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Sex: An introduction

January 6, 2010


            The blogs on this site will be about sex.  We, in the American culture, live with many myths about sex and sexual behavior.  These myths have led us in to a sexual culture that is detrimental to our well-being.  Nearly 50% of the women in this country are reported as raped or sexually molested as children, and this is true for about 25% of the men.  This atrocious act steals part of the soul of its victim and warps their perception of sexual behavior.  According to Dr. Laura Berman, about half the sexually active women in this country have never experienced an orgasm and about 43 million women live in sexless marriages.  Something is definitely wrong!

            This is an outgrowth of my after-the-fact research because of my novel, The Sacred Female.  So far, all of the sexual responses described, as exhibited by Jeanne and Richard in the novel, are validated by modern science or ancient sacred sexual texts and by anecdotal evidence from living women around the world as well as my own experience.  I am blessed with having known some fantastic women in my life and cursed with curiosity.  As a writer, I can easily describe the responses, but I had no idea what was causing them.  Now, I do!

            As such, I consider myself to have a broader understanding of this subject than most of the people on this planet.  I am here to share this with you.  I will cite from the works of Hippocrates (400 BCE), Dr. Reiner de Gaff (1660 CE) and, Dr. Beverly Whipple, et al, in modern sexual science.  I will also tell you, when we get into genetics, what is guesswork.  The complete map of the human genome is as complete as Amerigo Vespucci’s  map of the New World in 1500!  Although the hypothesis is credible, it is only a hypothesis.

            Perhaps it would be best to start with a different description of sex—perhaps a definition—than is commonly thought of.  “Sex” is the mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve ends that create electro-chemical energy leading to pleasurable sensation in the genitalia and other sexual responses.  First, this is open ended in two ways:

A.     The word mental implies many things, including our erroneous belief systems, and

B.     Orgasm is only one of many sexual responses.

Secondly, a discussion of sex without love is like describing the mechanical components of a Ferrari’s engine without recognizing how the body design, suspension, etc. all augment the overall beauty of the automobile.  But, this description is a different starting place.

            The only purpose for sexual education is to overcome the myths perpetrated on us, alive and well in our belief systems.  For example, as many women enter the orgasmic phase of sex, as Masters and Johnson said, they experience “the urge to void”.  They think, they believe, they are about to urinate on their lover.  In most cases, they are preparing to ejaculate, just like men.  However, they repress this response in fear.

            The female prostate, currently called “para urethral glands” by the medical community, is like the male prostate with a mitral or “check” valve on the back of the prostate, preventing flow from the bladder through the urethra.  Just like a man with a “Morning Glory”, urination is not possible in most cases until arousal diminishes.  Both historically (de Gaff) and from what I have been told, female ejaculation is 8 to 10 time more pleasurable for a woman than non-ejaculatory orgasms.

            Pleasure is one of the two elements on the sexual paradigm under which we now live.  The other is procreation.  These blogs will introduce a third element, power: the power of sexual love.  It is referred to in Tantric sex as divine illumination.  Whatever your concept of divine illumination is, allow me to assure you it will not meet the beautiful reality of this experience.

            Also, pleasure might be thought of, or regarded as, an indicator of the quantity of electro-chemical energy being produced by sex: the greater the energy, the greater the pleasurable response.  But, our belief systems can and do repress our responses, limiting our pleasure.  When free of mythical belief systems, our pleasure is enhanced and even “divine illumination” is possible for all.  This is my goal, though I expect few to attain it.  It will only take a few for this to be a better world.

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