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March 24, 2017


*Motivated reasoning is a fancy name for prejudice, bias, subjectivity and many other words of this ilk.  It limits us!  The example used in the article I read is, College football Team A is playing Team B.  A fight breaks out on the field, clearing the benches.  All those rooting for Team A said Team B started it.  All those rooting for Team B said Team A started it.  Each side had indisputable “facts” to substantiate their opinion, discounting or ignoring the “facts” presented by the other side.  (Sounds a lot like politics, doesn’t it?)

Thom Hartman (Free Speech TV) is a Democrat.  He says primal, indigenous societies were Democratic because they took care of the environment and were good.  He projects democracy onto every group that has something “good to offer” in his opinion.  He has a Dominant World View, not understanding an Indigenous World View.  Indigenous peoples were interconnected or interdependent.  I consider this an aspect of quantum entanglement enabling their evolution and survival.   The Dominant World View involves separate classes of “I’s” with “leaders” at the top of the hierarchy, preventing our evolution.

Well, we are all human.  Our minds are as malleable as Pavlov’s dogs, by outside influences.  We are torn in separate directions.  I have Motivated Reasoning too, just like everybody else.  My motivated reasoning says love is the answer.  Love will unite us, if we want to be united.  I do.  I gotta love everybody, including me, whether I like them or not.  I want their highest good which I think is their full authenticity.  Lots of the people in the world don’t know who they really are.  They believe they are who they are told they are.  A few have broken out of this trap.  More are working their way out of it every day.  I have hope and faith this will occur exponentially over time.  The nice thing is I recognize we each have our own path up the mountain.  All I ask is please don’t stop.



There is but one mountain

Many paths to the top.

At the first mist curtain

Is where most of us stop.


Righteous shame here does reign

Each path crying itself true.

A few struggle onward

Yes, a very, very few.


Paths through the mist converge

And some come to an end.

Here some think, “Home at last,”

Others down, a message send.


The journey is not o’er

Our truth calls from above.

Here we find a rocky path

A path whose sign says, “Love.”



*The mountain shown is Mount Arunachala in India, said to be the home of Shiva.

The Primal Unit of “Civilization”

March 21, 2017

Cro-Magnon-ManThe connotation of “civilization” is modern, where we have technical and scientific advances almost daily.  Our history is replete with technical and scientific advances but at a much slower pace.  Yet, in terms of the word “civil,” primal man was far advanced in his humanity and civilization.  Perhaps ‘society’ or ‘culture’ would be better words instead of civilization.

I have found those who study anthropology still regard love as a feeling or emotion, usually between man and woman.  I regard love as a near infinite spectrum of energy, impacting us at the genetic level to produce the feelings or emotions.  For me, it is easier to look at it this way and it explains many things.  Therefore, I propose the primary unit of societies is the man-woman relationship.  This is not to say heterosexual relationships were the only ones, but like today, the heterosexual population is much greater than the LGBT population.  The difference is for primal man, it didn’t make any difference.  Every member of the tribe had a job to do for the survival of the tribe.  This was primarily exercising their talents.

The strength of the tribe was a function of their interdependence and synergy as grown by love.  Today we see our woman as “belonging to” a man (or vice versa).  Consider that in primal societies a woman “belonged with” a man as a mate and partner. The partnership was respected by other members of the tribe.  Why?

At this time, science believes one out of 200,000 babies is born with the ability to see infrared with their eyes.  They sense heat as well as color.  Is it possible under proper circumstances others have this ability as well?  I think so.  We are only slightly enlarging the Visible Light Spectrum to include infrared.  Could this be a function of love grown interdependence?  Again, I think so.  It makes it easier to pick up game hiding in the bushes.

Let’s look at the “science” we have on love.  Not much.  Dr. Helen fisher has looked at the impact of love as increasing blood flow to the brain with fMRI studies.  She interprets this as love is a function of brain chemistry.  Lynn McTaggart studies and promotes good intentions to change the environment.  Masaru Emoto studied the change in the structure of ice crystals after water was bombarded with good, loving thoughts.  Very few have loked at love as energy and when they do, they call it something else.  The Heart Math Institute calls it energy, avoiding the word love.

