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August 6, 2015



Most (damn near all) Western Homo sapiens sapiens (us) are whack jobs who can screw up an anvil with a rubber mallet!  Both genders, including me!

I began my research into sexology about 15 years ago to find out what was going on in our bodies after an awesome sexual experience.  It took 10 years just to find out the name: transcendent sex.  I got all the way down to the genetic level in our bodies without answers until I threw love into the pot.  Then it happened.  It worked!

I looked at love with an engineer’s eye: a different perspective.  Love is an energy spectrum impacting us at the genetic level.  It at least impacts our epigenome, and who knows after that?  Erotic love is apparently the most powerful because of the passion or amplitude of the energy we are transmitting.  Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Greeks defined Eros, the god of erotic love, as one who endowed us with creative powers and the ability to bring order out of chaos.  Around the time of Plato, Eros was diminished to the god of sexual pleasure.

One of the things I learned is sexology is very subjective.  Everybody is out to promote their view.  Me too.  The difference I claim is, I focus on love—attributes and behaviors—along with our biology.  I recognize there are no biological absolutes and we each have our own individual uniqueness.  I admit you are your own best “sex expert,” once you divest yourself of 5,000 years of fear-based BS creating your epigenome and screwing up your genes.  That is the tough part.

So, what is this war on women?  Face it!  We live in a greed based patriarchy.  We are given “standards of normalcy” from patriarchal authority.  What I have learned is that when I put anyone down, I am putting me down, which is where this authority wants me.  I don’t belong down!  Misogyny is not about putting women down.  It is about keeping men down!  The war on women is but a strategy in the war on love.  Until we come together in love, recognizing what fantastic creatures we and others are in their own right, “they” win!

The Epic of Gilgamesh: 2nd Generation

February 15, 2012


(These tablets were found in the imaginary archeological dig of my mind.)




Grok, High Priest in the Temple of George,

Sat tattered and forlorn.

He watched as down the street

At the Temple of Ishtar

Lines were long and the sound of coin

Grated upon his ears.

Radiant men left the Temple,

Imbued with the power of Love.


Gilgamesh Jr., too, was

Discombobulated, and

The coffers of Urek grew empty.

His army dissipated as the

Men of Urek grew prosperous and

Content in their Joy,

Transformed with the power of Love.

Jr. could no longer raid and loot

Neighboring towns and states

For all war is simply

Theft and murder by Kings.

Grok with Jr., pondered

Until Jr. said, “I have a plan!”




Jr. called for his stealthiest assassin

And in confidence ordered him

To the house of Anktor, his General.

Jr. told the assassin to cut his throat

Then sever his penis

And bring it to Grok

In the Temple of George.

The assassin did

As he was bid.


The next morn

A great cry arose from Urek

As this news spread.

People gathered in the street,

And were startled by Grok

Waving the severed penis over head.

“George is angered,” he cried.

“You spend your time with Ishtar.”

“You ignore the Great God George.”

“This is your fate!”


Fearful, the men entered

The Temple of George,

Dropping their coin as they entered,

Music to the ears of Grok,

To humble themselves before George

As once they humbled themselves

Before Ishtar and their wives.

They left the Temple more fearful

Than when they entered.


Now believing only

The demise of Ishtar would save them

They whipped the Priestesses

Out of Urek

And ransacked the Temple

Bringing the wealth to Grok

(Who split it with Jr.)


The army gathered

Sumer was attacked

Men had coin for George

The coffers of Urek were filled,

And misogyny was born.



Copyright Art Noble 2012


Man. Woman. Sex.

June 17, 2010

            I generalize and speak for myself when I say, “Men are taught how to get laid and women are taught how to get a man.”  For men, well, sex feels good: some women too.  Both men and women like feeling good.

           Dr. Cindy Meston enumerated 237 reasons Why Humans Have Sex.  These reasons are broken into four categories:

  1. Physical; stress reduction, pleasure, desirability, experience seeking.
  2. Goal attainment; resources, social status, revenge.
  3. Emotional; love and commitment, expression.
  4. Insecurity; self esteem, mate guarding, duty/pressure.

Under emotional, at number 227 overall on the list, was “feeling close to God”.  This is the focus of this blog.

