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On Circumcision

December 15, 2011

 Let me start by saying misogyny is not about putting women down, it is about keeping men down!  And men bit into it hook, line and sinker!

 To figure all this out, I take a bio-energetic view of sex.  Let’s face it.  During sexual intercourse, we are stimulating nerve endings to create electrochemical energy.  This energy expresses genes that give us the sensation of pleasure and OTHER SEXUAL RESPONSES, by altering our brain chemistry.  Transcendence, in its many forms, is one of these responses.  Transcendence is defined as “altered brain chemistry.”

 Now, let’s add a little salt to the bland stew of sex.  (Yeah, it’s bland by comparison.)  Let’s add love.  Can love express genes to alter our brain chemistry and transform us into “super human” beings?  Sounds like something out of fantasy.  Worse yet, just a bunch of romantic BS.  Unfortunately history, both modern and ancient, tells us otherwise.

 Circumcision is an operation that removes 50% of our penile skin tissue and 50% of the nerve endings attached to our pudendal nerve.  The operation leaves scar tissue that can become painful after orgasmic ejaculation.  How many of us guys have said, “Stop!  Stop!  Don’t move!  Don’t move! Oh God?” Yeah, it’s painful.

 Some girls say the same thing, but for a different reason.  Some during the onset of orgasm have the “urge to void,” as Masters and Johnson said.  Some don’t.  They don’t know that this urge may precede their orgasmic discharge, either from the urinary bladder or prostate or both, and they think they are going to pee on you.  The bladder discharge is also called Amrita (“The Nectar of the Goddess,” believed to give immortality) and is not urinary stress incontinence.  So, they tell you to stop.

 Compared to women, guys don’t have anywhere near the number of sexual nerve endings.  The penis is our main stick!  And then they cut off half the nerve endings!  They diminish our capacity to create electrochemical energy!  Bastards!  The good news is it didn’t work.  All we gotta do is add a little more love.

 I’ve heard the excuses.  “Covenant with God.”  “Cleanliness.”  If God didn’t want us to have a foreskin, He wouldn’t have given us one, and did you ever hear of soap and water?  Skin it back and wash it!

 I’ve also heard women say, “Ouuh!  Yuck!  Uncircumcised?  Yuck!”  Well, ladies, if men in their infancy had not had this MALE genital mutilation forced upon them, you wouldn’t know the difference!

 Now, take a look at this video.  It is just Dr. Ken McGrath in Australia talking about it.  Consider it, then add some more love.  Just let it flow through you.

Three Jewels in the Crown of Female Orgasm

December 10, 2011

 I have known, observed and experienced things long before there were studied by science.  Many still have no scientific validation.  They are “bracelets” and “necklaces.”  But now I have science for these three, which I view as a gift of love.

 In 1999, Zaviacic wrote, The Human Female Prostate[1], essentially describing its function the same as the male prostate: ejaculation of about 5 ml +/- of prostatic fluid on orgasm.  Although Galen, around 200 AD said the same thing and Reginer de Graff, in 1660 also described and sketched it.  De Graff also noted his female patients described this as more pleasurable… in 1660!

 In the very near future, Emmanuele Jannini[2], will have a paper published in J. Sex. Med regarding orgasmic discharge from the urinary bladder that IS NOT URINE!  In his one subject, there was 127 ml (1/2 cup) of fluid discharged.  I have seen, but not measured, apparently greater quantities. In Tantric Sex, both act and fluid are called Amitra.  Many women were told this was “urinary stress incontinence.”  Not true!  There is less that ½ the concentration of urea in the fluid from baseline urine studies of the subject.  I would imagine this would decrease on subsequent orgasms.  (You don’t stop at one, do you?)

 Finally, there is a ring of glands inside the vagina, just in back of the hymeneal area (where the hymen used to be) that also quickly secrete a fluid.  In Uganda, this is called, “spraying the walls.” This was presented by Dr. I. Goldstein[3] at the AASECT convention last year and is also in the J. Sex Med.  I don’t have a copy yet and will update this blog when it comes in.

 Jannini noted prostatic ejaculation followed the bladder discharge.  Sherri Winston[4] told me in some women, vaginal discharge followed this.  I do not know if there is a “set” order for this, but I do know ejaculation can occur independently.  I wonder if Master’s and Johnson’s “urge to void” preceding orgasm was a precursor to bladder discharge or ejaculation or both?  Probably, “yes, depending.”  If you have the “urge,” let it go!  You’ll enjoy it!

 Copyright 2011 Art Noble

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