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August 7, 2014



To provide couples with some tools which may lead to a lasting, interdependent relationship, from which growth may begin.


All relationships go through dependent stages of development. Today, it seems most get stuck in dependency or co-dependency. It makes no difference if it is with a beloved, children, family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. I compare this process with the germination of a seed, and there are many ways in which a seed may germinate. Interdependence, then, is the sprouting of the seed. Just like trees, that is when we really begin to grow.

Why did I choose the field of “Sexual Biology?”

  1. I created the field and there is no one else here.

  2. I recognize the uniqueness of the individual and only provide information on various responses and how they may occur in the human body.

  3. I recognize the “mind boxes” into which modern man is placed and although I cannot remove them, I can tell you where they came from and you can remove them if you want.

  4. I used to think I was alone in my magnificent sexual experiences. Thanks to many of you, I now believe millions have these awesome experiences. I share mine along with those of others, and provide possible biological mechanisms for them. THEY ARE NATURAL AND NOT TO BE FEARED!

  5. I’m the only guy I know of that takes a hardcore look at love as a powerful energy spectrum (not mushy gushy stuff), breaks it down into general behaviors and attitudes, then gets into the positive impact on the human body at the genetic level. Doctors today tell us “sex is good for us.” Hell, I suggest it can even reverse the aging process, when we incorporate love in our sexual activities without all the bullshit!

  6. Then, I’m the only guy who says don’t believe me. Try it for yourself! Then you’ll believe me.

Bottom line is great sex isn’t going to hold intimate relationships together: love is!

Why Do I Have This Mission?

The truth is, damn if I know. I like to think it is because I’m selfish and want to live in a better world.

We’ve Been Conned Out of Love!

July 11, 2012

 I’ll be doing a radio show on this topic on August 19, so I think I’ll get my thoughts in order.

 First “love” is a lot bigger than we normally think about.  There are all kinds of love.  In my blog “Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum,” I model love as light energy with unconditional love as white light going through the prism of our mind.  It comes out as a rainbow, with each color representing a different form of love.  I focus on the red and orange as erotic love.  The problem is somebody stuck pieces of chewing gum all over the prism, blocking a lot of the colors.

 Governments are good at splattering our prisms with chewing gum.  There are a lot of people in this country who hate Islam.  We use an intellectual approach, citing the Koran to show what evil people Islamists is.  That’s nothing!  You ought to hear what Islamists say about us.  They use an emotional approach, calling us sons of Satan and punctuating their epithets with gunfire.  We hate each other and hate is the absence of love.

 We go around looking for ways to hate each other: skin color, hair color (dumb blonds and red-headed witches), belief systems, religion and politics (Dems and Reps.).  Nobody gives us a reason to love each other, particularly when it comes to erotic love.  Let’s face it.  The first real war was the war between the sexes, a.k.a., the war on women.  My question is why?  Why were we conned out of love.  I can only guess.

 Let’s speculate for a moment and say, “love is energy.”  I found there are a lot of people out there who believe this, after I came up with it.  There is little science on this.  But, energy has two attributes: transmittal and transformation.  We transmit electrical energy through wires into a microwave oven where it is transformed into microwave energy, then into heat energy when we nuke a potato.  So, can love energy transform us?  My answer is yes.  Particularly when we consider the passion (emotional energy) with which we transmit it through our bodies in sexual congress.

One of the things that can happen with transformation or enlightenment is an increase in our awareness.  We are no longer as easily swayed by politicians and used-car salesmen.  Kings and priests lose control.  We are not sheep following a false Shepard whose goal is to feed us to the wolves.

In today’s sexual paradigm, we live with the general belief sex is about pleasure and or procreation.  This political construct is designed to divide us into groups.  There is a group that says pleasure is bad and another saying pleasure is good.  Many sex therapists today are simply moving people out of the “bad” group into the “good” group.  Men are supposed to spread their seed and women are supposed to take birth control pills.  Very few see sex as a mechanism for transmitting love through our bodies. 

Even when we are focused on transmitting love, there is probably some piece of chewing gum stuck somewhere blocking the love.  You hate that she squeezes toothpaste from the middle of the tube.