            Since the dawn of man, sex and spirituality have gone together.  With the advent of civilization, that changed.  Man’s spirituality may be expressed in many ways besides sexual love.  However, it seems to me, all of them involve some segment of love’s spectrum, of which sexual love is but one.  It also seems to me that sexual love is the most powerful for the individual parties involved.

            My initial focus in my studies was on female ejaculatory orgasms, a phenomenon still denied in many scientific circles.  However, recorded Western history both confirms its normality beginning with Leviticus 12: (1425 BC) to Hippocrates “double seed theory” (400 BC—seeds from male and female ejaculate were required to conceive a child) and its promotion by the Roman church until 1770 AD; the first successful artificial insemination experiment.  So, it is only for the last 200 years or so that female ejaculatory orgasms were denigrated.  Case closed.

            Female ejaculatory is more pleasurable for women than non-ejaculatory orgasms.  I make that statement because this is what women tell me.  They also told this to Dr. Reginer de Gaff in 1660!  It is nothing new.  However, neither ejaculation, nor the pleasure received (and given) is the end: it is just a beginning.  The quantity of pleasure felt by a woman (or man) is directly proportional to the quantity of electrochemical energy she allows to be generated with a sexual experience.

            My clinical definition of sex is “the mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve ends, creating electrochemical energy, resulting in pleasurable sensations in the genitalia and other sexual responses.”  Unfortunately, since this stimulation results in a “response”, a response can be repressed.  “Authorities” for the last 200 years or so, suppressed (outside force) both female orgasm and ejaculation so that women will repress (inside force) this response.

  1. Krafft-Ebing in 1886 said ejaculation was a lesbian condition.  Women who did not wish to be considered lesbians repressed the response.
  2. Freud in 1905 said a vaginal mucus discharge was disgusting.  Women who did not wish to be considered disgusting repressed the response.  However, the “mucous discharge” comes through the urethra.  Vaginal orgasmic discharge is through the vagina, clear, thin and copious!
  3. Kinsey in 1948 said it was urinary stress incontinence.  Women who did not want their lover to think they were urinating on him repressed this response.
  4. Masters in 1966 echoed Kinsey with the same results.

Men believe these erroneous doctrines as well.  In the 70’s, a man filed for and received an order of divorce because his wife was urinating on him during their honeymoon!  So, everyday man also contributes to the suppression of this response.  This is done to their detriment!

            Question:  What is so cool about electrochemical energy?

            Answer:  It expresses genes!  Genes are segments of base pairs on our DNA.  They are thought of as switches.  Electrochemical energy turns them on or off.  When a gene is turned on, it is said to be expressed.  We know that calcium ions (Ca+, a form of electrochemical energy) express genes that control the production of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors.  We currently know of other ions that express other genes in the sexual experience to produce things like Oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and PSA, Prostatic Specific Antigen found in ejaculate from both genders because its production is controlled by a gene on chromosome 19 that has nothing to do with gender!  It is just human, or perhaps animal. 

            My experience, and knowledge that science isn’t finished yet, leads me to guess, and believe, that other genes may be expressed not only to provide the experiences in transcendent sex, but also to alter our brain chemistry.  This alteration allows us to use our brains more effectively.  Notice I did not say “think”.  Here I speak of “intuitive powers” or “psychic” or “paranormal” activity.  First, I believe every human being is unique, so there is no “one size fits all” type of expression.  Second, I wonder if “paranormal” is not actually “normal” and we live in a “sub-normal” state?

            So, what does it take to receive this power form altered brain chemistry?  Again my guess is love: unconditional love.  Hold on!  “Love” is not necessary to generate sexual responses!  A woman may think her orgasm is an indicator of love, but it is only an indicator of how much energy she allowed to be generated.  Love helps, but initially, hormones are more important.  Orgasm, transcendent sex or any sexual response is not an indicator of a lasting relationship.  Only the discipline of love will provide longevity.

            “Love” implies many things: trust, respect acceptance and intimacy among others.  These qualities must be present in the individual before they can be given to another.  You cannot give what you do not have!

