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February 27, 2017

1I guess a lot of guys don’t think about unity when we get into a relationship.  I never did before I got into my research.  I had my mind on something else.  I didn’t know squat about love either.  I figured if I like to give her “things,” I must love her ‘cause I’m cheap!  I did know you can’t buy love.  So my gifts of “things” were from my heart, not my wallet.  But, I never really gave her me.  These gifts had nothing to do with unity and unity  is where the action is!

The word unity encompasses all the other words we hear about relationships: commitment, fidelity, honor and love.  “Do you take this woman/man…” and seldom do they mention unity.  We hear about a “union” but it is as if they don’t want unity in the union?  Commitment is easy because we can only commit to ourselves.  When there is a mutual desire for unity, fidelity is easy too.  It is difficult to be in union with one while screwing another.  Further when you are screwing another you are not honoring the one with whom you profess to be in unity.  As you go through all the ups and downs, love is the glue holding you (plural) together.

Why is this mutual desire for unity so important?  Synergy!  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  We are each a part.  We can screw our heads off, having magnificent sexual responses, transmitting to one another universal love and it means very little without the mutual desire for unity.  Couples can be married for 50 years and never “get it.”  They will stay for show or stubbornness and have no concept of unity.  Unity is not that difficult, if you really want it and the rewards are beyond amazing.

Intimate sexual relationships are not the only kinds of relationships where unity and synergy can be achieved, as I point out in my book.  We can be in unity with our friends and neighbors as well.  It takes love to get there.  Sometimes, we can get there without knowing it until we are there.  Bottom line is love is the path to follow.  Brotherly love works too.

Quantum Entanglement and Codependence

February 24, 2017

QE bodies.jpg“Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance—instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole.” ~ Wiki

Instead of looking at the human body as shapes or organs or even cells, we can view the human body at the sub-atomic level.  Cells (all 50 trillion of them) are made of various molecules which in turn are constructed of atoms.  At the sub-atomic level, we are getting down to the nitty gritty!

The current theory of Quantum Entanglement implies we are connected to everything in the Universe!  I have a hard time getting my head around this.  It does offer a limited explanation for astrology, which focuses on our galaxy, with one exception.  Humans interpret the connective impact of the stars quantum entanglement with us. Humans are whack jobs! Even the astrological computer programs are designed by humans and may vary.  I think of the hurricane projection maps, all indicating a slightly different path.  One is usually way out in left field, and sometimes it is right.

Let’s get back to us.  I believe humans are fantastic creatures, conned out of their innate abilities by authorities.  The con job was run on us so we could “fit into society.”  This is a “society” determined by others in “authority” removing our innate abilities.  When somebody has a bunch of letters behind their name, like “PhD,” we give them authority because they are learned in one or more fields of philosophy in those fields.  That philosophy is determined by precedent and the precedent is determined by kings and priests going back millennia.

For example, we are told by various authorities, “love is a feeling or emotion produced by brain chemistry.”  I see love as a spectrum of energy, impacting us at the genetic level, producing the proteins that give us the feelings.  There are more feelings of love besides those associated with erotic love, where science seems to focus.

I look at love as a universal, omnipresent energy.  It is not limited to humans!  Yet, although many mammals exhibit the behaviors of love, we cannot think of primal man as a loving creature?  I do!  Our modern DNA is fogged by methyl groups created by imaginary fears: fears we were burdened with dating back at least 5000 years ago. This limits our perception and our innate abilities.

When we transmit an electric signal down copper wire it travels a little bit slower than the speed of light.  Split particles, one reacting to stimulation of the other simultaneously, are not burdened by the speed of light.  If love is energy, as all matter is standing waves of energy, then we might be dealing with instantaneous “speed” or the speed of love?  Copper wire is also matter but electricity slows down due to friction.  This isn’t quite right, but hopefully you get the idea.

The mammals and primal man went through a process or “dance” of dependency.  The infants were nourished from their mother’s breast.  Mother taught their cubs and kits to play as they played with each other.  The kits and cubs were groomed by their parents as their parents groomed each other.  These are behaviors of love.  Cubs and kits were fed by their parents until the youngsters learned to hunt and forage for themselves, becoming independent.  The kill saw shared with the family.  Counter dependent behavior was met by exclusion from the family or pack so they learned to hunt and forage or died.  As the kits and cubs grew into the family they learned interdependence, where although there was an Alpha, his or her presence was inclusive of all the others, rather than being separate.

Adult co-dependence is a learned stopping point in our development.  Women are told men must take care of them.  This is a false extension of protection: another behavior of love.  Relying on this, women do many things they really don’t want to do for various reasons and so do men.  Many times for the same reasons.  Co-dependence is essentially based in fear.  Women will have sex for physical, goal attainment, emotional and insecurity reasons.  So will men.  In my book (literally) the best reason it to transmit love energy.  All the other reasons pale!

