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March 28, 2014


After starting Hillman’s “The Soul’s Code,” I see myself as the intolerant child: the sprouting acorn. Considering my age, this is rather incongruous. J Or is it?

My 13 years of independent research showed me that humans have the potential of being fantastic creatures. This creature lays in our individual blueprint for life: our DNA. This is also where our unique perception of life originates. It appears that fear, or the absence of love, can suppress our genes with methyl groups. This prevents them from forming amino acids necessary for “becoming fantastic” or participating in life as it can be: both relative and absolute. I am sure there are other physiological factors as well. However, it also appears that love can override these genetic anomalies.

I do not see love as the syrupy shit it is portrayed as in modern culture. Nor do I see it as a “gender issue.” Rather, I see love as an energy spectrum far beyond what I am capable of comprehending as a human. I can comprehend that small segment of the spectrum humans are capable of comprehending, as we can see colors in the visible light spectrum. Unfortunately, many of us are “color blind” when it comes to love. The primary mechanism by which we are blinded is shame, at least it was for me. Toxic shame is not a gender issue either. It is a killer! I am therefore both sensitive to and intolerant of shaming, be it overt or covert.

I have no objection to being told my opinions are in error, including this one. That is your opinion, which I may either take under advisement or see in error. These opinions are formed by our (my) perception (DNA) and our (my) Perception of our (my) experiences, including: religion, education and our own (my) shaming transferred by parents, institutions, and society at large. I wonder whey it is that we humans are the only species capable of holding and transferring shame?

To Love a Woman

October 2, 2013

To love a woman means to love her completely.  To love the wounded child within her, and the child is not loved erotically.  The child is loved with hugs and sacred kisses on the forehead.  We are all wounded children and hopefully she loves our wounded child as well.

We love the child that wants to play.  And we play with one another: silly games that children play, and we let our own child play with her.  We nourish one another with food and words and touch.  We admire the essence of one another, for it is her essence we love.

And yes, we love her body, her womanliness.  Her body is a fantastic mystery, ever changing, as is her essence revealed and released with our love.  Of course, our essence grows as well, and our hearts become young.  Her body grows, and like fine wine ages, as does her essence with our love.  And like wine, some without proper care turns to vinegar, not to be imbibed, but loved from a great distance.

It is a challenge and adventure to love a woman.  It is almost comparable to climbing Mt. Everest.  And as embarking on any adventure, we must prepare for it.  We must equip ourselves.  On this adventure, it takes more than a fat wallet, though a fat wallet may help you prepare yourself.  It is not necessary for the journey and may not be necessary for the preparation.

This like all adventures requires courage, more than it takes to brave the unknown perils of the Amazon.  The question is asked, “Do you love yourself?”  This is what takes the courage!  If you don’t love yourself, what do you have to offer a woman?  How do you care for yourself?  Do you treat yourself like you would a good friend or buddy?  How do you care for your own inner child?  Do you hide behind an ego-based macho mask: a wall of denial?  Courage is required to sacrifice the comfortability of your limitations.  They are more comfortable than the couch and chips while the illusion of a game blares on TV.

The overall question is “Why?”  Why should I give up the comfortability of my limitations to love a woman?  The answer is simple: THE REWARDS!  In climbing Everest, we have a sense of great accomplishment.  We are in a small club.  When we get to the top, on a clear day, we have a magnificent view, as far as the eye can see, of the mountains about us.  It is nothing.  In loving a woman, and in having that love returned, we open a view of the Universe.  Our creativity expands by quantum leaps and our accomplishments materialize before our eyes.  It is an awesome journey.  But, don’t believe me.  Try it.  It may be painful along the way, but so what?  It hurts after a workout too.  Are the rewards of the workout worth the pain?  You have to answer that question.

Copyright Art Noble 2013

Making Sex Sacred

September 29, 2013

I’m a guy and as such, I need to keep things simple.  The only thing sacred is love. Everything else is commentary.  That is pretty simple.  We associate words and behaviors with love.  So, sacred sex is like going to church, at least two orders of magnitude better. 

Our bodies are temples.  With all the shame out there to which we have been exposed, it is a lot easier to think of a woman’s body as a temple than our own.  No worries.  By treating her body as a temple, you will see that yours is a temple too.  There are magnificent cathedrals and temples all over the world, gilded and clad with fine art.  Entering there is an awesome experience.  It does not compare to the awe of entering your beloved.  When inside a cathedral, we are limited by walls.  Inside our beloved, the Universe is open to us.

