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August 7, 2014



To provide couples with some tools which may lead to a lasting, interdependent relationship, from which growth may begin.


All relationships go through dependent stages of development. Today, it seems most get stuck in dependency or co-dependency. It makes no difference if it is with a beloved, children, family, friends, neighbors or co-workers. I compare this process with the germination of a seed, and there are many ways in which a seed may germinate. Interdependence, then, is the sprouting of the seed. Just like trees, that is when we really begin to grow.

Why did I choose the field of “Sexual Biology?”

  1. I created the field and there is no one else here.

  2. I recognize the uniqueness of the individual and only provide information on various responses and how they may occur in the human body.

  3. I recognize the “mind boxes” into which modern man is placed and although I cannot remove them, I can tell you where they came from and you can remove them if you want.

  4. I used to think I was alone in my magnificent sexual experiences. Thanks to many of you, I now believe millions have these awesome experiences. I share mine along with those of others, and provide possible biological mechanisms for them. THEY ARE NATURAL AND NOT TO BE FEARED!

  5. I’m the only guy I know of that takes a hardcore look at love as a powerful energy spectrum (not mushy gushy stuff), breaks it down into general behaviors and attitudes, then gets into the positive impact on the human body at the genetic level. Doctors today tell us “sex is good for us.” Hell, I suggest it can even reverse the aging process, when we incorporate love in our sexual activities without all the bullshit!

  6. Then, I’m the only guy who says don’t believe me. Try it for yourself! Then you’ll believe me.

Bottom line is great sex isn’t going to hold intimate relationships together: love is!

Why Do I Have This Mission?

The truth is, damn if I know. I like to think it is because I’m selfish and want to live in a better world.

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