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March 24, 2017


*Motivated reasoning is a fancy name for prejudice, bias, subjectivity and many other words of this ilk.  It limits us!  The example used in the article I read is, College football Team A is playing Team B.  A fight breaks out on the field, clearing the benches.  All those rooting for Team A said Team B started it.  All those rooting for Team B said Team A started it.  Each side had indisputable “facts” to substantiate their opinion, discounting or ignoring the “facts” presented by the other side.  (Sounds a lot like politics, doesn’t it?)

Thom Hartman (Free Speech TV) is a Democrat.  He says primal, indigenous societies were Democratic because they took care of the environment and were good.  He projects democracy onto every group that has something “good to offer” in his opinion.  He has a Dominant World View, not understanding an Indigenous World View.  Indigenous peoples were interconnected or interdependent.  I consider this an aspect of quantum entanglement enabling their evolution and survival.   The Dominant World View involves separate classes of “I’s” with “leaders” at the top of the hierarchy, preventing our evolution.

Well, we are all human.  Our minds are as malleable as Pavlov’s dogs, by outside influences.  We are torn in separate directions.  I have Motivated Reasoning too, just like everybody else.  My motivated reasoning says love is the answer.  Love will unite us, if we want to be united.  I do.  I gotta love everybody, including me, whether I like them or not.  I want their highest good which I think is their full authenticity.  Lots of the people in the world don’t know who they really are.  They believe they are who they are told they are.  A few have broken out of this trap.  More are working their way out of it every day.  I have hope and faith this will occur exponentially over time.  The nice thing is I recognize we each have our own path up the mountain.  All I ask is please don’t stop.



There is but one mountain

Many paths to the top.

At the first mist curtain

Is where most of us stop.


Righteous shame here does reign

Each path crying itself true.

A few struggle onward

Yes, a very, very few.


Paths through the mist converge

And some come to an end.

Here some think, “Home at last,”

Others down, a message send.


The journey is not o’er

Our truth calls from above.

Here we find a rocky path

A path whose sign says, “Love.”



*The mountain shown is Mount Arunachala in India, said to be the home of Shiva.

Genital Detachment.

November 1, 2013

Woman glyph  I snicker at all the modern gurus who tell us to “get centered” then take the cookie cutter of disregard to our genitalia in the center of our bodies.   Consider an automotive engineer lecturing on how an automobile works, ignoring the carburetor.  Words, their use or non-use, have a direct impact on how we think.  And how we think is how we are… up to a point.

We did not come into this world separated from our genitalia or thinking “sex’ was a bad thing.  Toddlers explore their genitalia, until their parents come along and slap the crap out of them for doing something bad.  So, we begin detaching from our genitalia early in life.  Of course, if mine (male) are bad, yours are worse, ‘cause you are just a girl.  Or, the other way around.

This is nothing new.  Throughout history, we’ve developed what we euphemistically call “pet names” for our genitalia.  There are 2600 in English.  Most are vile, as in violent.  Some, deriving their name from sacredness were turned to express disgust.  I see this as part of some grand conspiracy to keep us from the full glory of our humanity.  This way, we may remain subservient to some sadistic, sociopathic “authority.”  It is a big con game and we are the dupes!

The big con is the politically constructed, sexual paradigm of pleasure and/or procreation.  That’s it.  That is all sex is about: one or the other.  By detaching our genitalia, even objectively with words like “penis” and “vagina” they are no longer a part of us; just a free floating entity, examined on the basis of pleasure or procreation.  With many of the “pet names,” it is even worse.

Interestingly, the word penis comes from a Latin word meaning “animal’s tail.”  Think of a dog’s tail.  It usually just hangs down between the legs.  It points straight out when on the hunt, and sticks straight up in the Alpha mode.  In Sanskrit, the word “lingam” is used. Lingam translates to “wand of light.”  There are two possible origins of this word:

1. Our enlightenment, or

2. Our bioluminescence.

Our enlightenment begins with awareness, something authority does not want us to have and I have written about bioluminescence in other blogs.[1]

The word vagina, coined circa 1580 by Realdo Matteo Colombo, an Italian anatomist: a guy.  The word in Latin means “sheath” or “scabbard,” as if something a man’s sword goes into.  This creates the image of an act of war, not an act of love.  The Sanskrit word, “yoni” means sacred place.  This is the sacred place on the entire woman: the whole darn critter!