Returning to the primal unit of man and woman or woman and man if you prefer, we see in our patriarchal system thousands of years of child abuse.  “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”  I was not spoiled… or was I?  As I grew, my parents learned spanking me broke blood vessels in their hands.  They then used Uncle Jack’s leather clothes brush.  I have it as a keepsake.  Today we psychologically “discipline” them which can be more damning.  We teach them to “fit in.”  Before we are old enough to be spanked, we accept.  I wonder if teaching or allowing acceptance, with boundaries, would be better?  The point being we are instructed to focus on our children rather than our mate.  Divide and conquer.

In today’s relationships, married or not, there is a lot of resistance to change, even when change can meant growth.  Well, hell!  I like who I am right now.  We generally don’t see that we might like ourselves better if we change a little.  Primal man did not suffer the abuses we tolerate today.

Primal and indigenous man lived in an interdependent anarchy.  Leaders arose for a specific task.  Hunters, warriors, healers were each unique in their innate talents.  Acceptance is an attribute of love, as are the boundaries established by self-love.  The primal unit of the tribe was the couple.  We hear from anthropologists, that “open relationships” were the norm, or “serial monogamy” was the norm.  I suggest these authors are projecting their belief system and life style onto primal man.  They have no knowledge of the interdependence’s synergy or genetic changes that may come from love.  They do have credentials, which gives them more “authority” to express their opinion.  I have only experience.



January 23, 2015
   There are many of us I have seen on Facebook who are aware of what is really going on in this world: Flouride, Chemtrails, Geoengineering, economic manipulation, corruption, policy substituting for law, GMO’s etc.  We post these things on FB.  The question is no longer, “what are they doing.”  The question is what are we going to do about it?  I don’t know.  You do! For me, the answer lays in the field of love.

I got into the field of sexual biology to find out what was happening in my body as the result of erotic love.  I call it an “epigenetic event.”  That was the conclusion I came to.  It doesn’t make any difference what I call it, or even if it is an “epigenetic event.” Something wondrous does happen.  I simply chose a path away from all the woo-speak and double talk.

I can view the “Placebo effect” as an epigenetic event.  When the Doctor tells us we have such-and-such and hands us a pill, we trust him or her.  Trust is an attribute of love.  It exists in our relationships with others to some degree or another.  I trust that you will read this.  I also look at NDE’s where the party changes as epigenetic events. There are many ways of this occurring, and sex is not the only one.

I believe most of us are whack jobs in our own wondrous way.  Many were wounded by life’s experiences.  Some have healed and some have not.  It makes no difference.  We all have abilities beyond what is considered “normal.”  I teach.

The bottom line for me is I think most of us like sex.  A lot of us are having sex fairly regularly.  All I ask is you tweak your attitude a little and see what happens. Forget about this or that technique, or this or that mechanism of control, particularly of your body.  Get out of your head!  Go into your heart!  (My experience is the sex is much better that way.)  If you think you are in your heart, you probably aren’t.  I can tell you guys you probably have no concept of what a fantastic creature that woman lying next you is!  (Once she gets out of her head too.)

Our bodies are fantastic machines.  The heart is a fantastic organ and it does a hell of a lot more for us than pump blood. I think about primal man who didn’t have the centuries of conditioning we do.  It is a job to get rid of it.  It is all in our head!  By-pass it! Go through your heart!

I have no idea of what your results will be.  Your DNA is unique.  But we will be able to DO something other than post on Facebook.  One of the functions of the early god Eros was through us to create.  (Plato changed that.)  But we knew. We were told.  We were brainwashed.  We forgot!  We must create again.

“Sex Experts” and Sexual Biology

October 29, 2014


It is my opinion there is no such thing as a “sex expert.” Various experts will try and tell you, “If you do this then that will happen.” Or they will tell you, “ALL men or women are like this or that.” I will agree that some generalities may be applicable in some cases at certain times. Mostly I find nothing but authoritative opinion based on limited experience projected onto men and women as universal truths. My response is, “Bullshit!”