            Now, what makes women such fantastic creatures?  To date in my studies, I have found 16 different areas in the female genitalia that produce electrochemical energy.  Men have 6.  This is only physical. The mind activates this.  So a man has to look, smell, and sound “good” to the woman before you get started!  But once you do, it is strongly advised and recommended for your benefit, you treat the woman at least with respect—even reverence—for what this can do for both of you. 

            Better yet, through some mechanism, it seems that the energy created in her is somehow transferred to the man as an additional gift of love.  I have no idea how it works.  It just does.

            Is this all to discount the “spiritual experience”?  Not at all.  It simply offers a possible explanation of how this creative energy may work in humans.  It is just something that “left brained” guys can hang onto while science gets us a better answer—if they ever look for one.

            Many women intuitively know of their power and seek other outlets.  Their husbands and lovers have been conned out of it.  I just wanted to show how the con works.  Just maybe, some men will catch on and get it back.

The Da Vinci Code

January 27, 2009

The Da Vinci Code

I watched the movie again last Saturday night, and am even more convinced of the premise and my theory: we are diverted by our authoritarian culture from obtaining the power in sexual love.

Part of the movie’s premise is Jesus was married. I can believe this on two counts: 1. Jesus is called “Rabbi” in the KJV of the Bible. According to a Hebrew friend of mine (a Levite who went to Rabbinical school) the term of respect “rabbi” is only applied to married men. Unmarried teachers had another name. Modern versions of the Bible are changing Rabbi to Master. 2. It explains the source of His power for the “miracles” he preformed. That “love” is potent stuff!

Unstated was the premise that only His descendants could generate this power. Wrong! The Malleus Maleficarum, by Heinrich Kramer in 1485 was the unsanctioned text used to persecute women and prosecute them as witches. WOMEN HAVE THIS POWER! Over 50,000 women were burned at the stake during the Inquisition, according to the movie, demonstrating how “evil” women are.

Everything, it seems, is about sex, power and money. If the common man had this power to perform miracles, the authoritarian structure would collapse. Their accumulated wealth and power would be dissipated, probably improving the lives of the masses. Oops! How do we keep this from happening? Divide and conquer! They started the battle of the sexes. Lift one side up (men) and push the other side down (women), usually by demonizing. The Roman Church didn’t start the battle. Nor did the Jewish priests 4 or 5,000 years ago with the myth of Lilith. In some cultures, the denigration of women dates back 7000 years!

I read The Da Vinci Code then saw the movie. Ron Howard did it right! It was the ritualistic sex scene near the end of the film that triggered The Sacred Female! Sophia is having a childhood flashback, she sees grandmamma on top of grandpapa with a bunch of cloaked, hooded and masked people standing in a circle watching them have at it. It was in the woman-on-top position that I had this transcendental experience! (The lights came on!)

Since The Sacred Female was published, I have continued my research into female sexual anatomy and female sexual responses. Why female? They are far more anatomically complex than men. They have a wider range of orgasmic responses. In my limited experience with this, it would seem that female orgasms might be simply a step in the process: an unwinding, a release of sexual tension, so that an up-lifting experience may occur. This may not be true with continued practice.

This sexual anatomy and physiology is all well and good. And surely, with this knowledge the pleasure of both parties will be increased. BUT, the power comes from love. Let me repeat that. THE POWER COMES FROM LOVE. Love ain’t for sissies. It takes courage to love. When we love completely—mind, heart, body and soul—we become vulnerable. If our love is betrayed, we may be painfully crushed. No pain, no gain. The gain comes when we look at ourselves and figure out what caused us to love that turkey anyway? What illusions and expectations did I have? Were my expectations reasonable? Live, love and learn.

We human beings are strong and resilient, whether or not we ant to admit it. For a man to be gifted with this power from the woman he loves is well worth the investment of time needed to develop the mutual trust required for love to develop completely so this power may be transferred. If we are hurt? Tsk. Tsk. We need to heal and evaluate ourselves rather that blame the other party. We picked them!

The power is in our oneness, our togetherness and our inter-dependence. It is in our ability to make love WITH one another, not TO each other. It comes from our trust and respect. These are some elements of love. Oh! A little romance never hurt anything.

Romance smells like candles, flowers and wine.
But, ahh that love! Love smells like sweat and time.


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