Historically, the Church has been down on women since its inception.  When Jerome (a flaming cross-dresser) translated the Bible around 400 CE from Greek and other languages (as an example) in the Song of Solomon though the Greek word for “love” was “eros” Jerome used another word.   Around 1250, the Speculum Doctrinal told husbands not to love their wives too much.  Then in 1486 The Malleus Maleficarum told us “women’s insatiable lust was the cause of all evil and witchcraft in the world.”  The last successful prosecution for witchcraft was in England in 1944, so that one lasted a long time and is still hanging around. 

Erotic love is not the only form of love that will transform us and it seems to work best when other forms of love have little to no chewing gum blocking them.  We can love women with out desiring to bed them and the converse is also true.  We can desire to bed them without having love for them.  Given a choice, I’ll take love.  The results are better.


Copyright 2012 Art Noble


Sex is a Head Game!

April 30, 2012

 Sex is a head game based on myth, ignorance and misdirection.  The human body is a fantastic creation, much of it working just fine without any outside help.  Further it can be trained both physically and mentally to operate either beyond or below its “normal” functions.  Normal is defined “mathematically” as what most people do and think.

 A hasty generalization would be most of us are genetically predisposed to heterosexual relationships and inculcated to monogamy.  Some are not.   Within the majority, most are unaware of normal physiological sexual responses beyond small orgasms and many women are lacking even these.  We are trained and conditioned to deny our sexuality, our humanity.

 Most women in the USA have suffered sexual abuse in some form ranging from emotional abuse to sexual molestation (under 16) and rape.  This exists to some degree in every country in the world.  Our experience, including the myths we are taught to believe, uniquely shapes our perceptions.  Perceptions have their origins in our heads.  Ergo, sex is a head game.

 The myth under which most men suffer is sex is about pleasure: “getting their rocks off.”  Women are then either used like blow-up dolls for self-pleasure, or so much pressure is placed on men to “satisfy” their partner, they suffer emotional erectile dysfunction.  These are extremes, but they exist with an infinite range in between. 

 My experience and research have impacted my perception of sex as well.  Today, I see sex as a mechanism for transmitting love, where pleasure and ecstasy are by-products.  But we are not trained to love.  We are trained to not love, including in our intimate relationships.  Thankfully, some men have escaped the myths and conditioning and can love.  Not many, but they are out there!  Our re-training continues, for as it is said, “God isn’t finished with us yet.”

 Copyright Art Noble 2012

Our Sexual Paradigm: Pleasure and/or Procreation

March 9, 2012

The human body is an amazing creation.  If we gathered all of the human biological scientists in the world in one place to tell us how it works, they would simply argue for 10 years.  But, thousands of years ago, somebody figured out why it works.  Essentially, the body is under control of the mind.  Control the mind and you control the body.

 For the last 5000 years, more or less, we have lived under the sexual paradigm of pleasure and/or procreation.  It is a political construct!  Under this construct, these are the only two aspects of sex.  This leaves us viewing women as either brood cows or pleasure palaces, either view implying male ownership.  Men are slowly learning that some women are smart, too.  We need new glasses.

 This is an easy political construct because both are obvious.  We are so focused on these aspects of human sex and sexuality we can see no other results.  There are many, most of which are “politically incorrect:” they belong to the occult.  Occult means, “beyond common knowledge.”  The knowledge is there, but needs to be applied differently to become common knowledge.  But this violates the political construct.  We have to think outside the box!

 From the occult, we hear a lot of ethereal words that make absolutely no sense to those of us who speak English.  We may grasp some vague understanding of what they are talking about, and we think we know, but are left flat later on.  Many of them use words to describe actual biological processes of which they know nothing in terms of biology.  I prefer hard science as a basis and do not mind using the word “idiopathic” rather than mysterious, mystical or spiritual.  They are all synonyms for, “Duh, I donno.”