We stand outside the temple, admiring it.  It is inside the temple where we are itimately blessed with love.  So what is inside?  Do you see and feel her love?  This love must be treated with reverence and respect as you treat her body with reverence and respect. Her yoni is the altar where we worship the love between us, yet her whole body is the temple; not one square inch to be neglected with our worship.  In Tantra, it is said those who worship at the altar of love have all their dreams materialize.  It is true.

In visiting a cathedral, we are tourists.  In worship there is ritual, and don’t let the word worry you.  It is simply preparation to worship and a means of worship.  It may be considered as the behaviors of love intensified.  (  What we call foreplay is only a part of the ritual.  In this ritual, here you and your beloved are open to what ever resonates with you.  It may consist in nothing more than quartering an apple or peeling an orange to feed (nourish) each other before heading to the bedroom.  It may be in preparing the bed with sheets and towels to absorb her orgasmic emissions.  It may be simply brushing her hair.  There are many more.

In Tantra there are mantras to recite before and during sexual congress.  These are a bunch of words I cannot pronounce and don’t know what they mean.  For us, a good mantra would revolve around the word “love.”  “I love you.  I give you my love. I receive your love.  I want your love.”  This type of thing.  The importance is not only in the words but also in the sound.  There are technical reasons for this just as important as the technical positions we use in making love. 

Although it is pleasurable in itself to spend time on these rituals, in many cases, a lot of time may not be necessary.  Everyday behaviors of love are cumulative.  Quickies can be sacred too, as long as we hold an attitude of love.  Mix it up.  Variety is the spice of life, and we will never exhaust all the possibilities with one beloved woman.

When regarding her orgasm, it is HER orgasmic experience she is sharing with you.  It is a gift to you.  It is a gift she trusts you to appreciate.  Asking for her orgasmic experience, this gift, may also be a part of your mantra.  This may be because she feels safe in your love and devotion.  The same hold true with her other sexual responses such as ejaculation, or orgasmic emissions.  Her body and that which comes forth from it is a gift.

Imagine yourself water-less in the desert. You are not yet delusional with dehydration, but close and your thirst seems unquenchable. As you stop to wipe your dried brow, a great ball of light appears before you. From this ball of light steps a winged angel in diaphanous robes, radiant with a beauty before unknown to you. In her hands is a container of life-giving water. But, not just any container: this is the Holy Grail, the sacred chalice of life. The water is holy, sacred water that nourishes your soul as it quenches your thirst. Falling to your knees in both physical weakness and gratitude, you reach out for it, so willing to accept this precious gift offered. As your parched lips touch the rim of the chalice, you are overwhelmed with gratitude and a peaceful ecstasy. As the sacred water trickles down your throat, you feel it nourishing you soul as it nourishes your body. You are empowered to continue your journey in life and most guys don’t even say, “Thank you,” before they roll over and go to sleep. Not all angels have wings.  Expressing our gratitude is also imortant.

Too many of us think sacred implies somber and sacred sex isn’t any fun.  Have you ever seen a Black Gospel choir?  Are they having fun?  Hell yeah! They are having fun in their temple.   Life is to be enjoyed, and there is great joy in bonding, loving and expressing love erotically with your beloved.  It can be beyond your wildest dreams.

 Copyright Art Noble 2013

Sexual Perspective.

December 25, 2012

We each have our own, somewhat unique perspective on the subject of sex. Many times, what we say for political correctness and what we do are two different things. I feel we are like the five blind men and the elephant. Some stand on one side of the elephant yelling, “Procreation!” Yet, they do not stand in exactly the same spot, so their view and perspective is different. On the other side of the elephant, the crowd shouts, “Pleasure.” They too stand in different spots. The legs could be called “bonding,” “intimacy,” “kink” and “other” where other is GLBT etc. the tail, trunk and tusks are up for grabs.

Our perspective comes from what we have learned through our experience and our mental input about the experiences and dysfunctional beliefs of others ranging from hard-core porn to scientific research. As I was studying sexual biology, it occurred to me everything we do and feel is first a mental and or physical stimulation of nerve endings and secondly how our mind interprets, enhancing or blocking, those impulses. This interpretation impacts us at the level of our DNA, providing slightly different brain chemistry for each of us. This in turn, affects our behavior. The masochist stubbing his toe, might kick the chair again because it feels good? I don’t know.

