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Stories of Transformation

June 29, 2011

1. Enkidu, The Beast!

Man’s transformation by sexual love is in the first recorded piece of literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh, occurring around 2600 BCE, and “written” (on clay tablets) around 2100 BCE. Gilgamesh was the King of Uruk: handsome, mighty, 2/3 god, 1/3 human and not a nice guy! Essentially, he was an arrogant SOB who would take sons from their mothers for soldiers and their daughters for his pleasure. Uruk, was a walled city built around the Temple of Ishtar, a goddess of love.

The people of Uruk were like people everywhere: always bitching about something and expecting the gods to do something about it. They complained of their harsh treatment by Gilgamesh to Aru (Lord of Uruk) and he, in turn implored Aruru to create a guy that could handle Gilgamesh. Now, Aruru was the goddess that created men, so she was the right one to go to. She pinched off some clay and threw it into the wilderness. What follows is an interpretation of the tablets by Maureen Kovacks.

In the wildness(?) she created valiant Enkidu,
born of Silence, endowed with strength by Ninurta.
His whole body was shaggy with hair,
he had a full head of hair like a woman,
his locks billowed in profusion like Ashnan.
He knew neither people nor settled living,
but wore a garment like Sumukan. ”
He ate grasses with the gazelles,
and jostled at the watering hole with the animals;
as with animals, his thirst was slaked with (mere) water.

The story goes on that a trapper came face-to-face with Enkidu and was frightened. Enkidu was twice the size of most men. This is the first (recorded) human that Enkidu had seen, so he and his animals withdrew. The trapper went home and told his father who advised him to go to Uruk and tell Gilgamesh his tale of woe. He did, and

Gilgamesh said to the trapper:
“Go, trapper, bring the harlot, Shamhat, with you.
When the animals are drinking at the watering place
have her take off her robe and expose her sex.
When he sees her he will draw near to her,
and his animals, who grew up in his wilderness, will be alien to him.”

First, the term harlot is disputed. More than likely, Shamhat was a priestess in the Temple of Ishtar. She was probably a High Priestess because of her consorting with Gilgamesh, as we shall see later. The problem with this interpretation is one does not mess around with the gods or their representatives! They have awesome powers as we saw in the introduction. (Teserias angers the gods and is changed into a woman. After seven years, the gods relented and changed him back to a man.) It is doubtful even the arrogant Gilgamesh would have ordered second-hand, Shamhat to go with the trapper. Gilgamesh would have probably at least mentioned this act to Ishtar. At best, this is a misogynistic interpretation.

After a three-day journey, the trapper and Shamhat arrived at the water hole.

A first day and a second they sat opposite the watering hole.
The animals arrived and drank at the watering hole,
the wild beasts arrived and slaked their thirst with water.
Then he, Enkidu, offspring of the mountains,
who eats grasses with the gazelles,
came to drink at the watering hole with the animals,
with the wild beasts he slaked his thirst with water.

First, it is important to note the trigger for thirst originates from the same place in the brain as the trigger for sexual desire. The reference to water is not without merit. Did the writer of this epic know this? Certainly not consciously, but man has the ability to make amazing connections, later to be scientifically proven.

Then Shamhat saw him–a primitive,
a savage fellow from the depths of the wilderness!
“That is he, Shamhat! Release your clenched arms,
expose your sex so he can take in your voluptuousness.
Do not be restrained–take his energy!
When he sees you he will draw near to you.
Spread out your robe so he can lie upon you,
and perform for this primitive the task of womankind!
His animals, who grew up in his wilderness, will become alien to him,
and his lust will groan over you.”
Shamhat unclutched her bosom, exposed her sex, and he took in her voluptuousness.
She was not restrained, but took his energy.

Imagine poor Enkidu, arising that morning in his cave, stretching against whatever other furry creature was next to him and making his way to the water hole. He had no idea what would be waiting for him. We already know the trapper wanted nothing to do with Enkidu, so after instructing Shamhat, he probably beat a hasty retreat.