 Political constructs are fabricated for purposes of diversion.  Tactics include deification, dismissal, and demonization.  Boy, are we easily diverted to pleasure!  The question arises, “What are we being diverted from?”  From Enkidu in The Epic of Gilgamesh, through early Tantra up to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, it would seem we are being diverted from our transformation.  Hill called it our “transmutation”.  In that it is probably genetic in nature, transmutation is a better word.

 There are other names both in our culture and others for this transmutation: growth of consciousness, awareness, intuition, Satori , evolving, awakening, etc.  This leads to enlightenment, Divine enlightenment, or as Hill put it, “access to infinite intelligence.”  Don’t worry.  This access is on a “need to know” and “ability to communicate” basis.  Communication implies both verbal and mechanical.  For example, if one of the top wealthy men Hill interviewed placed a buy order for a stock that went up, that is considered mechanical communication.  Or consider Ed Leedskalnin constructing a machine that would lift 14-ton blocks, without having the slightest idea (intellectually) of what he had done. Who cares? It worked.  (Coral Castle)

 That transformation may take place in a blinding flash or take years, even generations.  But, the secret ingredient is love, another aspect of sex we have been diverted from, by focusing on pleasure or procreation.  Erotic love is not the only way for this to occur, but let’s face it.  Erotic love is a lot easier and more intense focused on one woman than trying to love the other seven billion people on this planet. That would probably work… eventually.  It worked for Mother Theresa and Sister Teresa of Avila.

 In my article on Illustrated Sexual Anatomy I define sex as “the mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve endings, creating electrochemical energy, resulting in pleasurable sensations in the genitalia and other sexual responses.”  In the blog on Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum, I define love as energy and model it on the visible light spectrum.  My guess is the combination of these two energies tweaks or expresses genes, producing the transformation.   It is like electrical energy into microwave energy reacting with a raw potato, producing heat energy to transform the raw potato to a cooked potato.  It makes no difference whether the guess is right or wrong.  It is all about an “attitude” of love.  Then, something happens!

 This sounds great!  Why not expand the paradigm?  Guys, you may know from sad experience, many women have a built-in crap-meter.  They have the uncanny ability to know when you are just hitting on them or when you are really interested in them.  With our transformation, we get one too.  Ours works differently.  Ours works on used-car salesmen and politicians.   Now you see why it is a political construct.

 Anthropologists too look at our evolutionary history with eyes locked into the pleasure/procreation paradigm.  What would happen if they expanded the paradigm?  Would this explain the genetic shift in Neanderthal?  Would it explain how we entered into the Bronze and Iron ages other than by fortuitous accident? Perhaps we should take another look.  Then we can consider the future of evolution based on love.

Copyright Art Noble 2012

Three Jewels in the Crown of Female Orgasm

December 10, 2011

 I have known, observed and experienced things long before there were studied by science.  Many still have no scientific validation.  They are “bracelets” and “necklaces.”  But now I have science for these three, which I view as a gift of love.

 In 1999, Zaviacic wrote, The Human Female Prostate[1], essentially describing its function the same as the male prostate: ejaculation of about 5 ml +/- of prostatic fluid on orgasm.  Although Galen, around 200 AD said the same thing and Reginer de Graff, in 1660 also described and sketched it.  De Graff also noted his female patients described this as more pleasurable… in 1660!

 In the very near future, Emmanuele Jannini[2], will have a paper published in J. Sex. Med regarding orgasmic discharge from the urinary bladder that IS NOT URINE!  In his one subject, there was 127 ml (1/2 cup) of fluid discharged.  I have seen, but not measured, apparently greater quantities. In Tantric Sex, both act and fluid are called Amitra.  Many women were told this was “urinary stress incontinence.”  Not true!  There is less that ½ the concentration of urea in the fluid from baseline urine studies of the subject.  I would imagine this would decrease on subsequent orgasms.  (You don’t stop at one, do you?)

 Finally, there is a ring of glands inside the vagina, just in back of the hymeneal area (where the hymen used to be) that also quickly secrete a fluid.  In Uganda, this is called, “spraying the walls.” This was presented by Dr. I. Goldstein[3] at the AASECT convention last year and is also in the J. Sex Med.  I don’t have a copy yet and will update this blog when it comes in.

