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March 28, 2014


After starting Hillman’s “The Soul’s Code,” I see myself as the intolerant child: the sprouting acorn. Considering my age, this is rather incongruous. J Or is it?

My 13 years of independent research showed me that humans have the potential of being fantastic creatures. This creature lays in our individual blueprint for life: our DNA. This is also where our unique perception of life originates. It appears that fear, or the absence of love, can suppress our genes with methyl groups. This prevents them from forming amino acids necessary for “becoming fantastic” or participating in life as it can be: both relative and absolute. I am sure there are other physiological factors as well. However, it also appears that love can override these genetic anomalies.

I do not see love as the syrupy shit it is portrayed as in modern culture. Nor do I see it as a “gender issue.” Rather, I see love as an energy spectrum far beyond what I am capable of comprehending as a human. I can comprehend that small segment of the spectrum humans are capable of comprehending, as we can see colors in the visible light spectrum. Unfortunately, many of us are “color blind” when it comes to love. The primary mechanism by which we are blinded is shame, at least it was for me. Toxic shame is not a gender issue either. It is a killer! I am therefore both sensitive to and intolerant of shaming, be it overt or covert.

I have no objection to being told my opinions are in error, including this one. That is your opinion, which I may either take under advisement or see in error. These opinions are formed by our (my) perception (DNA) and our (my) Perception of our (my) experiences, including: religion, education and our own (my) shaming transferred by parents, institutions, and society at large. I wonder whey it is that we humans are the only species capable of holding and transferring shame?

Science, Fiction Or Fantasy?

March 11, 2014

clairvoyant  I am a man blessed with amazing sexual experiences.  I am a man cursed with curiosity.  I wanted to know what was happening in our bodies.  I began studying our sexual anatomy from the genetic level on up!  I’m not a biologist or anatomist.  I was trained as an Ocean Engineer and hydrodynamics was my favorite subject.  This enabled me to see the fluidity of life.

The first thing I became aware of was our historic conditioning.  It sucks!  The next thing, as I got more heavily into genetics is that this is the source of our uniqueness.  And then, there were the 3 Billion base pair not associated with genes.   What the hell were they doing?  And finally (probably because I am a thick headed guy), I was directed to love.  Like, “love might have something to do with it.”  Duh!  Boy, was I in for a shocker!

I started by modeling love as the visible light spectrum, which is only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and then there is quantum mechanics.  This love stuff is big!  Then I got the idea the Zero Point Field (ZPF) from which all energy and matter flowed (s?) is actually love, therefore everything is love.  Then it got bigger.

Suppose our ZPF is only a sub-set of the love field?  That being the case, could there be other sub-sets Creating other universes or dimensions?  I am not the first to come up with “parallel universes” or “other dimensions.” This only offers a possibility.  I saw a kid on You Tube talking about 18 different dimensions, and others have said 10 or 12.  Maybe that is all they could see?  Perhaps they are nuts?  I must be nuts too, because I do not disbelieve.  There are “shadow people.”  I have heard of the Cherokee “little people.”   I am not prone to dismissing this as hallucinations, though I’ve never seen any doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  It may simply mean my perception is not yet open in this area.  They may exist in “alternate dimensions?”

In this case, we could then say our “reality” from our ZPF is ZPF1.  Were I living in ZPF18 then ZPF18 would be ZPF1, because if those guys are anything like us, their egos would tell them they are #1.  Geesh!  We’re funny.  And if their governments were anything like ours, we’d have an “interdimensional war” to prove which was #1.  We are also dumb!  Or maybe we just want to rape resources from another dimension?

On top of this, I’ve heard we have 360 senses in addition to our five basic: touch, sound, sight, taste and smell.  Why 360?  I have no idea.  But it is quite probable these senses allow us to “see the unseen?”  This is the basic definition of “divinity.”  Could the activation of these senses be in our DNA coding?  I think so.  I haven’t the foggiest idea of how they would work in our brain or pineal gland, or anywhere else in the human body.  But, our DNA coding is the blueprint for our lives.  Before we build anything of this complexity we have to have a blueprint.

How the various sections of our bodies respond to our modified blueprint I don’t know.  I don’t know if it is by demethylating, or otherwise allowing locked up genes to express themselves or if it is by creating new “genes” from the 3 billion base pair?  I don’t care.  It is your blue print, not mine.  What goes on in your body is none of my business.  But if you think something weird is happening, like shadow people or knowing what is going to happen before it does, what I am saying is it is probably something that has its origins at your genetic level and you aren’t nuts!  Then, I’m going to say, we humans are fantastic creatures!

We are just beginning to see how our bodies work at an energetic and quantum level.  It appears that “love” is what really does it.  I’m not the first to come up with this either.  Now does this mean if I have an extra gene or two open I am perfect?  Nope.  It just means I have more work to do.  It also means not everybody has the same genes open.  So, those who can see other dimensions, or auras, or into the future, or into the past are simply gifted and they aren’t perfect either.