Enkidu now sees his second human being, a female, possibly of glowing beauty, offering herself to him with a primal signal of desire (primal, rather than primitive). The thirst center switches gears to sexual desire, yet this strange and beautiful creature before him inspires awe within him. He knows nothing of Ishtar, or of woman. But knows enough to know that this creature should be treated with respect as he admires her. This might be enough to activate the “love centers” of the brain, neatly sandwiching the center of sexual desire and softening his animalistic instincts.

She spread out her robe and he lay upon her,
she performed for the primitive the task of womankind.
His lust groaned over her;
for six days and seven nights Enkidu stayed aroused,
and had intercourse with the harlot
until he was sated with her charms.
But when he turned his attention to his animals,
the gazelles saw Enkidu and darted off,
the wild animals distanced themselves from his body.
Enkidu … his utterly depleted(?) body,
his knees that wanted to go off with his animals went rigid;
Enkidu was diminished, his running was not as before.
But then he drew himself up, for his understanding had broadened.
Turning around, he sat down at the harlot’s feet,
gazing into her face, his ears attentive as the harlot spoke.
The harlot said to Enkidu:
“You are beautiful, Enkidu, you are become like a god.
Why do you gallop around the wilderness with the wild beasts?
Come, let me bring you into Uruk-Haven,
to the Holy Temple, the residence of Anu and Ishtar,
the place of Gilgamesh, who is wise to perfection,
but who struts his power over the people like a wild bull.”

We “groan” in sexual love as well as in lust, and archeologists seem to prefer the latter. The word, “intercourse” is both minimizing and denigrating! We shall discuss the spectrum of sexual love later. Imagine, Shamhat is the first such creature Enkidu had ever seen. Imagine his awe and reverence for this priestess, as well as the act that not only brought him great pleasure but also ecstasy unknown. No, “intercourse” does not even begin to describe this event. “Sacred sex” is a better description, perhaps unknown to those who dig in the dirt.

But, the result was Enkidu was transformed from his bestial state into a divine human, “for his understanding had broadened.” Although Enkidu may have been “depleted”, Shamhat, too, probably had weak knees!

“Pillow talk,” even when there are no pillows, is a wonderful engagement of time. And in this case:

What she kept saying found favor with him.
Becoming aware of himself, he sought a friend.
Enkidu spoke to the harlot:
“Come, Shamhat, take me away with you
to the sacred Holy Temple, the residence of Anu and Ishtar,
the place of Gilgamesh, who is wise to perfection,
but who struts his power over the people like a wild bull.
I will challenge him …
Let me shout out in Uruk: I am the mighty one!’
Lead me in and I will change the order of things;
he whose strength is mightiest is the one born in the wilderness!”

Here we see Enkidu’s self-awareness, his ego, come into being. Along with it, his warrior archetype is engaged, and softened with love. Shamhat then says:

“Come, let us go, so he may see your face.
I will lead you to Gilgamesh–I know where he will be.
Look about, Enkidu, inside Uruk-Haven,
where the people show off in skirted finery,
where every day is a day for some festival,
where the lyre(?) and drum play continually,
where harlots stand about prettily,
exuding voluptuousness, full of laughter
and on the couch of night the sheets are spread (!).”


Enkidu, it is your wrong thoughts you must change!
It is Gilgamesh whom Shamhat loves,
and Anu, Enlil, and La have enlarged his mind.”
Even before you came from the mountain
Gilgamesh in Uruk had dreams about you.”

This last section of Tablet 1 paints a pretty picture of Uruk. However they manufacture and drink beer there. (Enkidu gets drunk on the next Tablet.) Possibly because they have no waste-water treatment, the wells are contaminated. “Mere” water doesn’t sound too bad now.