When I began my research under the guidance of Dr. Beverly Whipple, one of the great lessons I learned is “all women are different.” So are men. I was acutely aware of her scientific statements: “the data suggest….” And, “it appears that…” This gives us only generalities that are applicable to that specific and tiny study population.

I have experienced and observed a relatively broad range of orgasmic experiences. I have anecdotal evidence of more. I have also learned not to limit ourselves. Just because I don’t know about a specific experience you may have doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just because you don’t have one of the ones I describe, or have it differently than I describe, only means you don’t have it or have it differently. You are unique where you are right now.

I will say I believe our orgasmic experiences are a function of our unique DNA coding and that is impacted by our epigenome. Much of our epigenome is created by fear. It is essentially like wrapping up our genes with duct tape so they cannot be expressed, or produce the amino acids and thereby proteins that create various sexual responses in our bodies, including pleasure. Just because I believe it doesn’t make it true or a fact. It appears to work.

It also appears “love” un-wraps the “duct tape” from our genes allowing them to express or shut down in cases where they are not supposed to work. This is why I view love as an energy spectrum. I have no idea which frequency or frequencies act on anybody’s genes to produce the varying responses. Neither does anybody else. I can only tell you about a few responses I have experienced, observed or about which I have been advised. I can tell you about things in the human body that appear at a gross level to be common or in some cases unique.

For example, some women as part of their orgasmic experience, will have a clear, copious emission (250 -500+ ml) through the vagina. This is natural for them. Others may have a clear copious emission through the urethra (125 + ml) in addition to the milky emission from the female prostate (5- 15 ml). It doesn’t make any difference. As a guy, my job, our job, is to accept and appreciate what ever response she offers. We also need to listen to her and her body with our heart.

Some women have no control over their responses. They are going to respond the way they do whether we love them or they love us or not. Our love for them simply makes them feel safe, or confident in knowledge we will accept their response with gratitude, no matter what it is. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR RESPONSE! WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THEM FEEL SAFE ENOUGH SO THEIR BODY WILL RESPOND. Our love for them un-wraps our genes. Their love for us un-wraps their genes.

Some of the fears we hold are buried so deeply in our sub-conscious we don’t even know we hold them. Love seems to work anyway. My opinion is that with love, we are each our own “sex experts,” and I only have one X-chromosome. I can only tell you of a few things that may happen and some of the things in our common history that appear to wrap up our genes. We are fantastic creatures. My wish is for each of us to grow into our fantastic selves.

Science, Fiction Or Fantasy?

March 11, 2014

clairvoyant  I am a man blessed with amazing sexual experiences.  I am a man cursed with curiosity.  I wanted to know what was happening in our bodies.  I began studying our sexual anatomy from the genetic level on up!  I’m not a biologist or anatomist.  I was trained as an Ocean Engineer and hydrodynamics was my favorite subject.  This enabled me to see the fluidity of life.

The first thing I became aware of was our historic conditioning.  It sucks!  The next thing, as I got more heavily into genetics is that this is the source of our uniqueness.  And then, there were the 3 Billion base pair not associated with genes.   What the hell were they doing?  And finally (probably because I am a thick headed guy), I was directed to love.  Like, “love might have something to do with it.”  Duh!  Boy, was I in for a shocker!

I started by modeling love as the visible light spectrum, which is only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and then there is quantum mechanics.  This love stuff is big!  Then I got the idea the Zero Point Field (ZPF) from which all energy and matter flowed (s?) is actually love, therefore everything is love.  Then it got bigger.

Suppose our ZPF is only a sub-set of the love field?  That being the case, could there be other sub-sets Creating other universes or dimensions?  I am not the first to come up with “parallel universes” or “other dimensions.” This only offers a possibility.  I saw a kid on You Tube talking about 18 different dimensions, and others have said 10 or 12.  Maybe that is all they could see?  Perhaps they are nuts?  I must be nuts too, because I do not disbelieve.  There are “shadow people.”  I have heard of the Cherokee “little people.”   I am not prone to dismissing this as hallucinations, though I’ve never seen any doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  It may simply mean my perception is not yet open in this area.  They may exist in “alternate dimensions?”