Because the sexual responses I experienced were beyond orgasm, and what science says, I had to put sex in the category of nerve ending stimulation. As I continued to learn, I found that coitus, nor even genital contact, were necessary to elicit any of these sexual responses: they could all occur through mental stimulation. Of course, there is something missing fro the non-genital response: the warmth of human contact. What is this warmth? Could it be a tiny bit of love? And what is love? I’ve already discussed this in my blog, Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum. The result of this thinking is the premise; sex is a mechanism for transmitting love. This puts our elephant in an entirely different perspective.

I would point out, our pleasure/procreation paradigm is both incomplete and a political construct designed to keep us from even thinking about transmitting love during sex! Why? “Authority” does not want us doing this. Keep us fat dumb and happy with pleasure or kids and forget about love. This started about 5 or 10,000 years ago, so it is pretty well ingrained in us. I’ve looked at many of the admonitions about sex and love throughout history as well as the historic transformations occurring through erotic love. Those transformed realize how full of crap “authority” is on this subject which is why they want to keep us fat, dumb and happy.

Where others call our transformation a “spiritual experience,” because they don’t really know what is happening, I prefer to call it a genetic restructuring because I don’t really know what is happening. But, genetic restructuring is something I can get my head around to explain what the heck is going on in our bodies.

So, there you have it: both another perspective on sex and a reason why this has been kept from us. You are free to choose. I might add that orgasm can become a non-event—a miniscule thing compared to the joy and ecstasy available—when transmitting love.
© Art Noble 2012


December 22, 2012

 infinityI have finally come to the conclusion I am stark raving mad.  Mad, I tell you, MAD!  (That ‘s insane, not angry.)  I’ve also come to the conclusion that everything is love and love is everything there is.

 I started this journey studying sexual science.  I’ve been blessed by knowing some fantastic women and cursed with curiosity.  I had experiences science could not explain, so I had to go to the occult, and then came back to science to make some guesses based on what little was known.    The first thing I learned is the definition of occult: beyond common knowledge.  That’s all.  No connotation of mean, evil bad or nasty; just beyond common knowledge.  I’m just a guy, so it took me a while to recognize the importance of love.

 By this definition, sex is a part of the occult because we know so little.  My studies were quite broad, ranging from ancient (sexual) history and anthropology into microbiology and genetics.  This of course does not make me an expert in any of these specific fields, but does give me a better understanding of both the politics and conclusions within these fields from the standpoint of erotic love: and maybe just love, period!

 You may ask, “Why genetics?”  The proteins dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and all of the others that are studied in sexual science and found in the “feel good” aspect of sex, are formed by amino acids produced by our genes.  BUT, our genes occupy less than 3% of our DNA.  What about the other 97%?  At one time, science in its arrogance called this “Junk DNA.”  Now they know it does something, but not exactly what.  

 The next thing I learned is we are all mutants.  None of us are exact duplicates of our parent’s contribution to our DNA.  During fetal development the base pair in any of our genes may be added to, subtracted from or end-swapped within a gene.  This will produce a slightly different amino acid.  If we expand the definition of “mutant” to include the other 97% of our base pair, we can see we are all beautiful, unique individuals.  Further, mutation (alteration of base pair) is not the only mechanism for altering our genetic code.   A gene, normally found on one chromosome, may “jump” to another chromosome.  Now science has the ability to restructure our genes.  They tell us we can’t do it by ourselves with “mental effort,” so science panned “The Secret.”  If we could do it then they couldn’t sell us the shot (it is an injectable compound) for a zillion dollars.  History says they lie.

 So, where does love come in, or “What Does Love Have to do With It?” In my blog, Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum, I model love as light energy in the visible light spectrum (VLS).  That’s for us humans, what we can “see” of love.  Although erotic love occupies on a very small part of the VLS, it appears to be the most powerful form.  This is possibly due to its metaphorical longer wavelength or lower frequency.  So, maybe this energy I have modeled as the VLS can alter, or restructure our genetic code?  I don’t know but history tells us something is going on!  I’ll blame it on our DNA.  In a sound bite, love is the gasoline for life’s engine: erotic love is the nitrous-oxide boost.

 Then I took a look at the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS).  I wondered were it not but a shadow of the Love Spectrum?  What we can see in the VLS is only a tiny part of the EMS.  Then we look at humans:  our organs are formed of cells, formed of molecules, formed of atoms and at the subatomic level the atoms are nothing but space and energy, which in turn forms mass: us, and everything else in the universe!  Whew.  This is mind-boggling, so you can see why I’m crazy.

 The implications of this are wide spread.  What the Chinese call “Qi” or “Chi,” the life force, is but another kind, or segment, of the Love Energy Spectrum.  Back to genetics, we humans have the same genes found in every other life form on the planet, but more of them. (We have 20 or 30,000—science still argues.)  Also we have near a half billion more base pair than our closest “relative.”  But, we are all connected by this energy!  More mind-boggling! 