This commentary, of course, is based on knowledge of sexual biology, rather than ancient languages or in-depth knowledge of ancient history. But, it does paint a different picture than that we are saddled with today, though it took great restraint to avoid changing “harlot” to priestess.

copyright Art Noble 2011


June 26, 2011

“Love is the energy of transformation”

By alarm or other means we get out of bed, dress for the standards of the day, drink our coffee or whatever, and believe we are awake. Ninety-nine and forty-four percent of the world’s population thinks the same way, so it can’t be wrong… or can it? Sometimes we simply live in a world of self-imposed oblivion, squinting to overcome the natural mechanics of opened eyes.

“Awakening, evolving, transformation, etc.,” are all words used to describe a growth in our consciousness, or state of being awake. From a hard-core perspective, this simply means being able to use our brains better. There is a myth that says we only use 10% of our brains. Science proves we use all of our brains. Science can also prove a Ferrari traveling at 10 mph is using all the parts of it’s engine. It needs more gas to go faster. We need more love to make our brains and bodies work better.

Although any of the forms of love will do the trick, sexual love seems to be the most intense form. The problem is most of us see “sex equals pleasure,” and seldom, if ever, consider it is primarily a mechanism for transmitting love. The bad news is when we think of it simply as pleasure that is all we will get: that momentary orgasmic release. But, that is like choosing a Big Mac over Chateaubriand! The good news is, when we focus on transmitting love, our actual pleasure increases by an order of magnitude or more, and our ecstasy can make orgasm a non-event.

It is all about attitude. It is simple but not easy. Since both sexual desire and thirst originate in the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus, the following analogy is very appropriate. (Howdja like the science speak?)

Imagine yourself water-less in the desert. You are not yet delusional with dehydration, but close and your thirst seems unquenchable. As you stop to wipe your dried brow, a great ball of light appears before you. From this ball of light steps a winged angel in diaphanous robes, radiant with a beauty before unknown to you. In her hands is a container of life-giving water. But, not just any container: this is the Holy Grail, the sacred chalice of life. The water is holy, sacred water that nourishes your soul as it quenches your thirst. Falling to your knees in both physical weakness and gratitude, you reach out for it, so willing to accept this precious gift offered. As your parched lips touch the rim of the chalice, you are overwhelmed with gratitude and a peaceful ecstasy. As the sacred water trickles down your throat, you feel it nourishing you soul as it nourishes your body. You are empowered to continue your journey in life and most guys don’t even say, “Thank you,” before they roll over and go to sleep. Not all angels have wings.

Giving love is the easy part. Receiving love is tough. Many men consider it a sign of “weakness.” Once empowered, they change their minds rapidly. Women, too, have been brow beaten into unworthy-ness for thousands of years. A few are out growing this and regaining their power. We need to encourage and applaud this as well as honor and respect them. For it is only by allowing our consciousness to grow that we will stop listening to used-car salesmen, leading us up the rose covered path into the slaughterhouse.

Copyright Art Noble 2011

What is Spiritual Sexuality and Why? (In English)

June 12, 2011

Lets first take a look at what passes for spiritual sexuality today. And all this sounds very mystical and strange! There are many words I don’t understand, but those I do, have much in common with my belief system. (You can skim the next three paragraphs.) It is really much less complex than this. All it takes is that nasty, four-letter word, “love”. Is there anything more spiritual than love?

In Vajrayana Buddhism, tantric sexual practice (Sanskrit: Maithuna, cf. Tibetan:Yab-Yum) is one aspect of the last stage of the initiate’s spiritual path, where s/he, having already realised the voidness of all things, attains enlightenment and perpetual bliss.

Mantak Chia’s teachings about qi and cosmology are similar to the Taoist instructor Hua-ching Ni. In contrast to Ni’s writings however, Chia’s books lack discussion of philosophy, ethics or everyday practical advice. The system he presents is a narrowly focused system of qigong rooted firmly in neidan However, Mantak does talk about internal alchemy as a part of healing and applies this in his sexuality.

Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho, used his version of tantra, neotantra, in combination with breathing techniques, bio-energy, yoga and massage in some of the groups at his ashram. He is the author of many books on meditation, taoism, buddhism and mysticism, and at least six on tantra. One of them is Tantra, The Supreme Understanding, in which he unpacks the verses of the Song of Mahamudra, by Tilopa

A lot of the words up there, I can’t pronounce and don’t understand! There are also Shamanic Sex and Sex of the Tarot, each disciplines to reach the same goal of enlightenment and bliss. Guess what? Love is a discipline as well! The bottom line is that love is a spectrum of energy of which sexual love only occupies a small part, as light occupies a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, in order to love, we must get our egos and preconceived notions out of the way.

Sexual love is erotic. We cannot learn about anything with ears plugged and eyes closed. So, take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and get ready! Mantack talked about “internal alchemy” and Osho talked about bio-energy. It is actually electrochemical energy. In my radio show, “Female Sexual Anatomy – For Guys!”, I compare the female genialia to a power plant! They do produce some energy! There is even a diagram for you to trace the “transmission lines” (nerve trunks).

We know this energy somehow activates certain genes on our DNA, creating proteins (Hormones, enzymes, etc). Some genes. Science is primarly interested in dopamine and serotonin for pleasure and oxytocin and vasopressin for bonding. Genes are a sequence of base pair (rungs on the twisted ladder) on a strand of DNA. There are 3.1 Billion base pair. Genes occupy only 90 million base pair, leaving 3.01 billion base pair unaccounted for. Essentially, our map of the human genome is as accurate as Amerigo Vespucci’s map of the New World in 1507! So, it is relatively easy to blame whatever is happening on “genes” or other segments of our DNA we know very little about.

Historically, I am not alone in this view. Nahminides (?) in The Holy Letter (a 13th Century marriage manual for the Kabbalah) states the manual is “to produce learned sons”. Nahminides also suggests an attitude of reverence, not only for the partner, but for the act. One could consider this involves a change in DNA to make the brain a more effective organ. One cannot give what one does not have. In Sanskrit, the word for the vagina is yoni, or “the sacred place”. Considering other ancient sexual texts, it all makes sense. Also, ancient sexual artifacts have the “unknown” double spiral engraved upon them. I would suggest this is symbolic of the double helix containing our genes. Part of enlightenment is not complete technical understanding, just the general idea. Is this a correct interpretation of the scant facts? I don’t know and I don’t care. Something wondrous and amazing happens and that is what counts!

So, exactly what does happen and what is its value? First, we must clarify that the various sexual responses are not a function of love. A man does not have to be in love with a woman to have an orgasm and vica versa. Physiological responses are not necessarliy an indication of love, any more than the knee jerk response is an indicator of love. As the responses increase in levels of pleasure, what we are looking at is “hot sex”.

As I said before, love is this energy stuff. To be imbued with it, we simply have to open ourselves to it. I can’t open you, and you can’t open me. It is strictly an inside job. I envision my self with a door on my back. I open it, and the love-energy flows in. But, the inside door handle is chained to my ego. Drat! This is what the great spiritual teachers have been telling us for centuries: “Get your damn ego out of the way!” And THIS is where the discipline comes in.

So, what are the real benefits of allowing this energy into us, and sacrificing our ego-based identity? Some will say it is transcending the material world, living at a higher plane of existance. Buddhism speaks of perpetual bliss and enlightenment. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich said, “The combination of love, sex and romance can lift a man from mediocrity to the altitude of genius.” For each of us, the results will probably be different, but a lot better than where we are now!

I’ve thought about closing metaphors like, “love is the salt and pepper on your eggs,” but that just makes them taste better. The one I like best is comparing sex to gunpowder. Having sex is like taking a handfull of gunpowder and putting it on the floor and then lighting it. We get a flash and a WOOSH! If we have the discipline to put into a casing with a cap and fuse, seal it and place it properly wh have an explosion with higher brisance. Better is bringing love into our life with reverence and respect for our partner. It is like turning on the light in a darkened room. It lets us see what we have never seen before.