Of course sexually intimate relationships are not the only co-dependent relationships.  In modern “society” we have co-dependent relationships with just about everything and everybody.  This is a failure of our culture.  As co-dependents, particularly with “authorities” we are unable to comfortably break this sick bond.  It is easier to get a divorce from a spouse and that can cost you the rest of your life!

What is important is our desire for unity, rather than security or pleasure.  This leads us to interdependence.  Here, at this point, we can ‘feel’ our inter-connectedness with everything: or at least all the stuff on this planet.  We don’t have to intellectually know it.  Primal man may have had no intellectual awareness of this connection, but simply felt it.  Until we become interdependent, growing through this co-dependency, we will never know what “miracles” await us.  This is a growth attained by, with, and through love.  We won’t need astrologers to tell us things about the future: we will know and act accordingly.  There are many other professions of today we will not need.  As I point out on my Facebook cover: “Once you fully know love, you will have access to everything you need to know.”




On Pedophilia.

February 20, 2017


The word “pedophilia” is the combination of two Greek words meaning love of children.  From Psychology Today, “Pedophilia is considered a paraphilia, a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. Pedophilia is defined as the fantasy or act of sexual activity with children who are generally age 13 years or younger.”[1] “The term paraphilia refers to intense sexual attraction to any objects or people outside of genital stimulation with consenting adult partners. A paraphilia is considered a disorder when the paraphilia is causing distress or threatens to harm someone else.”[2] The translation from Greek of “philia” is brotherly love.  Perhaps a better word for this “disorder” is “Pedosexualis,” as a sub-disorder of “Parasexualis.” Even that falls short of this activity.

The next thing that bothers me is the philosophical definition of love, or the “Nature of Love.”  “Presuming love has a nature, it should be, to some extent at least, describable within the concepts of language. But what is meant by an appropriate language of description may be as philosophically beguiling as love itself. Such considerations invoke the philosophy of language, of the relevance and appropriateness of meanings, but they also provide the analysis of “love” with its first principles. Does it exist and if so, is it knowable, comprehensible, and describable? Love may be knowable and comprehensible to others, as understood in the phrases, “I am in love”, “I love you”, but what “love” means in these sentences may not be analyzed further: that is, the concept “love” is irreducible-an axiomatic, or self-evident, state of affairs that warrants no further intellectual intrusion, an apodictic category perhaps, that a Kantian may recognize.”[3]  Much of philosophy talks in circles and this is no different.

I have clearly defined love as a spectrum of energy impacting us at the genetic level.[4]  I say clearly, but there is no scientific proof of even the existence of such an energy spectrum.  Science hasn’t looked!  Erotic love is a small part of the spectrum.  Erotic love may be looked at as sexual love between consenting adults.  In 1753 The English Marriage Act defined the age of consent as 21.  Shortly thereafter, Scotland lowered the age to 12 for girls and 14 for boys. However, today’s definition of “adult” is arbitrary at age 18 and in some cases today might be extended to age 40 or beyond. It would then seem the term pedophilia is in fact a misnomer of some dude attempting to justify his behavior as love.  It is not love by any stretch of the imagination.

There are two psychological needs of humans: to love and be loved.  The spectrum can be infinite, with erotic love simply being a small, intimate and powerful part of the spectrum.  We can love others without sexual desire.  Children are in this categorySo, what has happened to us that an estimated 3% of the male population is pedophilic?  What has happened to us that few actually practice love in our (adult) relationships?  Love is all around us and in us.  I believe there is a big con game going on for centuries, to dissuade us from love.  Around 1280CE the Spectorum Doctrinale (the Funk and Wagnalls of the 13th Century) Told husbands not to love their wives too much.[5]  At the same time Nahmanides (?) in The Holy Letter (Igarette ha Kodesh written for the Kabbalah) was exhorting men to treat the act of love and the partner with reverence and respect: attributes of love.[6]  The Spectorum Doctrinale, from the Roman Catholic Church had a much wider circulation than those in the Kabbalah.

In my view simply based on anatomy, women have a greater capacity to love than do men.  Capacity may not be the right word, but it gets the point across.  By the same token, based on their experiences with men today, many women have shut down this capacity.  Men are humans too and have the same psychological needs to love and be loved.  Our culture has equated love with sex!  Children, not yet calloused by modern erroneous belief systems, just love anyway.  They are easy targets for rejected men who are looking for “love.”  To say these are rejected men is being kind.

The real question is why have we been conned out of love?  My answer is love is the glue that holds relationships together, even when you are so pissed you could strangle him or her.  They have threatened the illusion of your identity!  (You are actually something more so it is not a bad thing; we just see it that way.)  As you go through this, you grow into interdependency and become aware.  This is the threat to the powers that be!  So we deviate.















