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September 26, 2012

Image “Love is the invention of romantic fools.”  I don’t know who said this, but surely some wounded cynic must have uttered these words in our history.  As a pragmatist, I would not dispute that interpretation, recognizing our individual experience and education shapes our perception and the perception of many is unshakeable.

 Throughout history, it would appear, the cynics would have the upper edge in Western civilization, which begs the question, “What’s so hot about Western civilization?”  Other cultures and civilizations, we arrogantly regard as “primitive,” viewed love differently. 

Western cultures appear to divide and categorize different kinds of love into separate boxes, whereas more primitive cultures incorporate love as a spectrum without a specific name, excluding early Hindu where there are 531 words for love in Sanskrit.

We talk about brotherly love out of one side of our mouth while preaching hatred against an entire ethnic group.  This is not to say there are no evil individuals in the various ethnic groups around the world.  Somehow, we always manage to exclude ourselves on the basis on some non-existent special dispensation.

 One of the consequences of “boxing” the many forms of love is exclusion.  Should a culture decide that father love is not important, then they would direct, even legislate against fathers loving their children.  This is more easily seen in erotic love.

 Our culture, Western, particularly Anglo, has separated love from sex, and this to our detriment.  We look at sexual practices of the occult, with out the knowledge or awareness these sexual practices are only a small part of the overall belief system.  When Osho spread Tantric sex in America from the 1940’s on, he neglected to focus on the other aspects of Tantra, so we automatically associate Tantra with sex.  Whoever heard of Tantric Economics?  Shamanism is said to have originated in Siberia, or perhaps the word was applied to North and South American natives who practiced very similar lifestyles.  But again, we hear Shamanic Sex without recognizing the overall lifestyle.

 My very cursory overview of many of these primitive lifestyles simply shows the earliest adopted, within their cultural and genetic confines ways of respecting, transmitting and receiving love for their benefit.  Now, what could these benefits be to us as individuals?  Supposedly, we humans have two types of nervous systems: one over which we have control and one that works automatically.  This is only partially true, and we see evidence of this all over the world: firewalkers, fakirs, and snake charmers to name a few who have disciplined their minds.  Our military (US, et al) is said to train soldiers to feel no pain and SEALs are trained not to bleed.  I don’t know whether or not pain is felt, but I saw a mini-submarine hatch fall on a SEAL’s head, leaving a two-inch scalp wound and he didn’t bleed!  It scared the hell out of me because it was contrary to what I had been taught in first aid.

W must be disciplined to have control over our autonomic nervous system and we must be disciplined to love.  Currently we have little if any discipline and sex equals pleasure is what we are taught.  Perhaps the discipline of love leads to control of our autonomic system, or visa versa?  Perhaps it also leads to our genetic restructuring?   Of course, “science” tells us this is not possible.  But, “science” produces an injectable substance that can restructure certain genes and Big Pharm sells it for a zillion dollars. If we could do the same thing with a little discipline, they couldn’t make any money.

 The bottom line is our primitive ancestors knew about this without the benefit of science.  It is discipline that is the key to love, life and health.

 © Art Noble 2012

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