Copyright 2010 Art Noble

Another “Purpose” for Sex?

June 12, 2011

love pose  For most of my life, I’ve been a typical guy, conditioned by social mores and folkways. The “purpose” of relationships or dating was to get laid and the “purpose” of marriage was to get laid within the social construct… perhaps on demand… sort of. Yet always in the back of my mind was the truism, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” As men and women, we all have an unfulfilled potential for greatness. And this greatness will probably not be covered by today’s media: perhaps tomorrow’s.

Deep down within most men and women, there is a tiny voice crying out for “pair bonding”. We are diverted from this purpose by promotion of sexual pleasure—that’s easy—and admonitions for procreation. Authorities tell us, from Freud through modern evolutionary psychologists and anthropologists, our “genetic purpose” is to spread our seed for the improvement of the species. And as we do this, our relationships will last from four to seven years. Since there is less than 0.03% difference in the general genetic make up of mankind, this argument falls on only partially opened ears!

Genetically speaking, we humans are pretty fantastic creatures! Today, our map of the human genome is as accurate as the map of The New World by Amerigo Vespucci in 1507! What is important about our genes is the ability of our mind’s to control the opening and closing of many of these biological “switches”. Our beliefs control much of our genetic expression! Yes, there are other factors, and our belief systems can override them many of them. We humans are hot stuff!

Suppose we look at pair bonding like gravitational attraction. The metaphor only holds in terms of the attractive force being inversely proportional to the square of the “distance” between at least three factors: physical, emotional and spiritual. We all know about “chemistry”; the heat of physical, sexual attraction. There is also emotional and spiritual bonding. Oh! You don’t like the word “spiritual”? Well then, think of it as the belief system held by the other individual that impacts their genetic map, as does your own. This takes time to learn. We used to call this time period “courting”.

As in the attractive force of gravity, the closer we are in at least three of these aspects of relationship, the stronger the attractive force, or bond, will be. Consider then, our purpose as not to spread our seed to improve the species, but to express, or open, the wondrous genes we already have in our own bodies. Perhaps these opened genes can be passed on to our children and thereby improve the species. This is a result of pair bonding, not the goal. And it gets better!

One of the things that happens, possibly through the creation of some as yet unknown enzyme or hormone, our brains work better. We are endowed with greater awareness . However, from the bumbling buffoons within the Beltway, to the rapacious rhetoricians on Madison Avenue, this awareness is abjured! With awareness, we become difficult to homogenize and manipulate.

It is simple, but not easy. It takes love. In love there is a power beyond our wildest dreams.

What is Love?

June 11, 2011

Men and women write about love today, as they have for centuries, knowing very little about it other than, “It’s a feeling you’re feeling when your feeling a feeling you’ve never felt before.” It is all very ethereal. Not solid! This is an attempt to take this ethereal subject and give it another perspective. Science currently looks at love as something within us. This will look at love as something outside us to which we must open ourselves in order to receive and give. Once received from seemingly nowhere (like the magnetic field that surrounds the earth), it then engenders our feelings of admiration, affection, respect, and so on, for a person, place or thing.

This proposes love is energy: a field or spectrum of energies. Now, when people talk about “energy” as in “good vibrations” it can be translated as a part of love. First, how can we even compare love to energy? There are two things about energy in common with love: it can be transmitted and it can transform. Electrical energy flows through wires to a microwave oven, transformed into microwave energy, then as it cooks a potato into heat energy. When a guy falls in love, initially he is transformed into a grinning blithering idiot, yet happier and more creative. Transformation may continue to new levels of consciousness.

Next how can we call it a spectrum? Easy. There are all kinds of love we already know about: Mother love, Father love, Brotherly love, and Erotic love. In Sanskrit, there are 531 words for and about love. Greek has six or seven. The one in Sanskrit most important to this is ApAaga, or boundary-less love.