We are all just human.  Some of us with gifts.  Some without.  Even so, the one common characteristic of humankind is we can screw up an anvil with a rubber mallet.  Wanna see my anvil collection?

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March 11, 2014

edu2  We are told “formal” education began in Egypt about 5000 years ago, although military training was probably earlier.  In both China and India we are told it began 1200 years later, around 1800 BCE.  All formal education was based on “religion” as a mechanism for holding people together and controlling them.  In Egypt, it was the study of the gods Troth, etc.  In China it was Confucius.  In India it was Shiva and Shakti.  Then there was a pantheon of gods and goddesses.  Along came Judaism, with oral teachings until about 400 BCE according to some scholars or 1000 BC according to others and again we have religious teachings.  Most of these are based in fear.  This was followed by Christianity that really began with the Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE.  It was formalized around 400 CE when Jerome translated the Bible from the three languages: Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic into Latin, and all the references to “Eros” were deleted and replaced with “Agape” which originally included Eros.  Around 800 CE, along came Islam.  Science, engineering and other disciplines were taught to build weapons for imperial expansion and fortifications as well as tombs to physically demonstrate how important religion is.  And here we are today.

One thing in common with all the “religions” is no mention of erotic love, except in the Upanishads, at least in the modern translations of these religions.   Many will talk about love in a round about way, but not really get into it.  It is my understanding, and I could be wrong, that Tantra evolved from the Upanishads.  I am sure there were other cultures extolling the virtues of erotic love, but not as well known as ancient India.  It appears to me, religion wishes to keep us away from erotic love.  Those who reject the church and focus on pleasure are of no threat to the control exercised by religion, so it is not only acceptable but also provides a mechanism for “divide and conquer.”

So where are we today?  I look around and I see Mammon as the “new” god, though he has been around since the dawn of civilization.  As Mammon’s servant, I see sexual pleasure.  Sexual pleasure is cool, because there may not be any real love there, and if there is, we can always change the focus back to pleasure.  At any rate, I have had a glimpse at what can happen with erotic love and other kinds of love, so that is what I “preach.”

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March 11, 2014

Yin yang I live in a simple world these days.   Everything is love.  I mean everything!  Hell!  The Zero Point Field from which all matter and energy are derived is just a sub-set of the Love Field.  Everything is love… or the absence of love.

The problem is us!  We are the most fantastic creatures on the planet.  (I don’t know the Universe that well… yet.)  If I said I was the most fantastic creature on the planet, we could chalk it up to ego, but we all are or at least have that potential.  Each of us has our own unique potential based on our own unique DNA coding.

The problem is us!  We’ve been conned out of love.  The absence of love breeds fear and fear festers into evil.  The question is how do we get love back?  For guys it is simple: love a woman.  Not a bunch of them, just one.  I tried a bunch and it didn’t work for me.  Because we have so much BS in our heads, beginning with our toilet training, this can be scary.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a woman.  For the first time in my life, I was aware of it.  I still didn’t know exactly what it was, but I had it!  I waited two years to consummate it.  I just had the desire to give this woman all the love I could.  After a few days, I wondered if I had enough?  At that time, I was a good boy, going to church and I decided (I’m sneaky) I would let God love her through me.  So, I imagined a door on my back and opened it so God could love her through me.  In and out of the bedroom, the door was open.  WOW!

So what happened?  It culminated in the most powerful sexual, transcendent merging experience I have ever known.  I have felt in an asexual environment, an overwhelming sense of oneness with others before this.  Just before this experience, she glowed, emitting photons from her skin that lit up the room like a 15-watt light bulb.  The residual effects of this were first a lot of my inculcated bigotry was removed.  I do the best I can to see the color of a man’s heart rather than the color of his skin, or his ethnic background.  It led me to research our human sexual biology, to learn what fantastic creatures we are and to offer possible biological explanations for our varied sexual responses.  For many, our natural sexual responses are fearful or “disgusting.”  (This probably goes back to our toilet training?)  To me, they are all beautiful gifts of love.

I feel as though I were led to investigate our sexual biology, beginning at the genetic level to offer an integrated approach to what is and what can possibly happen in our bodies.  First, I don’t know if I am “right” or not.  I don’t care.  What I do know is something wondrous happens when we love.  Do we need all the technical stuff I provide?  Absolutely not!  It is only there to counter the misinformation of the last 5000 years.

I earlier said we are all unique.  I see my uniqueness as in providing information that may help you derive your uniqueness, your gifts, so that together we may change the world.  The bottom line on our “duality” in my opinion, it only reflects our absence of love.  Personally, I have a lot of work left to do.

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March 11, 2014

early man  Mankind has always been in some sort of dependent relationship with each other and with (his, her, its) environment.  Modern psychology, based on observing modern humans, notes five stages of dependency in our development from infancy: (total) dependent, co-dependent, counter-dependent, independent, and interdependent.  These stages are not necessarily linear and may be fluid, as well as broad spread.

