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March 24, 2017


*Motivated reasoning is a fancy name for prejudice, bias, subjectivity and many other words of this ilk.  It limits us!  The example used in the article I read is, College football Team A is playing Team B.  A fight breaks out on the field, clearing the benches.  All those rooting for Team A said Team B started it.  All those rooting for Team B said Team A started it.  Each side had indisputable “facts” to substantiate their opinion, discounting or ignoring the “facts” presented by the other side.  (Sounds a lot like politics, doesn’t it?)

Thom Hartman (Free Speech TV) is a Democrat.  He says primal, indigenous societies were Democratic because they took care of the environment and were good.  He projects democracy onto every group that has something “good to offer” in his opinion.  He has a Dominant World View, not understanding an Indigenous World View.  Indigenous peoples were interconnected or interdependent.  I consider this an aspect of quantum entanglement enabling their evolution and survival.   The Dominant World View involves separate classes of “I’s” with “leaders” at the top of the hierarchy, preventing our evolution.

Well, we are all human.  Our minds are as malleable as Pavlov’s dogs, by outside influences.  We are torn in separate directions.  I have Motivated Reasoning too, just like everybody else.  My motivated reasoning says love is the answer.  Love will unite us, if we want to be united.  I do.  I gotta love everybody, including me, whether I like them or not.  I want their highest good which I think is their full authenticity.  Lots of the people in the world don’t know who they really are.  They believe they are who they are told they are.  A few have broken out of this trap.  More are working their way out of it every day.  I have hope and faith this will occur exponentially over time.  The nice thing is I recognize we each have our own path up the mountain.  All I ask is please don’t stop.



There is but one mountain

Many paths to the top.

At the first mist curtain

Is where most of us stop.


Righteous shame here does reign

Each path crying itself true.

A few struggle onward

Yes, a very, very few.


Paths through the mist converge

And some come to an end.

Here some think, “Home at last,”

Others down, a message send.


The journey is not o’er

Our truth calls from above.

Here we find a rocky path

A path whose sign says, “Love.”



*The mountain shown is Mount Arunachala in India, said to be the home of Shiva.

Swimming Upstream

June 1, 2010

I’ve been told going against the flow is not recommended. I’m glad nobody told salmon this. There was a catch phrase many years ago, “Question Authority”. I’m a late bloomer, so now I question authority as it relates to sex. Of course, this is like trying to swim upstream over Niagara Falls.

My first question to Authority is, “Why are you giving us all this false information?”

The answer is, “So you will be easier to control. We (the Authority) find that most humans respond to fear quite easily: like 1000 sheep being herded by three or four dogs. If we instill fear, it doesn’t take much to keep you in line.”

My second question is, “How are you going to keep us from finding out what you are saying is false?”

The answer is, “By making it a forbidden topic. Not only that, we will get interdisciplinary authorities to confirm and validate our falsehoods. Further, we will demonize it, so it is not only forbidden, but involvement will place you on the side of the demons. If you do question it, then everybody who believes us will simply disregard what you are saying. They will close their ears, to avoid associating with demons. We are smart that way.”

I finally ask, “Then you would deny man the fullness of his or her humanity simply to control them”

“In a word, yes.”

Well, it is now quite obvious to me that bringing you a different message about the “spiritual side” of sex is swimming upstream! Why? There are many new ideas and concepts as foreign to conventional thinking as Quantum Mechanics is to Newtonian physics.