ApAaga comes from the story of Shiva, representing the divine masculine; Parvati, the second incarnation of Shakti representing the divine feminine; and Kama, the god of love. Well, the people of the Indus valley were under attack by evil demons and spirits. The only thing that would save them was the son of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva was very ascetic and when the people came to him, he told them to bug off. They were interrupting his meditation. The people then went to Kama who made a sugarcane bow and a flower arrow. When Parvati walked by Shiva, TWANNNNG! And the rest is history. But, Shiva was really ticked off his meditation was interrupted. The next time he saw Kama, Shiva zapped him with his third eye and Kama burst into flame. All that was left of Kama was a pile of ashes and this boundary-less love, ApAaga.

This story implies that love is all around us; we just need to let it in. Next, it sounds an awful lot like Agape, the Greek word for what is now defined as “unconditional love.” Originally, Agape was defined as the total love as between Isis and Osiris: love in all its forms, including sexual. It looks like Egyptian myths traveled far and wide as do many myths. I can’t help but wonder if Isis and Osiris were real people, later deified because of the power of their great love, like the Church grants sainthood. Oh yes. There is power in our transformation to different levels of consciousness.

The big advantage of looking at love as energy, whether it is or not, is now when self-appointed mystics talk about “energy,” we can stick it in the love basket and see if it fits. Looking at it as a spectrum, allows us to make room for variations in what we, as the big I, once considered love. It broadens our perspective. Lastly, we can compare it roughly to a known energy spectrum, the Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum.

Note how little room is taken by the visible light spectrum (remember the scale is logarithmic, so each unit shown is actually 10 times the last unit) and think about how important it is to us. We use it, in conjunction with our eyes, to get food and eat. The sexual love spectrum is like that too. It is very small in the total picture, but very important to us. This also gives us a different perspective.

This may not clarify things for you, but will give you a different perspective on the subject.


June 10, 2011

Sexuality is the way we perceive, experience and express the erotic nature of our lives. Since sex is at the root of life, this is a very complex and wide reaching subject, as is sexual repression. The question is why? The answer is civilization!

Most of the higher animals exhibit behaviors of love: nourishing, touching, gazing and grooming. Man added words to mating calls. Both man and animals exhibit the capacity for fear as well. It is quite possible that love, rather than just sex, is responsible for evolution in a way beyond today’s common genetic perception. The possible genetic mechanism for this will be discussed in later blogs. Obviously, Homo sapiens is mentally advanced compared to Neanderthal: larger brain cavity, etc.

Evolution is a slow process and we are half a million years away from Neanderthal. Look around you and ask yourself if the process is finished yet? It would seem as we evolve, not only does the brain cavity get larger, but also the way we use this anatomical structure becomes more efficient and effective. Our creativity expands. The ancient Greeks, who were smarter about this than we are today, defined the god Eros as,” a primeval deity who embodies not only the force of erotic love but also the creative urge of ever-flowing nature, the firstborn Light for the coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos.” The problem is, as we minutely evolve on a minute basis at a personal level, our brains become more effective. We clearly see how civilization’s “leaders” are bullshitting us. It makes us much more difficult to control.

So, what do leaders must do to maintain control of the population is not simply repress sex but sexual love. (There is a difference!) The easiest way to do this is divide and conquer. Make one gender superior and denigrate the other. It works. It has worked for over 5000 years. From this view, promiscuity is as good as celibacy, because we are keeping the power of love out of sexual congress. It is interesting to note many primitive cultures honored, respected and highly valued women, which may be why we are this far along.

The earliest symbol for woman in cuneiform is the inverted triangle with the vertical cleft representing the vulva. This symbol, also known as “the chalice,” additionally meant giver of life. Sexually repressed archeologists interpret this as “childbirth.” It could also mean that through sexual love we become more aware, intuitive and are able to live life more fully. Woman has given us life!

It is also quite possible this chalice, this receptacle for life, is also the Holy Grail for when men treat it as such, with the awe, respect and reverence deserved, it is then we are transformed. Men have been chasing the Holy Grail for the last ten centuries or so, and Ladies, you’ve been sitting on it all along.