 Jannini noted prostatic ejaculation followed the bladder discharge.  Sherri Winston[4] told me in some women, vaginal discharge followed this.  I do not know if there is a “set” order for this, but I do know ejaculation can occur independently.  I wonder if Master’s and Johnson’s “urge to void” preceding orgasm was a precursor to bladder discharge or ejaculation or both?  Probably, “yes, depending.”  If you have the “urge,” let it go!  You’ll enjoy it!

 Copyright 2011 Art Noble

[1] The Human Female Prostate, Dr. Milan Zaviacic, 1999, Slovak Academic Press, Ltd., Bratislava

[2] New Insights from One Case of Female Ejaculation, Rubio-Casillas, A., Jannini, E., J Sex Med, ????

[3] ???? I. Goldstein, San Diego Sexual Medicine ????

[4] Sherri Winston, Center for the Intimate Arts, personal communication.

“History” Pisses Me Off!

November 25, 2011

We all know,

            “In fourteen hundred and ninety two,

            Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”


What we don’t know is by the Roman Church’s Doctrine of Discovery, he, and all adventurers, were to convert or kill the native population.  What we don’t know is this Doctrine was incorporated in to US law, without the religious overtones.  This justified the “Indian Wars.”  Most importantly, in 1486, the Roman Church “discovered” women and wrote the Malleus Maleficarum or Witches Hammer: a justification for the Witch Hunts.


The Granddaddy of the Witch Hunts was the Spanish Inquisition from 1479 to 1532.  England holds the dubious honor of having the last successful prosecution for witchcraft in 1944.  Between 1479 and 1944, over 9 million people, mostly women, were killed directly or indirectly from the “Witch Hunts.”


The hidden results were both Spain and the Roman Church became incredibly wealthy by confiscation of “witches’” property and our sexuality was further impinged upon!  As late as 1972, the residents of Ines Beag, a fishing island off County Cork, Ireland only had sex for procreation and then in the dark, fully clothed.  The bottom line is women began freezing up and men stuck their heads up their butts when it came to love, sex and women!


It probably goes back to the Temple of Inanna, around 3000 BC.  She was the goddess of Love and her Temple was probably getting a lot more play than the temples of the male gods.  These priests were probably jealous or envious or just plain greedy and started rumors that grew over the centuries.  The result is what we know about love and sex today is simply the BS we learned in the locker room and it has short-changed us as human beings!


Copyright Art Noble 2011.




November 3, 2011

Most of my experiences in sex and sexual love (they are two different things – a matter of attitude) out stripped my knowledge of what was going on at the time.  Until my experience with transcendent sex, I thought: “Hey!  It felt good!  Who cares?”

Then, I had a little change and wanted to know what the heck was happening to me.  For this reason, my research was broad, encompassing just about everything from modern sexual science to ancient sexual history, including political history, microbiology, genetics, and that funny stuff called love.

With this, I have a broader knowledge of this subject than most of the people on this planet.  I also know that there are thousands of questions I cannot answer and millions of questions we know not how to ask!  I also have a unique perspective.  I cannot and do not say that I am right or wrong.  Sexual science does not go as far as I have been, so all I can do is speculate base on their suggestions.

A few of my articles are linked on this site:  One thing is for sure: we can “study” sex for the next century and still not know it all, because somebody will come along and have a new and different response with a different effect.  This material is both scientific and speculative.  It may be viewed as suitable for teen-agers, with parental approval.

The bottom line is we are all far more fantastic that we have been told we are!  I believe all it takes is love.  If you like what you read, please feel free to share it with others.  We can all use each other’s feed back.

Orgasmic Bioluminescence

November 2, 2011

 Who am I?

I am a man blessed by knowing some fantastic women in my life and cursed with curiosity.  When I say “knowing” I mean both in the Biblical sense and over the Internet.  A few men and women around the world validated my experience with orgasmic bioluminescence.  I quote two of them on the back cover of The Sacred Female.  A woman in Arkansas told me when she wanted to glow, she’d call a certain fellow in town, he’d come up the mountain, they would get it on, she would glow and that was it.