Looking at the origin of words and sounds, I found the  “quh,” “ku,” “kuh,” and “coo” sounds are fairly universal in describing goddesses in ancient cultures: kunti, kunthi, kunda, etc., and other words for the Great Earth Mother, and universal yonis.  Keeping it simple, did you ever listed to a baby coo?  Did you ever think they might be trying to tell us something?  Naw. They are just babies.  They don’t know anything.  (Until I teach them all the garbage I’ve been taught for thousands of years.)

It should be noted Reginer deGraff around 1660 gave us another possible origin of the word cunt.  In cuneiform—there is that “coo” sound again—the Sumerian symbol for woman was the inverted triangle with the vertical cleft.  The inverted triangle is called the chaliceThe cleft was made with a wedge-tool called a cuneus, which is also the name for the impression made in the soft clay by that tool.  The word cunnus in Latin is translated as cunt.[2]  But, this was the symbol for the entire woman.  The symbol also meant “giver of life.”  Archeologists interpret this as childbirth.  I suggest it could also mean a different life through our enlightenment: our new awareness.

It is from these sounds and the names of these sacred goddesses that many believe are the origin of the word “cunt,” which we now believe is the most obscene word in the English language.  It became a disgusting word in England around the 14th Century in England, and perhaps other parts of Europe.  This set the stage for the 15th Century Malleus Maleficarum demonizing women in order to acquire wealth for the Church.  What do you think happened to the property of all the women burned at the stake?  This was a quick follow up to the Spanish Inquisition, making Ferddy and Izzy rich enough to sponsor Chris on his quest for India.  It took longer to con the masses because they didn’t have the net or other means of transmitting “misinformation.”  What a con!  The demonization continues with our “pet names” for each others genitalia.

Cunt was also the early name given to the priestesses of love (we denigrate to “temple prostitute”) in the Temples of Inanna, Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, etc.  It is strange we never hear the wealth accumulated in these temples, be it coin or food, was distributed to the poor, elderly and ill within the communities where the temples were located.  Sounds like “Christian” values to me.

The word pussy is found in Egyptology.  The cat was the sacred animal in ancient Egypt.  Today it is a slang term when applied to men means “less than.,” a wuss, a coward.  I like what Betty White is reputed to say: “Have balls?  You ought to have a pussy!  It takes a beating day in and day out and keeps on going.”  Same con.  Both genders.

Have you ever heard a guy refer to “his Johnson?”  If his last name isn’t Johnson, it isn’t his.  How about his dick?  If his first name isn’t Richard, it isn’t his.  By detaching from our genitalia, we are no longer responsible for any actions “it” may take.  Even modern medicine divides us by our organs and components, so integrating ourselves is a tougher job.

If we are going to have “detachment,” at least we can refer to our sacred places with more beautiful terms, reflecting the magnificent beauty the act can bring to us.  The female vulva is described as a “bower of bliss,” a flower garden, a lotus opening with love as a flower opens with sunshine, and many others throughout history.  A magic wand, a wand of enlightenment, an evolutionary tool, even an applicator of love—the glue that holds the universe together—are better than what are commonly used today.

Be it clearly known, I am no archeologist, linguist or sexual scientist.  I am a man who has seen the beauty and benefits of a small attitude change in making love with a woman.  My research focuses solely on this: both the positive and the negative we have been “taught” through the centuries.  They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I am a danger to authority who would maintain the sheeple status of mankind.  I know it works!  You won’t until you try it.


Copyright 2013  Art Noble





[2] Blackledge, C., The Story of V, Rutgers University Press, 2004

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