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Sexual Controversy

July 17, 2009

Sexual Controversy

To write The Sacred Female, I did some cursory research into female sexual anatomy and physiology, beyond what Doctors know. (Wow! Women are fantastic creatures!) Women loved the book, but male reviews were both skeptical and negative. The book is based on my experience, and I don’t like it when others try to invalidate that. So, I continued my research into matters sexual and am regarded as a “sex information expert”, offering lectures and seminars far beyond the scope of the book. The research included reading in diverse fields such as sexual neuro-physiology, the human genome, archeology, history (modern and ancient), anthropology, paleontology, and on and on!

Now, when we think we know all we need to know, we are either headed for trouble, or shortchanging our lives. There is no better example than some male attitudes toward sex: some female attitudes too.

Male to female: “Your purpose in life is to lay there and let me take my pleasure.”

Female to male: (aloud) “Oh yes, my love. Anything for your pleasure.”
(aside) “And when I get tired of your bore-gasms, I’m gonna take you for everything you’ve got.”

Those in authority have told us for thousands of years, the purpose of sex is procreation: the propagation of the species. It is a factual result on which both science and religion agree. Oops! It is also fun. So, while they are on stage saying one thing, they are also in the back room doing another.

Then, along come a bunch of cults, or wacky religions, like Tantra, Shamanism, Tarot, early Gnostics, etc., and tell us the purpose of sex is “enlightenment.” The Sanskrit word for penis is “lingam” or “wand of light.” Unfortunately, with enlightenment comes knowledge that “authority” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, they force the sexual paradigm of procreation upon us. Of course we include pleasure in the paradigm, and live under this glass ceiling of procreation or pleasure: fat, dumb and happy. So, what the heck is enlightenment?

First, we have to know what is going on inside the body, particularly the female. Basically, as her internal and external erogenous structures are stimulated, leading to the pleasure responses she has not suppressed, there is increased energy production at the cellular level. Certain genes are stimulated to produce amino acids that combine and form hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc. Males produce them too, but they work differently. Suppose then, “enlightenment” is the stimulation of other genes, producing additional amino acids, which combine in a way to allow the brain to function in an enlightened fashion?

Why not? We have 3.1 Billion base pair, or “rungs” on the twisted ladder of our DNA. Science only locates about 20,000 or 30,000 genes, depending on which scientist you ask. A “gene” is nothing more than a specific, limited sequence of base pair and so far, they total no more than 100 million base pair, leaving 3 billion unaccounted for. Oh, and science only knows, or think they know what about 7000 of these genes do. This leaves a lot of room for speculation! In Biology of Belief, Lipton says that thought can impact our DNA, so the hypothesis has credibility. And sex generates a lot more energy!

Genes operate like gang switches: either open or closed. Once open, some may or may not stay that way. (Based on my “15 minutes of enlightenment”, I can assure you they close.) However, consider DNA in both the egg and sperm at the moment of conception, energized by “enlightened” copulation. Further, consider this in a Neanderthal couple. Voila! Cro-Magnon man!

Then, the purpose of sex would not simply be the propagation of the species, but THE EVOLUTION of the species! Oh, I forgot something. To generate the energy required for enlightenment at whatever level, it takes the added ingredient of love and a desire to bring as much pleasure to her as humanly possible. The more “pleasure” she has, the more energy she generates and the more genes are opened. At least, it validates the saying, “God isn’t finished with us yet.” Neat, eh?

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