As an example, today government is co-dependent with the governed (tit-for–tat), and government attempts to make it a more dependent relationship.  Of course, in the tit-for-tat, government seems to be sucking too much from the tit and the illusionary, promised tat is not materializing.  The next stage is counter-dependency, and with governments is historically bloody.

The next problem is all we know is what we’ve been taught, most of which is bullshit to control us within whatever modern culture we live.  The word modern means the last 5000 years of man’s existence.  In today’s society we have many areas of our lives in which we are co-dependent.  I am co-dependent with my grocer.  I give him money and he gives me the food I have selected.  Tit-for-tat.  Many are dependent on government for checks or food.  We generally apply these terms to interpersonal relationships and do not think of the nature of our dependent relationship on other entities.

What about our current relationship with the environment?  Simple.  We are destroying everything we have been given to survive and thrive.  We project our current beliefs onto primal man as to how they lived.  Yet, it would appear they were in an interdependent relationship with each other and nature.  I believe this interdependency with all was achieved through love.

We have taken the word “love” and diminished it to apply to intimate interpersonal relationship, and because that may include “sex” it turned into a “four-letter word.”  Words impact our beliefs and our beliefs impact how we live our lives.  Yet, intuitively we know “love” is a more encompassing word.  My objective is to take the word out of the tiny box into which it has been placed so that we may once again be interdependent and evolve.

The basic unit of mankind is “husband” and “wife,” whether “married” or not.  This basic unit existed long before ceremonies in any culture.  From this basic unit came “the family:” a secondary unit, and then “the tribe” a tertiary unit.  All of these in various primal cultures had boundaries to insure their interdependence, and thereby their survival.  Their interdependence was complementary throughout the units.  There may have been an “alpha” male or female within the tribe, but probably intuitive enough to recognize the complementary interdependence required for survival.  The nice thing is, primal man was not concerned with our modern invention of labels.  He just was!

Now, let’s see where we are today by looking at our blueprint: our DNA coding.  Each of us is a beautifully unique creature.  Nobody looks like anybody else.  Nobody perceives like anybody else.  Close maybe, but no cigar.  The first thing we can say about this blueprint is we only know how to read 3% of it and that not very well.  That 3% represents our genes and that is an arbitrary number of 25,000.  Geneticists were arguing over 20 or 30 thousand genes so they compromised on 25,000.  Fuck them!  I am not arbitrary!  I am not a compromise!  I am unique and so are you!

OK.  I got that out of my system.  Next little thing we know is some of our genes are locked up by methyl groups.  They don’t work.  On one hand this contributes to our uniqueness.  On the other, it “normalizes” us making us easier to control.  Occasionally these methyl groups vanish allowing that gene to be expressed and voila!  The individual is cured of an incurable disease!  A personality change occurs because they are more receptive to sensory signals.  All kinds of strange and wondrous things happen at the genetic level with love, among other events like NDE’s.  I prefer love to a near death experience.

Erotic love seems to be the most powerful kind of love that will not only clean up our genes, but also allow us to pass on clean genes to our kids.  Seems to.  This is just what I have figured out from my experience and from what I have read trying to figure out what the heck was going on in my body.  A hundred or so years ago, Freud and others made a big whoop-te-do about our sexual repression being the root cause of our neuroses.  This was another step in either limiting love to sex or divorcing love from sex.  Apparently we are practicing sex a lot more and most of us are still as crazy as bat doo!  So, why don’t we put love in the mix and see what happens?

I wanna be just was!

Copyright 2014  Art Noble

The Myth of Sacred Prostitution

March 11, 2014

Isis   I just read the introduction to “The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in the Ancient World.”  This is a scholarly work by Stephanie Bodin.  It was all I needed.  “Deflowering by foreigners” is a nice way of describing rape: an ancient (and modern) tactic of war to damage or destroy the keepers of the culture and thereby the culture of “the enemy.”  All it does is piss off the losers who are gonna get you later!

Alternative theory:  The temples where this allegedly took place might have been schools?  Tantrikas studied for 12 years, learning how to be a good wife, obviously not by the 1950’s definition.  Their education was asexual.  They were then married, usually to a high-ranking male.  The sexually based artifacts recovered might have been instructional aids.  (My definition of a “good wife” is embodied in Isis, whom I believed deified so that mortal women would not believe they could achieve her status.  They can!)

Herodotus, the father of history, and father of this myth, was simply another spin doctor, no different from the modern spin doctors.  Remember, “history” is written by winners leaving out that which is detrimental to “the cause,” and embellishing whatever helps them.

In my humble opinion the bottom line is sex is always a sacred act; it is we who profane it, by blocking or removing love from the act.  But, this is what we have been taught for centuries.  It’s damn time to unlearn these profane lessons of the past!

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