The Bible And Female Ejaculatory Orgasms!

June 9, 2011

I recently read The Holy Letter, a 13th Century document attributed to Nahmanides. Nahmanides was a Jewish mystic, writing a marriage manual for the Cabbala. Its purpose was to produce learned sons. What impressed me most as a Protestant—I protest everything—was the Hebrew translation of Leviticus 12:2: “When a woman has an emission…” This is the first reference to female ejaculatory orgasms in Western Literature! Further, in the tractate Niddah of the Talmud, it is indicated that Increased passion (multiple female ejaculatory orgasms?) will produce a male child and less passion (a single ejaculatory orgasm?) will produce a female child.

Leviticus is attributed to Moses (1425 BCE) and thought by some to first be transcribed from the oral tradition by Ezra around 1000 BCE. However, most scholars today suggest it was first transcribed around 400 BCE.

It was around 400 BCE when Hippocrates came up with the “double seed” theory. This said male ejaculate and female ejaculate each contained seeds needed for conception of a child. Ergo, the only way a woman could have a child was if both parties ejaculated! Since most did, it was no big deal.

Galen (200 CE) confirmed this. The Roman Church from its inception in 325 CE, promoted female ejaculatory orgasm for purposes of procreation until 1770 when a scientist successfully artificially inseminated a water spaniel. Granted, this position was weakened by Leeuwenhoek in the late 1660’s when he could only see male sperm under the microscope. But this was blown off because women were inferior and probably had smaller seed. When the KJV was written in 1611, it says, “When a woman conceive a seed…” Now, you know what that means.

After 1770, both female orgasm and ejaculation was trivialized and pooh-poohed!
1886 – Krafft-Ebing – “Female ejaculation is a lesbian condition.”
1905 – Freud* – “Mucous discharge from the vagina is disgusting.”

But, based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, as translated from the Acta Apostolicae Sedis as recently as 1952, it is a sin for women NOT to ejaculate or fully give of themselves.

The point is for 3000 years–and probably thousands before that–women had ejaculatory orgasms as a matter of course. Women’s orgasms have only been shut down for the past 240 years or so. I find it strange that Christianity, especially the Roman Church that keeps marriage as a sacrament, treats sex so profanely, when many pagan religions treat it as sacred. Nahmanides also recommends an attitude of reverence for the woman and the act. In Sanskrit, the vulva is called the “yoni” which means the sacred place.

As an aside, “epigenitics” is the new science of showing how the mind, and other factors, control genetic responses. A term we may be more familiar with is “brainwashing”. Men and women have been “brainwashed” out of female ejaculation! If our minds tell women as they are about to ejaculate (feel the urge to void) they are going to urinate on their lover, then all the King’s horses and all the King’s men are not going to produce an ejaculatory orgasm! And if a man thinks his woman is urinating on him, or has other negative feelings about a woman’s sexual response of which he is ignorant, he may voice displeasure and the woman will acquiesce to please her lover. Of course, there are medical and physiological reasons as well. This is detrimental to both parties!

First, women are cheated out of the pleasure of an ejaculatory orgasm. This pleasure may be an order of magnitude greater than the genital climax to which they may be accustomed. Men are cheated, or may cheat themselves, out of the energy created by the experience that, “… can raise them from mediocrity to the altitude of genius.” (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, 1937.)

The bottom line is it is simply a matter of attitude. I do not expect man and women to regard their partners, nor the act of sexual intercourse as “sacred” after reading this blog. It is not going to happen! What can happen is first simply regarding both the partner and the act as a gift. Receive the gift with gratitude. Say, “Thank you”, if only for the instant gratification you receive. And remember, gentlemen that you are also a gift to her. In an LTR, there are a thousand gifts you may give to and receive from one another… out of the bedroom!

Also remember:
“There are a thousand ways to make love with a woman. If you add sex, you have a thousand and one.”
“Romance smells like candles, flowers and wine.
But love? Love smells like sweat and time.”

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