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Making Sex Sacred

September 29, 2013

I’m a guy and as such, I need to keep things simple.  The only thing sacred is love. Everything else is commentary.  That is pretty simple.  We associate words and behaviors with love.  So, sacred sex is like going to church, at least two orders of magnitude better. 

Our bodies are temples.  With all the shame out there to which we have been exposed, it is a lot easier to think of a woman’s body as a temple than our own.  No worries.  By treating her body as a temple, you will see that yours is a temple too.  There are magnificent cathedrals and temples all over the world, gilded and clad with fine art.  Entering there is an awesome experience.  It does not compare to the awe of entering your beloved.  When inside a cathedral, we are limited by walls.  Inside our beloved, the Universe is open to us.

We stand outside the temple, admiring it.  It is inside the temple where we are itimately blessed with love.  So what is inside?  Do you see and feel her love?  This love must be treated with reverence and respect as you treat her body with reverence and respect. Her yoni is the altar where we worship the love between us, yet her whole body is the temple; not one square inch to be neglected with our worship.  In Tantra, it is said those who worship at the altar of love have all their dreams materialize.  It is true.

In visiting a cathedral, we are tourists.  In worship there is ritual, and don’t let the word worry you.  It is simply preparation to worship and a means of worship.  It may be considered as the behaviors of love intensified.  (  What we call foreplay is only a part of the ritual.  In this ritual, here you and your beloved are open to what ever resonates with you.  It may consist in nothing more than quartering an apple or peeling an orange to feed (nourish) each other before heading to the bedroom.  It may be in preparing the bed with sheets and towels to absorb her orgasmic emissions.  It may be simply brushing her hair.  There are many more.

In Tantra there are mantras to recite before and during sexual congress.  These are a bunch of words I cannot pronounce and don’t know what they mean.  For us, a good mantra would revolve around the word “love.”  “I love you.  I give you my love. I receive your love.  I want your love.”  This type of thing.  The importance is not only in the words but also in the sound.  There are technical reasons for this just as important as the technical positions we use in making love. 

Although it is pleasurable in itself to spend time on these rituals, in many cases, a lot of time may not be necessary.  Everyday behaviors of love are cumulative.  Quickies can be sacred too, as long as we hold an attitude of love.  Mix it up.  Variety is the spice of life, and we will never exhaust all the possibilities with one beloved woman.

When regarding her orgasm, it is HER orgasmic experience she is sharing with you.  It is a gift to you.  It is a gift she trusts you to appreciate.  Asking for her orgasmic experience, this gift, may also be a part of your mantra.  This may be because she feels safe in your love and devotion.  The same hold true with her other sexual responses such as ejaculation, or orgasmic emissions.  Her body and that which comes forth from it is a gift.

Imagine yourself water-less in the desert. You are not yet delusional with dehydration, but close and your thirst seems unquenchable. As you stop to wipe your dried brow, a great ball of light appears before you. From this ball of light steps a winged angel in diaphanous robes, radiant with a beauty before unknown to you. In her hands is a container of life-giving water. But, not just any container: this is the Holy Grail, the sacred chalice of life. The water is holy, sacred water that nourishes your soul as it quenches your thirst. Falling to your knees in both physical weakness and gratitude, you reach out for it, so willing to accept this precious gift offered. As your parched lips touch the rim of the chalice, you are overwhelmed with gratitude and a peaceful ecstasy. As the sacred water trickles down your throat, you feel it nourishing you soul as it nourishes your body. You are empowered to continue your journey in life and most guys don’t even say, “Thank you,” before they roll over and go to sleep. Not all angels have wings.  Expressing our gratitude is also imortant.

Too many of us think sacred implies somber and sacred sex isn’t any fun.  Have you ever seen a Black Gospel choir?  Are they having fun?  Hell yeah! They are having fun in their temple.   Life is to be enjoyed, and there is great joy in bonding, loving and expressing love erotically with your beloved.  It can be beyond your wildest dreams.

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