So what is it?

Bioluminescence is the opposite of photosynthesis.  You know, the process that takes light to activate chlorophyll in leaves to turn them green.  We also use light energy to run our bodies.  Sunshine is a “natural” Vitamin D.  Not really.  We take on the photons (light energy) to manufacture Vitamin D in our bodies.  Bioluminescence is simply the giving off of photons rather than the taking on.  We see it normally in fireflies and certain marine organisms.

What causes it?

Scientists, in their study of fireflies, etc., don’t know, but believe it to be associated with Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP).  ATP is like a wallet for energy, produced by the cells.  I don’t know about fireflies, but it carries energy through our bodies.  It this specific case, when we create an excess of energy, it is given off as photons through the skin.  It is rare and there is no money in it so science doesn’t study it.  Few have even heard of it.

How does it occur?

I learned from Chyna Pi in the ancient Sacred Shamanic Sexual texts it is called, “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” and is the result of a breathing exercise.  Think of hyperventilation.  When we engage in rapid, deep breathing, our fingers and toes go numb.  I imagine this exercise is something like that.  We build up O2 and reduce CO2 in our bodies.  But, there is more to it.  It also has to do with mental discipline and clearing the mind.  But consider, when making love, where you are focused on giving love through your body to your partner and open to receiving love from them, there is not much else on your mind.

Now consider as you approach the orgasmic plateau, with a love focused mind, the autonomic nervous system takes over and naturally sets up the breathing rhythm to produce these results, mimicking the Shamanic breathing exercise.  Further, PET scans of humans having an orgasm show oxygen flow to the brain is shut off, where fMRI’s show an increase in blood flow.  There are a lot of things happening in the human body about which we have no knowledge.  We can only speculate, as I just did.  Let’s just say humans are fantastic creatures.

Chicken or egg?

None of the men and women I contacted who claim to have observed or done this, ever mentioned “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” or “Shamanic Sex.”  Until I met Chyna Pi.  So, I’m thinking the non-sexual breathing exercise arose from sexual experience, not the other way around.  But, I also think the animal headed humans we see in ancient carvings from around the world arose from a transcendent sexual experience called Trespasso.  But, who knows? 

This should not be considered a “goal” of sex, unless you have studied for years under a shaman who is familiar with it.  (There are few today.)  Simply focus on love and let go of everything else.  Something else just as wonderful may happen.

Copyright Art Noble 2011


October 25, 2011


Our ignorance about sex is a root problem of the world’s social and economic ills.  Further, we are told to stay ignorant!  When we do “look” at sex, it is generally under a microscope, behind closed doors.  It is not a topic for public discussion.  “It’s bad.”  In the general consciousness of man, we are laden with myth and disinformation, essentially designed to keep us ignorant.

The first step in our brainwashing is to separate men from women with stories like the Myth of Lilith and “authoratitive” documentation such as the Malleus Maleficarum, the most misogynistic document in the history of man.  Next, we separate  sex from love.  Sex is bad.  Love is good.  Therefore they are separate.  Unfortunately, too many people, mostly women, recognize these things belong together.  The task is to get men on the same page.

The next step in our brainwashing is to focus on pleasure.  Under the “right” circumstances, and there are many, sexual activity releases various hormones and neurotransmitters into the body, giving us the sense of pleasure.  Whoopee.  But, for most this sense of pleasure is like McDonalds compared to the ecstasy of Chateaubriand available to us.  We are putting th em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LAB-le.  Then we are told feeling pleasure is bad, so when we do, we must be guilty of something? 

The third step is to take the “bad box” into which we have placed sex and color it with conditions so that even if a little love squeezes through, it is so “conditionalized” we are deprived of the full advantages to mankind.  We are being brainwashed out of our humanity!

This is a brief statement of the problem.  The solution is integrative education.  It is not difficult to imagine every human being on the planet having a slightly to totally different perspective on love and sex, including religious, spiritual and scientific leaders in their various fields.  Many in sexual science do not even consider the impact of love in their experiments.  There are a few.  Many spiritual leaders tell us to “get centered,” then take a cookie cutter to our genitalia in the center of our bodies!

