminished so we cannot perceive it?

What if then, everything was all made out of the same stuff? Just different forms determined by different frequencies? If what makes us so special is we are given a greater capacity and ability to receive and transmit love, to focus love, then my observation is we are doing a lousy job! We talk about being a part of the conscious mind, which may be this incomprehensibly large energy field, from which everything comes. Yet we disregard ourselves even in the form of another unique likeness of ourselves?

Of course, this is only one, imaginary point of view. But Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge? And really, what difference does it make what point of view we have? What is important is that we see and let love: let love flow through us so we may see. It is really very simple. But sometimes not easy.

Intimate Relationships

February 7, 2015

I have now three criteria for intimate relationships

  1. A mutual desire for unity
  2. Lotsa love.
  3. Great sex.

This is exactly the reverse order in which I studied these things, but I’ve always done things backwards.

Unity: oneness with

It starts at home, with me. It comes from loving myself. This is different from narcissism and being completely selfish. It is more like taking care of one’s self: physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is going to vary for each of us, so I’m not going to get into absolutes.

Once we know pretty much who we really are, rather than what society and others have told us who we are, then we are ready to receive or look for someone with whom we can share our life. Contrary to popular opinion, it is always going to be my life, just as it is always going to be her life. “Gears meshing smoothly” is one metaphor. Two gears are always going to be two gears, meshing to make things work. But both have this desire to blend and mesh THEIR lives into a life together. Pick your own metaphor.

Lotsa Love

You all know by now, I look at love as an energy spectrum, said energy being delivered through the heart rather than the head. This too, has to be mutual, though it will vary from time to time around the spectrum. One can love another to near infinite heights, and it won’t work if not reciprocated. Even when reciprocated it won’t work without the desire for unity. Love as a feeling comes and goes. The energy is always there. How we let it in to us and focus it on another is a different story.

Great Sex

This is another one up for grabs. My views on great sex have changed significantly. Great sex can come from quickies in the presence of love, just as a reminder you are together as a pair of gears meshing. It can be had in those sessions lasting for hours or with transcendent sexual experiences. The definition of great sex is an individual subjective thing. I think it may have more to do with our desire to give ourselves and our responses to one another than looking for a response from the other.

In the beginning of my sexual life it was about notches in my belt. I got so many my pants fell down. Then it was about pleasing her. I was wearying of the continual chase. Figure out how to please one and I wouldn’t have to chase as much. Then I fell in love and transmitted that love sexually. It was entirely different: ecstasy as compared to pleasure. It didn’t last either. I instinctively knew the desire for unity was not there, but when ahead anyway, kidding myself.

Now, I’ve decided to reverse my order and go for mutual desire for unity, then love and the great sex will follow. This is not to say I won’t break this order of things, but unity will always be primo! We’ll see how this works.

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