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December 20, 2013


When I started my work in Sexual biology, I ran across a lot of guys who could or would not accept even the concept of female ejaculation, much less the act.  I even had a British Psychologist un-friend me from Face book because I spoke of it.  So, I put my blinders on and focused on discovering and educating others about accepting various sexual responses in the orgasmic experience.  Then, like everything else, I learned it was bigger.

 Back when I was early in AA Bill showed up from out of state with “EX-DRUNK” license plates.  He was a little feller, about 5’3” and maybe weighed 130, 140.  He had 12 years of sobriety then and I was a newbie in the program.  Anybody that had a week or two more than I did, was accorded god-like status.  I quickly learned otherwise.

 Bill and I became friends.  His dad was a big wig with Kodak, managing the Far East, and Bill grew up in the Philippines.  While his parents were getting drunk at Embassy parties, he was on the streets learning what it was like to be a minority.  Later, Bill was one of those who dropped out, turned on, and tuned in to anything he could get his hands on.  He was no stranger to jails and dumpster diving.  Twenty-seven rehabs later, he began a clean and sober life of helping others.

 Bill met a young lady in the rooms of AA and they initially hit it off pretty well.  Something changed, as relationships do, and Bill got a little obsessive/possessive.  Maybe a lot.  He got scary to me.  Angry.  Frustrated, and occasionally enraged.  I called my sponsor to find out what I should do?  I was told when you have a good friend, you have to accept them all: the good, the bad and the ugly.  So I did.

 Bill went downhill.  Lost his job, apartment and weight.  He moved into a shack about a mile away from my cottage.  (Note: He had a shack.  I had a cottage.)  He had a string of jobs wondering why his bosses would not listen to him.  He was one of the uneducated brilliant.  Then his mother died.

 They were estranged for years, yet he had mixed emotions when he left for Phoenix where his mother retired after his dad died.  He came into quite a chunk of money.  Bought a big house in a gated community, a new corvette, a ’32 Ford kit hot rod—he loved old cars—and he wasn’t really very happy.  He flew me out there about twenty years ago.  I didn’t know why, but he had told the editor of a weekly that covered the car shows about my work on the macroeconomic impact of illegal drugs.  (It’s huge!)  That was in the days when I thought the economy was straight, government was good and all the other stuff.  Anyway, I wound up at a casual dinner where the editor gave me a plaque.  I was touched.

 A year or so later, Bill sold the big house, the hot rod and moved back here.  He got a low-rent apartment in a huge complex, and bought a small diesel trawler to go fishing in.  He was happier and I was glad to have him back here.  He still would come over to the cottage for my spaghetti sauce.  He once told me if the DEA ever got a hold of it, I would be in a heap of trouble!  He adopted my kids as his rent-a-kids, and took David fishing a lot. 

 Bill was diagnosed with throat cancer.  He was darn near a chin smoker, which he figured was better than booze.  Toward the end, he was hallucinating a lot.  I would go over to his apartment and help him chase away the little men that came out from under the baseboards.  We’d go for a walk around the complex.  Once he looked up and said, “How’s the weather up there?”  I smiled and said, “Just fine.”  He finally went into a hospital, signed a DNR, and died there.  We scattered his ashes in the inlet where he and David many times passed through to go fishing.

 I got a call from his attorney.  He left the ‘Vette to David, the boat to Susan—David sold it for her—and some cash to me to pay off the IRS and invest in some equipment for my little lawn business.  On one hand it was very welcome.  On the other hand, good friends like that don’t come around very often.  But doing what I was told, to accept, taught me about the value in the bond of friendship.  It works a lot better than trying to control or fix things that may not be broken or we don’t have the capacity to fix.  I wish he were still with us.  I forgot that lesson.

 Now, the point of the story is bigger.  Guys are guys.  We all know some jerk we find good qualities in and like anyway.  I’ll bet a nickel there are girls like that out there too.  The problem arises between guys and girls.  We sing bass.  They sing soprano.  The objective is to harmonize.  We forget about that.

 I read the abstract of a study a few years ago that said 96% of Americans came from dysfunctional families.  I wonder if the researchers were using their families as models?  We are all genetically different, even in the way we perceive things. I would go as far as to say we are all wounded children.  Even if we aren’t, maybe we should treat each other as though we are.  Now the question arises how is our behavior influenced by the wound and by our perception?  Have we simply found a socially acceptable way to mask the wound with which we are comfortable?  Just because I am comfortable, doesn’t mean you have to be, and vica versa.  Then, when I am uncomfortable with your behavior, the best thing I can do is look at me and the source of my uncomfortability.  Of course, looking in my head is the wrong place to look.  I have to look in my heart.  Sometimes that can be an arduous journey.  Sometimes it is a lot easier to accept or reject, recognizing that in rejection, we aren’t going to learn anything new from that relationship.  And in accepting it, we may not be able to love it away.  Either decision is a gamble.  There are no pat answers, unless physical abuse is involved, in my humble opinion. 