In this case, we could then say our “reality” from our ZPF is ZPF1.  Were I living in ZPF18 then ZPF18 would be ZPF1, because if those guys are anything like us, their egos would tell them they are #1.  Geesh!  We’re funny.  And if their governments were anything like ours, we’d have an “interdimensional war” to prove which was #1.  We are also dumb!  Or maybe we just want to rape resources from another dimension?

On top of this, I’ve heard we have 360 senses in addition to our five basic: touch, sound, sight, taste and smell.  Why 360?  I have no idea.  But it is quite probable these senses allow us to “see the unseen?”  This is the basic definition of “divinity.”  Could the activation of these senses be in our DNA coding?  I think so.  I haven’t the foggiest idea of how they would work in our brain or pineal gland, or anywhere else in the human body.  But, our DNA coding is the blueprint for our lives.  Before we build anything of this complexity we have to have a blueprint.

How the various sections of our bodies respond to our modified blueprint I don’t know.  I don’t know if it is by demethylating, or otherwise allowing locked up genes to express themselves or if it is by creating new “genes” from the 3 billion base pair?  I don’t care.  It is your blue print, not mine.  What goes on in your body is none of my business.  But if you think something weird is happening, like shadow people or knowing what is going to happen before it does, what I am saying is it is probably something that has its origins at your genetic level and you aren’t nuts!  Then, I’m going to say, we humans are fantastic creatures!

We are just beginning to see how our bodies work at an energetic and quantum level.  It appears that “love” is what really does it.  I’m not the first to come up with this either.  Now does this mean if I have an extra gene or two open I am perfect?  Nope.  It just means I have more work to do.  It also means not everybody has the same genes open.  So, those who can see other dimensions, or auras, or into the future, or into the past are simply gifted and they aren’t perfect either.

We are all just human.  Some of us with gifts.  Some without.  Even so, the one common characteristic of humankind is we can screw up an anvil with a rubber mallet.  Wanna see my anvil collection?

Copyright 2014  Art Noble


February 11, 2014

Terms like “Divine Feminine” and “Divine Masculine” are used to divide us, separate us, and we are already separated enough!


As an engineer and wordsmith, I am hardcore.  No bullshit!  Also, as an Ocean Engineer and poet I recognize beauty in the fluidity of our humanity and our biology.  As a wordsmith, I like to see not only where our words came from, but also how their meanings have changed over history.  The word divine simply means having the ability to see or find the unseen.

 I look at all this as a function of our unique DNA coding.  Dr Bruce Lipton refers to our DNA as the blueprint for our lives.  Our lives are built on this blueprint.  If we don’ like our lives, we change the blueprint.  It sounds tough.  I suggest it is easier than we think.

 As an engineer I wrote a change order for a valve vault on a 30” pipeline. The manufacturer sent a flanged pup joint 56” (inches) long.  (A pup joint is any length of pipe shorter than the standard 20’.)  The original blue prints called for the pup joint to be 5 feet, 6 inches (5’6”) long.  They missed the apostrophe!  One tiny mark on a set of plans 3” thick and 24” x36” wide for a 130 mile pipeline!  It could have screwed up the whole job.  No problem.  I wrote the change order moving the vault wall and it fit.

Now let’s look at our DNA: our blueprint.  Everyone of us is unique!  Although each chromosome is composed of mom’s and dad’s contribution to us, during fetal development a lot of things happen.  In the segmented sequence of base pair we call a gene, there are five possibilities for each of the 20 or 30,000 genes that only use about 90 million of our 3.1 billion base pair. 

  1. They stay the same. 
  2. One or more base pair is added to the sequence.
  3. One or more base pair is subtracted from the sequence.
  4. One or more base pair swaps ends in the sequence.
  5. A combination of 2, 3 or 4.

This is called mutation.  The extent to which this occurs is called our “mutant load.”  Bottom line is we are all beautiful mutants.  There is more contributing to our uniqueness, but this is enough for now.

These genes when activated (expressed or turned on) produce amino acids that usually combine with other amino acids to produce proteins.  The proteins we know about are enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, neuroreceptors, and structural.  The first four impact our brain chemistry and it is as some big nest of wires with feedback loops running all over and impacting our amazing bodies.