First, I see many people in the “spiritual world” using the word “energy”. I wonder if they know what it means? I have some knowledge, enough to know it is a measurable entity, it has many forms, and it may exist as either in potential or kinetic states. Further, just because we know of many forms of energy, electrical, chemical, mechanical, etc., doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there we don’t know about. So, we haven’t measured them… yet.
Second is the word, “spiritual”. Do people have spiritual experiences? Absolutely! But what are they? These are powerful experiences to an individual, upsetting our “normal” brain function. We know much of our brain works from two sources: 1. Our genes, and 2. Our beliefs. Our beliefs control our genetic responses to energetic stimulation. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Third, is our genes. Our map of the human genome is as accurate as Amerigo Vespucci’s map of the New World in the year 1500. What we do know is that genes produce amino acids—they have found 20 different amino acids, so far. These amino acids combine to form five classes (so far) of proteins: hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, neuroreceptors and structural protein. These various proteins, WHEN OUR BELIEF SYSTEMS ALLOW THEM TO BE FORMED, keep us alive, at least in the survival mode.
Fourth, and last, is the word “love”. Suppose love were a kind of energy spectrum all around us, perhaps even throughout the universe? What we call “love” is actually the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that allow this creative energy to permeate our being, our essence, thereby enhancing our lives.

Whew! These are pretty heavy concepts! They fly in the face of “authoritative conventional wisdom”. So, it would be foolish of me to demand, ask or even suggest you accept them. I’m even willing to admit they may all be in error. But, intuitively I know that human beings are fantastic creatures (especially women). My experience tells me there is a world out there beyond the world of the commonplace we experience on a daily basis. This is simply an explanation of what might be happening within us. The really nice thing is, it doesn’t have to be right! Something wondrous does happen, so whether you believe this is the mechanism or not is immaterial. What is important is that you experience it. So, let’s put it together.

Energy is funny stuff. We eat food: chemical energy. Our bodies at the cellular level break it down into electrochemical energy (ions). These form proteins, which we convert to mechanical energy as seen by our heart beating and our walking around. Then, there is “sexual energy”. Now, until Plato got hold of him, Eros was defined as, “not only the force of erotic love, but also the creative urge of ever flowing nature, the first born Light of coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos.” The word force implies an influence that produces motion or a change in motion. This force is created by kinetic energy—acting over time, i.e., work—to influence or produce motion or a change in motion. Love is the energy!

After Plato, we were left with the obvious: sex is for procreation or pleasure. The power of “the creative urge of ever flowing nature” was cast aside. That was around 325 BC.

Spiritual? We humans observe and have experiences we cannot explain by “conventional wisdom” as it existed from the dawn of man until now. So, we credit God, or gods and goddesses for the occurrences. Early on, man invented or created anthropomorphic gods and goddesses, for various facets, to explain these occurrences. Generally, today, there is but One, although Christianity seems to have three. I would call this God “Love”, but since love is a spectrum of energy, we could easily return to the pantheistic without understanding it is all part of the same energy spectrum. We still cannot explain these experiences or their occurrences. We can only guess, as I am doing.

It is nice to know that we know so little about the human genome. We can now credit our genes for “spiritual experiences”, without proof: only inductive reasoning, which may be flawed. One scientist came up with the guess that there was a homosexual gene. Many who wanted to believe it, believed it without proof. It was later dis-proven by those who wanted to keep homosexuality as a moral issue. But genes are funny critters. So far, science only knows of one gene, whose amino acid forms one protein that performs one function in the human body. The rest of them produce very complex amino acids and combine in a complex fashion to form proteins and there are possible combinations still waiting to be investigated. Could one or more of these combinations operate on our brains to make us more effective? To bring about the creative urge of ever flowing nature? I think so, but thinking has its limitations.

Lastly love as a creative energy spectrum certainly validates the expression, “God is love”.

So, what does sex have to do with all this? A clinical definition of sex may be “The mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve ends, creating electro chemical energy that results in pleasurable sensations in the genitalia and other sexual responses.” The word “mental” implies in part, our belief systems about sex and sexuality, most of which was imposed upon us by authoritative voices. This causes us to believe, at its worst, sex is only for procreation, or at the current best, sex is for pleasure. The creative power is disregarded or minimized as childbirth being the ultimate creative power. The true creative power is accessible to all men and women, through the gift of love. We only need open ourselves to it.

But for goodness sakes! Let’s don’t talk about it! “They” don’t want us to.

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