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Orgasmic Childbirth

December 20, 2013


When I first heard of Orgasmic Childbirth, I thought it was gibberish: another oxymoron.  Then I took a look again at the “birth canal,” uterus, cervix and vagina.  It has the same nerve endings as those that bring pleasure.  So I guess it depends on how we look at it.  My first thought is the nerve endings are being over stimulated and that is what brings pain.  My second thought is I’m a guy.  Who am I to tell a woman what is over or under stimulation, when it is impossible for me to know?

My next thought is this is just an ancient head game, where pain is punishment for having had sex in the first place.  You were bad so now you must be punished.  I don’t really know.  What I do know is women have shared this experience with me personally (long after it happened) and it is on YouTube.

I’ve taken flack on this suggestion because if a woman has an orgasm on childbirth, she is liable to bond erotically with the child.  My first response is: there is enough of that going on without orgasmic childbirth.  My second response is maybe if man and woman were taught to build a strong bond of love with each other, there wouldn’t be a “need” for cross generational erotic bonding.

I know what it is like to believe, “this is the way it is now, so this is the way it must have always been.”  In my case particularly; I have limited travels and investigations into other cultures.  Most of us believe the rising and setting of the sun is the basis of time, at least during the day.  We have a moon too.  Moon time is in closer alignment with a woman’s monthly cycle.  Seasons don’t really care which we use.  We were not always as separated form nature as we are today.

Every interpretation we have of ancient history runs through the filters of the interpreter.  Those filters have been installed in most of us for centuries, so it is easy for us to believe.  Whether or not it is true is another story.

There is a post on Face Book about group birthing chambers found in Malta and elsewhere.  We know in College dorms today, in some cases, women who live together will bring their periods into sync with each other.  They don’t think about it.  It just happens.  Now consider a tribe living in relatively close quarters, and have synchronous periods.  A lot of them are going to get pregnant at the same time.  They would all go into the chamber, give birth, and exit this “womb of the earth” presenting their babies.  I have not found the original research on this, but it sounds very plausible to me.

Why am I talking about this?  I’m a guy, so on one hand it means nothing to me.  I don’t experience her pain, or her joy.  What I am after is to prevent future generations the burden of mama’s guilt trip,  “You don’t know what I had to do, what I went through o bring you into this world.”  Not many of us today are going to reply, “Well, Mom.  You coulda had an orgasm instead of feeing the pain.”   We’ll keep it for future generations.

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Erotic Healing?

December 14, 2013

I’ve been saying for a long time, “In love, we sacrifice only the comfortability of our limitations.”  I may have figured that out at the level of our “hardware and software.”

Our individual DNA coding is only a blueprint for our life.  Modern science looks at DNA as though it were fixed, except for epigenetics, where they don’t know what the hell is going on?  Well, at one time, “science” thought the earth was flat.  What science doesn’t tell us is we have the power to alter our DNA coding.  If you don’t like the blue print, write a change order.

That is a lot easier said than done.  In the video I posted by Dr. Bruce Lipton, he points out conscious positive thinking doesn’t work. .  It is like me telling my computer to charge the BIOS battery on the mother board.  Telling it doesn’t work.  I gotta remove the protective case, pull the board, and remove and replace the battery.  The protective case is as our ego!  This of course makes me wonder if the ego is not the locus of our unreasonable fears?  Then I wonder if all our fears are unreasonable?  I go back to my own experience, and honestly don’t know if it will work for you?  Maybe for many, it will be better than what you have going on right now?  Of course, it is about erotic love.

At that time, I just wanted to give that woman all the love I could.  Then I figured God could do a lot better job than I could.  I imagined a door on my back, opened it and let God love her through me.  It only took a few days of this, in and out of the bedroom, before the experience that changed my point of view occurred.

I wonder sometimes if all I have is a point of view, backed by research I looked at to justify that point of view?  I intuitively knew something was happening at the genetic level early in my research.  When I saw the figurine from 7000 BCE, I knew the artisan knew too! (I shamefully reproduced this from memory.)


The oversized vulva is a tribute to the power of erotic love and the double spiral was his model for DNA!  He didn’t really understand it, anymore than I did when I saw it.  As I write this today, I believe I only have a better handle on it.