Today we know methyl groups may form around any of our genes preventing them from expressing and producing that specific amino acid.  This prevents a “normal” protien from forming, where normal simply means that amino acid occurs in most everybody’s protein.  This impacts our brain chemistry.  It is just a little different for each of us.  Are we ever uniquely beautiful!  How does this happen?  We get them in three ways: 

  1. Transferred from parents.
  2. In fetal development.
  3. Fear instilled in post fetal development.  (Sexual abuse is a biggie!)

Methyl  gene
Methylated gene

I am sure there is more occurring in our DNA than methylation preventing our genes from expressing, but this is simply a primer, which is about all I have the intellectual capacity to write. 

Just as some of us are born with common methylated genes, some are born with out these genes being methylated.  They each have their own unique abilities to see, feel, perceive, and sense things the rest of us cannot.  We categorize them and put them in little boxes with names or labels like “empath,” “sensitive,” “paranormal,” or simply “strange” or “weird.”  The general population lacks acceptance of weirdos.  They may tend to collect into groups or cults where they are accepted.  Many of these are like cocaine.  Individual production increases initially, then usage increases until recovery or death. 

So what’s the answer?  You all know I look at love as energy: a spectrum.  Is it?  I don’t know.  As I look at it as energy it appears to work.  It takes energy to do anything.  Whether we are turning on a light switch or expressing a gene or untying a methylated gene, it takes energy.  Love works, so it must be some sort of energy.  I recognize the weakness of my Newtonian model.  It is only a beginning.

 Of course the next question is, “Does it really work this way?”  My answer is I don’t know and don’t care if it works this way or not.  Love works.”   Whether or not love is energy is immaterial.  Whether or not our divinity is a function of our DNA or not is also immaterial.  I put it together this way only to give me a hardcore possible explanation of what might be going on in our bodies.

Next question is why are girls so special?  To start with, their sex chromosome (#23) is XX giving them about 4000 genes.  Guys have an XY with less than 2100 genes.  I began my studies with sexual anatomy.  When I hooked up my wiring diagram to the female genitalia, all I could say was, “Holy Shit!  This is fan-f**in’-tastic!  Wow!”  I’ve reached a point where I know there is so much about our bodies I will never know and even if I did it wouldn’t make any difference because it keeps going and going. 

 Two more things about girls: 

  1. Their vagus nerve is hooked up to their genitalia and ours is not.  This is called the “nerve of compassion.”
  2. The structure connecting the left and right halves of the brain is thicker allowing girls to better process and integrate sensory signals.

There are probably a thousand more anatomical differences.  I don’t care.  I’ve seen enough to tell me what fantastic creatures they are and to appreciate their fluidity and power.

The last questions are why is sex bad and love a four-letter word? And why are we diverted into pleasure and/or procreation?  Erotic love with its associated passion, or amplitude of the energy frequencies transmitted, appears to be the most powerful mechanism for demethyizing our genes.  Divinity makes us aware.  We already are, but not too much.  “Women’s intuition” and “gut instincts” are the beginnings of our divinity.  We humans are fantastic but taught to limit ourselves where simply as biological entities we have no real limits.  (In your definition of real, we can limit anything.)

Other misused works to describe our growth into divinity are: awakening, evolving, ascension, transformation, transmutation (I like that one!), spiritual gifts, paranormal, empath, synestheisiac, clairvoyant, and on and on.  We are all divine to some degree or another.  I look at our purpose her as to love.  Our divinity is a “reward” for loving and makes us sacred or “safe and sane.”  We just need to let love flow through us.  It is pretty simple.  Love.  The tough part is getting rid of all the ego base limitations and fears we place on love and ourselves.  We are all fantastic creatures once we let love in.  Guys too.

Erotic Healing?

December 14, 2013

I’ve been saying for a long time, “In love, we sacrifice only the comfortability of our limitations.”  I may have figured that out at the level of our “hardware and software.”

Our individual DNA coding is only a blueprint for our life.  Modern science looks at DNA as though it were fixed, except for epigenetics, where they don’t know what the hell is going on?  Well, at one time, “science” thought the earth was flat.  What science doesn’t tell us is we have the power to alter our DNA coding.  If you don’t like the blue print, write a change order.

