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May 21, 2011

“Sexy” is an adjective describing sexual attraction in humans. Commonly, we think of sex in terms of procreation or pleasure. “She has wide hips and that is good for child bearing.” Or, “Just lookin’ at her makes me want to cream my jeans!” There is a third “p” in the back of our thinking, long ignored or one from which we have been diverted: power!

Is power sexy? Material power seems to be an aphrodisiac. Great wealth, political power or human achievement, either physically, intellectually or in the arts all appear to be attractors to the opposite sex. This material, external power is obvious. But, what about the power of love?

There are more kinds of love we each hold with varying intensities than aspirins in Walgreen’s Drug Stores! Each kind is empowering in its own way. Sexual love tops the list, when held with other kinds. Sex is not only a mechanism for producing electrochemical energy in the body resulting in pleasure, but also a mechanism for transmitting love. We like sex, or the resulting pleasure, but seem to be frightened of love. Should we be frightened? No. Should we be respectful? Yes! Why? Love has the power to alter our minds and bodies beyond a point common to human endeavors: particularly sexual love.

Look at sexual love as though it were gunpowder. If we place loose gunpowder on the floor and light it, we get a flash and a big POOF! When we are disciplined enough to respectfully pack it in a casing, seal it, and then light it off, we have a powerful explosion. The power from sexual love is like that and the “explosion is the alteration of our minds and bodies, enabling us to apply this power in our lives.

So, is love sexy? Not yet. There is too much “fear of love,” another oxymoron to which we have become accustomed. I only hope it will change.

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