Kabbalahist Karen Berg, teaches, “God is energy.”  God is Love, so Love is energy.  I have a different perspective too.  Perhaps when we can get together and learn from each other, we will all begin to understand the fantastic benefits of sexual love.

copyright Art Noble 2011

Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum: A Physical Model of Love

September 11, 2011
“I find Art’s prismatic model of love intriguing in its simplicity and inclusiveness.  It would fit well into any religion or belief system.” 
Fr. Thomas J. Rynne.

Abstract:  Love is currently defined as a feeling, generated by altered brain chemistry and then, generally between a man and woman.  This definition of love limits our capacity as human beings.  The proposed model of love is simply a model from which many simplistic observations can be made.  It also offers a different look at “boundaries.” Love can then be defined as any relationship with a noun (person, place or thing) that brings some “quantity” of joy into the life of the lover.  I love a good steak dinner, but I prefer women.  Maybe it really is simple?


While in the throes of failed models for love, I came across a mind-blowing Hindu myth:

Once upon a time, in the Indus Valley, running through parts of what we now call India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the people were under attack by evil gods and demons.  They learned their only salvation would come from the son of Shiva, a god representing the Divine Masculine, and Shakti, a goddess representing the Divine Feminine, then in her second incarnation as Parvati. The people went to Shiva, an ascetic god, and pleaded with him.  They interuppted his meditation, so he told them to bug off.  The people then went to Kama, the god of love, and told him the story.  Kama said he would see what he could do.  Kama fashioned a bow from sugarcane and an arrow from a flower.  He waited until Parvati was walking by Shiva and shot Shiva with the arrow.

There were two results;

1.  The birth of Karttikeya who slew the demons and evil spirits, and

2.  Shiva was resentful at Kama for messing up his way of life.  Shiva hunted Kama and when he found him, focused the energy from his third eye upon him.  Kama burst into flames leaving only a pile of ash and borderless, boundryless, conditionless love all about the world.  Think of the earth’s magnetic field.  Where ever we go, there it is. 

Next, I checked out the Cologne Sanskrit Digital Lexicon and found 531 responses for the word “love,”  most dealing with erotic love.  This boderless love in Sanskrit was called ApAaga.  No way they were going to fit on a Venn diagram.  The question was, if love is not a feeling, what could it be?  Since Einstein, everything is energy. 


Energy has two attributes that may be considered common with love: it can be transmitted and it can be transformed.  Look at electrical energy.  It is transmitted along wires into a microwave oven where it is transformed into microwave energy.  This energy is then transformed into heat energy when we “nuke” a potato.  We know this every time we take a hot, baked potato out of the microwave oven. Chapter 1 talks about our transformation.  The easiest way to model love would be as energy. 

We can transmit love with a smile.  The smile makes us feel better and perhaps the person we are smiling to feels better also.  We have “transformed” our feelings.  So, we can look at love as energy.  What kind of energy?  Who knows and who cares?  This is only a model and it seems to work.  This is not to say love is or is not energy.  It is simply a way of looking at it.  If it is energy, we can let others get down to the nitty gritty of frequencies and wavelengths and all the scientific stuff.  There is work in Russia regarding “attitudes” impacting our genes, and who knows: love may simply be an attitude?  Or is an attitude simply a reflection of our thoughts?

Metaphorically, let’s look at love energy as though it were light energy.  We’ve heard a lot about “unconditional love:” Agape, or “ApAaga” in Sanskrit.  Let’s imagine it to be white light.  Yet, there are many kinds of love: brotherly love, erotic love, mother love, etc.  A way of separating white light into its component colors is through a prism.  A way of separating unconditional love into its various forms is through people, or what is in our minds.  We are as love’s prism.


Love refracting through the prism of our mind.