[5] Ryan, Christopher, and Cacilda Jetha. Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What it Means for Modern Relationships. New York: Harper Perennial, 2009

[6] Cohen, Seymore J. trans. The Holy Letter, (attrib. To Nahmanides) Jason Aronson, Inc, 1976

Relative and Absolute Reality

February 6, 2017



If you keep thinkin’ like you’re thinkin’, you’re gonna keep gettin’ what you’re gettin’.


yin-yang  Relative Reality is kind of an ego thing, or a material thing.  The “flavors”   (a word Mira Prabhu got from a guru and which she continues to use to describe relative reality because these are not stages or steps but overlap) are:

  1. Inherent imperfection
  2. Impermanence
  3. No ownership
  4. No accident
  5. No fixed judgements – transformation is always possible
  6. Everything is the result of past thought, speech or action

Questions around this are

  1. Is everything imperfect or are we looking at it as imperfect?
  2. I slap my material table. In a few years, I may use it for firewood.
  3. Ownership: Do we really “own” anything?  Ancient Egyptians thought they did and tried to take it with them.  I don’t think it worked.  I wonder if this isn’t more in the “Absolute” view?
  4. Accidents and coincidences aren’t really accidents and coincidences. From the Eastern perspective, the word coincidence is a word we made up because we don’t understand everything happens for a reason.  We may not know the reason so we call it a coincidence, or an accident.
  5. I know Judgements! Unfortunately, darn it, things change and transformation is possible.
  6. Karma isn’t what we are given to believe. Essentially, we create the ‘matrix’ in which we live with our thoughts, words or actions.  Of course, this is the way we are taught to think, speak and behave.  In most ‘spiritual’ encampments there is a lot of focus on changing this.  Whatever works for you.

In Vipassana, there are only three flavors:

  1. Impermanence
  2. Suffering, usually the result of a belief in permanence or ownership.
  3. Realization of non-self.

All this is part of the relative reality where most of us live.  Our educational system promotes this and polarizes us while so doing.  We are usually given two choices: pick one!  Are you Republican or Democrat?  Liberal or Conservative?  Christian or  Pagan?  Muslim or Infidel?  Tory or Whig?  These labels become part of our illusionary, polarized identity.  I like Denzel Washington.  In his roles, he never plays a black man.  He plays a man who happens to be black: sometimes a good man, sometimes a bad man, but always a man.

We are also polarized by sex and gender.  Sex is about pleasure or procreation.  Pick one.  In this case, both are allowed for some.  Girls are girls and boys are boys, period!  Girls do this and boys do that.  Few take into consideration we are genetically unique and have our own occupational and sexual preferences and proclivities.  We are conditioned into homogeneity.  Thank heavens, this conditioning is breaking down in the relative reality.  More and more are becoming aware of who we are, relatively speaking.  I see this as a behavior of love: self-love.

This brings us to Absolute Reality: that which is unchangeable.  In Buddhism, this is called the “un-manifest self.”  It is that which is permanent, and our primal consciousness.

I’ve been learning a little about quantum mechanics.  One of the things I learned is particles can be waves, depending on how we look at them.  I also learned two other things:

  1. All matter is standing waves (including our material body) and
  2. Tesla noted there were two kinds of energy: transverse waves as seen in the electromagnetic spectrum and longitudinal waves emanating from the node of the transverse waves. These longitudinal waves are also called scalar energy.  They are also called Chi or Prana in Eastern languages.

There are all kinds of ways of looking at the human body.  We can view it as a collection of organs or a collection of cells or molecules or atoms or even at the sub-atomic level.  We can look at it at the unique genetic level.  To my knowledge, no one yet has looked at it as a collection of standing waves or what frequencies they might be?  I find it humorous that Reiki and other energy healers don’t have numbers.  They feel the energy from our “kinky” Chi and straighten it out.

Since I am manifest in the material form, I must realize this manifestation is based on standing waves: energy.  Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It is permanent.  It can change its form.  We see this every day when we turn on a light (electric to light energy) or nuke a potato (electric to microwave energy to heat energy).  The standing waves, along with all the other ways of looking at my body in the relative reality are who I am.  The standing waves I have shaped in my life are my essence, that which cannot be destroyed.  It is one way of looking at this concept.

Now comes the good part.  All material is standing waves.  This means the trees and plants and other critters are also standing waves.  Hang on!  This also means the Earth and all the astro-goodies in the Universe are also standing waves.  Here comes the real kicker!  Everything is sentient!  Physicists a long time ago, split a photon into two particles.  As they experimented with one, the other responded simultaneously in a like fashion.  Einstein called it “spooky stuff.”  So, we are not just connected with each other; we are connected with everything!

I know I am connected with my pup and I know she feels things.  Science has found ‘feelings’ and communication in plant life, but not as we understand human feelings or communication.  I sometimes can feel the energy from trees.  I need to spend more time there.

Of course, most of us are polarized into the Relative Reality and can’t see the Absolute as anything but woo-speak that won’t buy you a cup of coffee.  Then, there are a few who live in the absolute and are really ascetic!  I think the name of the game is to live in both, viewing the relative through the eyes of the absolute.  This unites the ‘duality’ we argue about.  The Great Cosmic Joke then diminishes to the foibles and false perceptions of man.

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