When we made love before this, she would amazingly say, “You look twenty years younger.”  I felt twenty years younger and was filled with get up and go.  It was a lot different than having sex.  But this time… it is in the blog linked above.  I don’t know what her experience was, other that it was a powerful orgasm.  The involuntary muscle contractions were so powerful and consuming, she lost control of her anal sphincter muscles and the result was obvious on the protective toweling we had placed on the bed.

When we don’t know what the results of our love making can be, no matter how beautiful and awesome the experience is for us, we can be frightened.  One part of my mission is to relate these natural experiences as I have experienced them and as others have shared with me.  If they happen to you, you no longer have cause to be frightened.  You can enjoy and appreciate their beauty.

As I said, I don’t know what the rest of her experience was.  Four days later she was in the arms of another man, and called me to tell me about it.  Damn near killed me.  I recovered.  If it happens to you, you can recover too.  I’d rather it not happen for anybody, and maybe my work will help.

The bottom line here is when I opened the door on my back to let love flow through me to her, it shut the door on my ego.  I was not concerned about “giving her an orgasm” which is silly anyway.  It occurs in her body, not mine, and I now view it as her gift to me, as is mine to her.  By closing the door on my ego, and all of my ego based fears, something wondrous happened!  Not only the experience, but also it has given me a mission.

What I find really funny about all this is the artisan didn’t have all this “modern knowledge.”  Eastern gurus have been telling us for centuries to pare back our egos, and I blew it off as woo-speak.  Why does it work so well with erotic love?  Our passion.  From my hardware point of view is simply the amplitude of the energy frequency or frequencies (love) we are transmitting.

Now comes the good part.  Modern medicine tells us of many beneficial aspects of sex.  They do not consider the healing aspect of erotic love.  If they did, they would go broke!  Erotic love can heal us: physically and emotionally.  From my pint of view, we don’t have to know which genes on what chromosomes have been modified, in what way by what known or unknown fears to produce the blocks in our lives.  We just gotta love and be able to receive it.

There are two very important points here:

  1. “I” cannot heal of fix anybody.  All I can do is love them.  The healing occurs in their body at their genetic level.  I don’t have the foggiest idea of what is really happening, but whatever it is, it works.
  2. “I” have to get “I” out of the way to receive their love and be healed.  “I” of course, refers to my ego and all of its associated fears.  Some of which I am not aware.  I thought I got rid of them a long time ago.  Ha!  The same holds true for the partner we love.

Love will do the work as long as we are willing.  Sometimes when we aren’t.  My thinking is, it begins at home.  Loving myself so I can love others.  Receiving the love I give myself.  Then Loving—giving and receiving—our partner.  Then, we can change the world!

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Heiros Gamos

December 14, 2013

love poseHieros Gamos is a Greek phrase meaning “Sacred Marriage.”  Unless you are in the Eastern Orthodox Church, it is not a common phrase.  Originally it referred to the marriage of Isis and Osiris, the “legendary” rulers of pre dynastic Egypt, dating to about 3100 BCE.  Similar phrases are found in ancient Sumeria, dating back about 5000 BCE.  Of course, the Eastern Church changed it to the marriage of Adam and Eve.

There were a couple of things about Isis and Osiris I’ve noticed.  First, they are made legend, as though they did not exist.  Second, they were deified to separate their existence from us.  This essentially tells us since they are a god and goddess we are prevented from having the power they enjoyed.  The most important think I noticed about these two is Osiris didn’t have a harem, and Isis did not have a string of lovers.  If then we want the power Isis and Osiris enjoyed, all of this poly-sexual stuff seems kind of silly to me.

On the flip side of what seems silly to me, and a waste of power, I recognize first genetic differences in individuals where this MAY not be possible for them.  I also recognize a social cultivation promoting poly sexuality based on the pleasure “principle.”  Pleasure is a byproduct of sex. Ecstasy is a byproduct of love, as is our transmutation.

Both the words marriage and monogamy have religious connotation.  I suggest the bond of love between a man and woman is stronger than any man made laws of church and state, which apparently exist to suppress the power rightfully ours.  I then, not only seek and need Hieros Gamos, I promote it for men who may also want this power.  Does it work for women?  Yes, but I’m not a woman.  I do not know how. Possibly through genetic modification, which is how I believe ours works.

Power?  What kind of power am I talking about?  I would refer to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” where through erotic love he speaks of “access to infinite intelligence.”  This appears to be on a need to know basis, so it won’t blow you away.  On top of that is our individual DNA coding.  I have no idea how any of us will manifest this power.  What ever form it takes, it will be right for us.

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