 Now, let us look at ancient and current human events in terms of this BIG LOVE.  We say God is love.  True, but we have little concept as to how big love is.  We look at “unconditional love” in the VLS model and limit it to what we can “see.”  From the VLS model, it is easy to see where pantheistic deities originated as various attributes of love, or the absence of love. 

 We look at all the new age stuff and to me, each proponent of some facet for a product or service, has found something that works in or on their specific genetic code, and can work for others.  But there is a lot more.  Remember we are all mutants and our perception and reception may be different.  Just because we are human doesn’t mean we are all alike, except generally.

 Ascension, awakening, enlightenment and all these other words again to me only reflect a modification of our genetic code, allowing our brain chemistry to be altered and our brains to work more effectively.  It just seems like magic.  We don’t know what fantastic creatures we humans are (particularly women) and so we have to blame it on outside sources, like muses or even Pleiadians.  What we call channeling is simply access to the infinite intelligence that lies within us on a need to know basis.  This access made available to us by love altering our DNA and thereby our brain chemistry.  When we get to physics, we may find the Higgs Field and Bosun particles are just another aspect of love.  But, what ever works for you is going to do the same job.

 Bottom line for us humans is our minds are the most powerful computer ever created and the most malleable.  To get the power, we need to plug into love.  If left unplugged, we are twisted, turned, diverted, and reshaped by those who may be plugged into an ungrounded circuit or are just bigger and meaner. 

 So, call the guys with the nets and straight jackets.  I’m ready.


© Art Noble 2012


“The Mystery of Sex”

February 28, 2012

Napoleon Hill            Don’t blame me.  I didn’t say it.  Napoleon Hill said it.  It is the title of a chapter in one of his books.  Who th’ hell is Napoleon Hill, you ask?  He was the Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins of the 1920’s and 1930’s.  His book, Think and Grow Rich, was published in 1937!  That’s seventy-five years ago!  That was even before MY time!

You can read this chapter on line at,+98%25+…#PPA182,M1  starting on page 182.

Here are some quotes from that book:

The emotion of sex brings into being a state of mind.  Because of ignorance on the subject, this state of mind in generally associated with the physical, and because of improper influences, to which most people have been subjected, in acquiring knowledge of sex; things essentially physical have highly biased the mind. 

The emotion of sex, has back of it the possibility of three constructive potentialities, they are—

1.      The perpetuation of Mankind.

2.      The maintenance of health, (as a therapeutic agency, it has no equal).

3.      The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation. (Bold emphasis is mine.)

 “Highly biased”?  See my blog on dysassociative sex.  His items 1 & 2 are what I call the pleasure/procreation paradigm.  But, his item #3 is why I wrote The Sacred Female!  The transmutation he speaks of may be a result of the transcendental experience I speak of.  However, the transcendental experience may not be necessary for the transmutation.  (Transmutation is simply the changing of one element or form of energy into another.)  But, more Hill.

Love, romance and sex are all emotions capable of driving men to heights of super achievement.  Love is the emotion which serves as a safety valve, and insures balance, poise, and constructive effort.  When combined, these three emotions may lift one to an altitude of a genius. There are genuii, however, who know but little of the emotion of love.  Most of them may be found engaged in some form of action which is destructive or at least, not based upon justice and fairness toward others.  If good taste would permit, a dozen genii could be named in the field of industry and finance who ride ruthlessly over the rights of their fellow men.  They seem totally lacking in conscience.  The reader can easily supply his own list of such men.  (Bold emphasis mine.)

Can you imagine?  He wrote this long before George Bush was born!  Nah!  Bush is no genius.

Now, you may think I wrote The Sacred Female to enhance the pleasure of women.  OK.  I did.  Why?  Accepting the various sexual responses of women is a part of loving them.  It seems the greater their sexual pleasure, the easier it is for them to provide this transcendental experience for men.  It clears the decks for action.  However, MEN ARE THE RECIPIANTS OF THIS GENIUS!  I wrote the book so men could survive and prosper in the tough times ahead.  I figured women would be the best teachers.