That is a lot easier said than done.  In the video I posted by Dr. Bruce Lipton, he points out conscious positive thinking doesn’t work. .  It is like me telling my computer to charge the BIOS battery on the mother board.  Telling it doesn’t work.  I gotta remove the protective case, pull the board, and remove and replace the battery.  The protective case is as our ego!  This of course makes me wonder if the ego is not the locus of our unreasonable fears?  Then I wonder if all our fears are unreasonable?  I go back to my own experience, and honestly don’t know if it will work for you?  Maybe for many, it will be better than what you have going on right now?  Of course, it is about erotic love.

At that time, I just wanted to give that woman all the love I could.  Then I figured God could do a lot better job than I could.  I imagined a door on my back, opened it and let God love her through me.  It only took a few days of this, in and out of the bedroom, before the experience that changed my point of view occurred.

I wonder sometimes if all I have is a point of view, backed by research I looked at to justify that point of view?  I intuitively knew something was happening at the genetic level early in my research.  When I saw the figurine from 7000 BCE, I knew the artisan knew too! (I shamefully reproduced this from memory.)


The oversized vulva is a tribute to the power of erotic love and the double spiral was his model for DNA!  He didn’t really understand it, anymore than I did when I saw it.  As I write this today, I believe I only have a better handle on it.

When we made love before this, she would amazingly say, “You look twenty years younger.”  I felt twenty years younger and was filled with get up and go.  It was a lot different than having sex.  But this time… it is in the blog linked above.  I don’t know what her experience was, other that it was a powerful orgasm.  The involuntary muscle contractions were so powerful and consuming, she lost control of her anal sphincter muscles and the result was obvious on the protective toweling we had placed on the bed.

When we don’t know what the results of our love making can be, no matter how beautiful and awesome the experience is for us, we can be frightened.  One part of my mission is to relate these natural experiences as I have experienced them and as others have shared with me.  If they happen to you, you no longer have cause to be frightened.  You can enjoy and appreciate their beauty.

As I said, I don’t know what the rest of her experience was.  Four days later she was in the arms of another man, and called me to tell me about it.  Damn near killed me.  I recovered.  If it happens to you, you can recover too.  I’d rather it not happen for anybody, and maybe my work will help.

The bottom line here is when I opened the door on my back to let love flow through me to her, it shut the door on my ego.  I was not concerned about “giving her an orgasm” which is silly anyway.  It occurs in her body, not mine, and I now view it as her gift to me, as is mine to her.  By closing the door on my ego, and all of my ego based fears, something wondrous happened!  Not only the experience, but also it has given me a mission.

What I find really funny about all this is the artisan didn’t have all this “modern knowledge.”  Eastern gurus have been telling us for centuries to pare back our egos, and I blew it off as woo-speak.  Why does it work so well with erotic love?  Our passion.  From my hardware point of view is simply the amplitude of the energy frequency or frequencies (love) we are transmitting.

Now comes the good part.  Modern medicine tells us of many beneficial aspects of sex.  They do not consider the healing aspect of erotic love.  If they did, they would go broke!  Erotic love can heal us: physically and emotionally.  From my pint of view, we don’t have to know which genes on what chromosomes have been modified, in what way by what known or unknown fears to produce the blocks in our lives.  We just gotta love and be able to receive it.

There are two very important points here:

  1. “I” cannot heal of fix anybody.  All I can do is love them.  The healing occurs in their body at their genetic level.  I don’t have the foggiest idea of what is really happening, but whatever it is, it works.
  2. “I” have to get “I” out of the way to receive their love and be healed.  “I” of course, refers to my ego and all of its associated fears.  Some of which I am not aware.  I thought I got rid of them a long time ago.  Ha!  The same holds true for the partner we love.

Love will do the work as long as we are willing.  Sometimes when we aren’t.  My thinking is, it begins at home.  Loving myself so I can love others.  Receiving the love I give myself.  Then Loving—giving and receiving—our partner.  Then, we can change the world!

Copyright 2013 Art Noble

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