            Others, with greater spiritual knowledge than I, believe energy is concentrated in various sections of our bodies called “Chakras,” which are color-coded.  The “red Chakra” or “root Chakra” is located in the genital area, so we can let red represent erotic love, right at the top.  We can also coordinate other forms of love with these colors.  It is important to note that the colors have tiny, blurred boundaries.  The colors are scientifically defined by given areas of frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.  In other words, red isn’t orange.  We should know our boundaries and protect them.

            Some 400 years ago, Newton and others observed if you screened or blocked part of the white light at the prism, you only got part of the rainbow.  If you blocked the prism on the other side, you only got part of the rainbow.  Sometimes one or both sides are just dirty and need a good washing, particularly in the region of erotic love.  The screens blocked the light just as the conditions we place on our love block that energy.  As an example, a guy becomes enamored of his secretary and finds the feeling is mutual.  When they begin the affair, what is the first condition, spoken or unspoken, he puts on his love?—“Don’t tell my wife.”  “Conditions,” or “screens” are generally based in fear.  It is like sticking a piece of chewing gum on the prism.  Other conditions we might place on our beloved might range from “Don’t ejaculate,” to “Don’t squeeze the toothpaste in the middle.”


              “Love’s Prism with a piece of Chewing gum.”

Of course, we all have these little bits of chewing gum all over our prisms and our “rainbow” is missing a lot of colors.  For the intellectual, these bits of chewing gum are called “memes” or “viruses of the mind.”  They are simple, subject-verb-object, negative thoughs, many implanted and transferred over the centuries.  “Women are evil,” is traced to the Malleus Maleficarum of 1486 and “men are dogs” may go back to Lysistrata around 411 BC.  Or as it is said in the military, “Grab ‘em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow.”  It is quite similar to Pavlov’s dogs where we are conditioned to respond.

            We all have screens over our prisms, or conditions we put on love.  We seem to congregate with others who have screens covering the same areas of the prism.  I don’t know or care where your screens are.  Sometimes I think what we call “true love” is no more than two people having chewing gum in the same places on their respective prisms.  Problems arise when one scrapes some of it off.   I am here to simply suggest we at least change our screens from opaque to translucent.  Or scrape some of the chewing gum off. Let a little light through. 


Now, why would we want to wash our “prismatic” self?  If a smile can make us feel better, what would allowing love to stream through us do to us when we are making love with our beloved?  There is a lot more intense energy being generated in sexual congress than in just smiling. 

Science knows of many different proteins being created during this time, but certainly not all of them.  We know from ancient and modern history, transformations of we humans can occur through sexual love.  Oh yeah, with love, the sex is better too.

Of course, this is simply the speculation of a novelist. If this speculation is anywhere near correct, don’t think for an instant it deprives love of its mystery.  We will all be long gone from this mortal coil, or mortal double helix, before science accepts love as energy.  Even then, the mystery will remain.  I hope I am wrong about science.  But this is simply provided as a different way of looking at love.  I’m an engineer.  Whaddya expect? 

We modeled our spectrum of love on the visible light spectrum, mostly so we could visualize it.  We humans need this. But, visible light is only a tiny part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), and this shows “erotic love” at the bottom, because red has a lower frequency,but a longer wavelength than purple.

 Let’s see what science says about these frequencies.

It can be seen from the different forms of human love, our behaviors would occupy different areas of the spectrum within the boundaries.  The frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum of the basic colors are measured in Tetrahertz (1012 Hz) as follows:

Indigo-             665 – 715 Thz

Blue-                610 – 680 Thz

Green-             520 – 570 Thz

Yellow-            515 – 525 Thz

Orange-           485 – 510 Thz

Red-                405 – 480 Thz

We are just interested in the numbers.  Note the 5 Thz gaps between red and orange and orange and yellow.  There are “colors” and frequencies in those gaps, but they are neither red nor orange.  (Red-orange?)  Also note how green, blue and indigo overlap.  I don’t think the guys defining colors had anything to do but argue over which color was which, so they probably compromised on these numbers.  Maybe we might consider bringing all of these “colors” into the bedroom.

Could Love be Different for Women?

