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February 11, 2014

Terms like “Divine Feminine” and “Divine Masculine” are used to divide us, separate us, and we are already separated enough!


As an engineer and wordsmith, I am hardcore.  No bullshit!  Also, as an Ocean Engineer and poet I recognize beauty in the fluidity of our humanity and our biology.  As a wordsmith, I like to see not only where our words came from, but also how their meanings have changed over history.  The word divine simply means having the ability to see or find the unseen.

 I look at all this as a function of our unique DNA coding.  Dr Bruce Lipton refers to our DNA as the blueprint for our lives.  Our lives are built on this blueprint.  If we don’ like our lives, we change the blueprint.  It sounds tough.  I suggest it is easier than we think.

 As an engineer I wrote a change order for a valve vault on a 30” pipeline. The manufacturer sent a flanged pup joint 56” (inches) long.  (A pup joint is any length of pipe shorter than the standard 20’.)  The original blue prints called for the pup joint to be 5 feet, 6 inches (5’6”) long.  They missed the apostrophe!  One tiny mark on a set of plans 3” thick and 24” x36” wide for a 130 mile pipeline!  It could have screwed up the whole job.  No problem.  I wrote the change order moving the vault wall and it fit.

Now let’s look at our DNA: our blueprint.  Everyone of us is unique!  Although each chromosome is composed of mom’s and dad’s contribution to us, during fetal development a lot of things happen.  In the segmented sequence of base pair we call a gene, there are five possibilities for each of the 20 or 30,000 genes that only use about 90 million of our 3.1 billion base pair. 

  1. They stay the same. 
  2. One or more base pair is added to the sequence.
  3. One or more base pair is subtracted from the sequence.
  4. One or more base pair swaps ends in the sequence.
  5. A combination of 2, 3 or 4.

This is called mutation.  The extent to which this occurs is called our “mutant load.”  Bottom line is we are all beautiful mutants.  There is more contributing to our uniqueness, but this is enough for now.

These genes when activated (expressed or turned on) produce amino acids that usually combine with other amino acids to produce proteins.  The proteins we know about are enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, neuroreceptors, and structural.  The first four impact our brain chemistry and it is as some big nest of wires with feedback loops running all over and impacting our amazing bodies.

Today we know methyl groups may form around any of our genes preventing them from expressing and producing that specific amino acid.  This prevents a “normal” protien from forming, where normal simply means that amino acid occurs in most everybody’s protein.  This impacts our brain chemistry.  It is just a little different for each of us.  Are we ever uniquely beautiful!  How does this happen?  We get them in three ways: 

  1. Transferred from parents.
  2. In fetal development.
  3. Fear instilled in post fetal development.  (Sexual abuse is a biggie!)

Methyl  gene
Methylated gene

I am sure there is more occurring in our DNA than methylation preventing our genes from expressing, but this is simply a primer, which is about all I have the intellectual capacity to write. 

Just as some of us are born with common methylated genes, some are born with out these genes being methylated.  They each have their own unique abilities to see, feel, perceive, and sense things the rest of us cannot.  We categorize them and put them in little boxes with names or labels like “empath,” “sensitive,” “paranormal,” or simply “strange” or “weird.”  The general population lacks acceptance of weirdos.  They may tend to collect into groups or cults where they are accepted.  Many of these are like cocaine.  Individual production increases initially, then usage increases until recovery or death. 

So what’s the answer?  You all know I look at love as energy: a spectrum.  Is it?  I don’t know.  As I look at it as energy it appears to work.  It takes energy to do anything.  Whether we are turning on a light switch or expressing a gene or untying a methylated gene, it takes energy.  Love works, so it must be some sort of energy.  I recognize the weakness of my Newtonian model.  It is only a beginning.

 Of course the next question is, “Does it really work this way?”  My answer is I don’t know and don’t care if it works this way or not.  Love works.”   Whether or not love is energy is immaterial.  Whether or not our divinity is a function of our DNA or not is also immaterial.  I put it together this way only to give me a hardcore possible explanation of what might be going on in our bodies.

Next question is why are girls so special?  To start with, their sex chromosome (#23) is XX giving them about 4000 genes.  Guys have an XY with less than 2100 genes.  I began my studies with sexual anatomy.  When I hooked up my wiring diagram to the female genitalia, all I could say was, “Holy Shit!  This is fan-f**in’-tastic!  Wow!”  I’ve reached a point where I know there is so much about our bodies I will never know and even if I did it wouldn’t make any difference because it keeps going and going. 

 Two more things about girls: 

  1. Their vagus nerve is hooked up to their genitalia and ours is not.  This is called the “nerve of compassion.”
  2. The structure connecting the left and right halves of the brain is thicker allowing girls to better process and integrate sensory signals.

There are probably a thousand more anatomical differences.  I don’t care.  I’ve seen enough to tell me what fantastic creatures they are and to appreciate their fluidity and power.

The last questions are why is sex bad and love a four-letter word? And why are we diverted into pleasure and/or procreation?  Erotic love with its associated passion, or amplitude of the energy frequencies transmitted, appears to be the most powerful mechanism for demethyizing our genes.  Divinity makes us aware.  We already are, but not too much.  “Women’s intuition” and “gut instincts” are the beginnings of our divinity.  We humans are fantastic but taught to limit ourselves where simply as biological entities we have no real limits.  (In your definition of real, we can limit anything.)

Other misused works to describe our growth into divinity are: awakening, evolving, ascension, transformation, transmutation (I like that one!), spiritual gifts, paranormal, empath, synestheisiac, clairvoyant, and on and on.  We are all divine to some degree or another.  I look at our purpose her as to love.  Our divinity is a “reward” for loving and makes us sacred or “safe and sane.”  We just need to let love flow through us.  It is pretty simple.  Love.  The tough part is getting rid of all the ego base limitations and fears we place on love and ourselves.  We are all fantastic creatures once we let love in.  Guys too.

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