In looking at our prism, we can see it represents the ancient male symbol, the blade.  If we turned it upside down, it would represent the ancient female symbol, the chalice and red would be at the bottom, as it is in the EMS.  I wonder, do women look at love differently?  But that would be only a perception of this energy.  The energy itself has no gender attached: it embraces us all, if we allow it.



Could Love be Bigger?

            Our model of the prism and visible light spectrum only looks at the range of love as humans can perceive it, or perhaps intellectually know of it.  The EMS is a lot bigger.  Maybe the EMS is a measurable shadow of the love spectrum?  Perhaps to “perceive” more of it would require opening of other senses?  Forget it!  We have enough to handle right here.

How Do We Love?

            Now that we’ve finished all the theoretical stuff, we can forget it.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.  You’ve met a young lady, or you might be married to her.  Your paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus is putting out “those” signals.  You want to ravage her body.  Now, what about your desire to give her love?  You may “love” her as a friend, but that doesn’t give you “those” signals.  If all you have is “those” signals, get a blow up doll.  They don’t take the house when it is over. 

            When we get into sexual anatomy, you wil

l see what a fantastic creature a woman is, just from an anatomical point of view.  We know they think differently, possibly because of the corpus callosum connecting the left and right halves of the brain.  This is cool because they can offer a different perspective on the same problem and keep us from beating our heads against a wall, if we listen to them.  They have a lot going for them, besides being a “friend with benefits.” 

            OK.  Now, how much do you really know about this woman?  Can you think about her in a non-erotic way?  Just about what a good mother she is, about all the attributes she has; how she treats her friends and yours; how she behaves with you in public and in private (remember, this is non-erotic.)  When you can think about her in a non-erotic way and still get a bulge in your trousers, this is a pretty good indicator that you are in love.

            If we think we are responsible for love, we are putting a burden on ourselves.  By viewing it as something (energy?) outside of us, it makes it a lot easier.  We simply have to open ourselves to it.

            I’m just a guy with as much “chewing gum” on my prism as you will find under a 7th grade desktop.  When I wanted to give my love to my beloved, I figured I didn’t have much to offer.  Then I thought, “God can do a much better job than me.”  I envisioned a door on my back, opened it up and let God love her through me.  Done deal.  I wanted to give her the best of everything, including love.  I had not formulated the energy concept at the time.  It was that kind of desire to love, as well as ravage her body.  The temporary results were phenomenal!  I don’t know if I chose the right one or the wrong one, because it didn’t last long.  Damn near killed me when it ended.  But, the experiences I enjoyed, and I mean enjoyed at the deepest sense of the word, with her and others, led to my research to find out just what the hell was going on in our bodies, that I now share with you.  You don’t have to envision a door on your back.  For a poet, I am rather prosaic in these matters.  You may want to think of love as X-rays, and all you have to do is stand in front of the machine and let it pass through you to her.  Whatever works for you will be just fine, but it helps a lot if she is doing the same thing, with whatever works for her.

Yes, it is this simple.  Not easy, but simple.

There is a lot of talk about “foreplay” generally done in the bedroom as foreplay for sex.  Foreplay for love is done out of the bedroom, from a sense of desire to love.  When we bring that into the bedroom, Hoo Boy!  We’ll look at this in the next chapter.

Abraham Maslow

            In 1954, Maslow developed a hierarchy of human needs.  Later these were modeled in the triangle fashion as such: 


It is now suggested we take another look at this hierarchy to see how these needs are actually met, noting that Maslow based this hierarchy on

what he considered “healthy” individuals.  This is just a thought for consideration with our new perspective on love, not saying this is the way it is.


            Looking at this through our developmental stages, from infancy, childhood, adulthood, up to death, we all need to love and be loved.  In infancy, regardless of the time period in human history, our parents met most of our physiological and safety needs.  Even sexual intimacy in childhood is observed in children playing with their wee-wee’s, until parents come along and beat the crap out of them.  Love in, from and through the family, gives us our sense of belonging as well as our esteem.  Developing past puberty, sexual intimacy will give us the ability to create and self-actualize, however, self love is also very important here, including children getting a sense of sexual intimacy with themselves.  We simply open our selves to it for us.?

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