PS.  You can read The Sacred Female at http://authonomy,com, a Harper Collins UK site.  I’ve tried figuring out the URL, but unless you paste it into a new browser, it won’t work.    Here it is:

Copyright 2012 Art Noble

A “Higher Purpose” for Men and Women

February 25, 2012

(This will be the “Author’s Note” in The Alchemy of Erotic Love… for Guys.)

kissing  When it comes to women, men are taught to view them as either “brood cows” or “Pleasure Palaces.”  It wasn’t always this way.  We are taught to penetrate them as we did the enemy long ago, with sword and spear from behind a shield.  Even the word, vagina, means “scabbard” or “sheath” in Latin.  The bedroom is not a battlefield!  We treat them as a glass of beer, sipping only the frothy head, leaving the delicious nectar beneath to go flat and stale.  We do this at our own peril!

Join me as we look at woman without the perfumed blinders of pleasure and/or procreation.  We will look at her scientifically through the magnifying lens of love.  This lens is not the mushy gushy stuff of chick flicks, rather the lens that focuses the sun’s energy on us to ignite the creative flames of men’s souls.

I will not lead you down some primrose path of ethereal foo-foo talk.  I have been there and they all dead-end for me.  I wanted hard-core answers!  However, science hasn’t been there yet.  The flame in me can only suggest what science might find when they get there.  If my scientific speculation on what might be going on in the human body is wrong, it doesn’t make any difference.  The results are there, if you want them.

Many Gurus will tell you, ”I am right.  Believe me.”  I won’t.  As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.”  Don’t believe me!  Try it for yourself.  Only when you have the results, will you believe me, and my speculative mechanisms still could be wrong.  I don’t think so, but it makes no difference.  The results are there, if you want them.

Oh, yes.  Our higher purpose?  To love and be loved.  That simple!

Copyright 2012 Art Noble

It’s a Sad Fact…

January 10, 2012

It is a sad fact that “knowledge” about love and sex has been dictated to us over the centuries.  Most of it is myth and misinformation.  We believe we have to “like” some one in order to love them.  Although this is quite true in intimate relationships, is not true about the rest of the world.  We can wish for, or pray for, or think about the highest good of others without even knowing who they are or what their highest good is!  We may abhor their behavior, but still wish for their highest good.

When it gets up close and personal—here I speak of acquaintances, friends and neighbors—we have the opportunity to not only “think about,” but actually do something that may be in their best interest and higher good.  Sometimes, it is just staying out of their way.

For most guys, and a lot of women, love has been removed from sex, or confused with it.  We view sex simply as a pleasurable activity with someone we may or may not love, like or even know.  Well, yeah.  We have a natural sexual desire.  It comes from the paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus; the same place thirst comes from.  So, as long as we get thirsty, we will have sexual desire. (Pass me a glass of water.)  The hypothalamus is the size of a pea and the paraventricular nucleus is a tiny part of it.  I never knew such a little thing could get me in so much trouble!

 Intimate sexual love takes time.  There are two reasons for this. 

  1. Biochemical.  It takes longer for the bonding hormone oxytocin to build up in the man than it does in the woman.
  2. Social.  We all wear masks when on the hunt: both men and women.  To get to really know a person takes time.  We have to be comfortable with them and that is a function of who we really are as well as who they are.  Some wear masks all their lives.

When we do get to know them—emotionally—then we can get to know them physically.  The Kama Sutra recommends taking three days of non-genital erotic play after marriage to get to know each other’s bodies.  There are many more erogenous zones on the human body than the genitalia, and they are all different for each of us.

 It seems today, everybody is worried about the “Big O.”  First, that is only one of many sexual responses, some making the Big O seem like a non-event and sexual contact, intercourse or masturbation is not necessary to produce any of them!  But, we haven’t been told this or trained in it.  Honestly, from what I’ve heard from most guys their “Big O” isn’t much more than prostate maintenance coupled with an ego trip.

 We’ve heard about “magic buttons” on women, like the clitoris and G spot.  But for both genders the real “magic button” is the essence of your beloved!  Get to know it, and then open yourself to let love reverently flow through you to that essence.  Think about transmitting love rather than producing pleasure.  Now, you are making love instead of having sex.  You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Copyright Art Noble 2012

Joyful Bioluminescence

November 11, 2011

ArtNobleFireflies Who am I?

I am a man blessed by knowing some fantastic women in my life and cursed with curiosity.  When I say, “knowing” I mean both in the Biblical sense and over the Internet.  The original title of this piece was “Orgasmic Bioluminescence.”  Because I observed it on orgasm as did the people I contacted or who contacted me to validate this experience. I quote two of them on the back cover of The Sacred Female.  A woman in Arkansas told me when she wanted to glow, she’d call a certain fellow in town, he’d come up the mountain, they would get it on, she would glow and that was it.

BUT, a woman recently shared with me she glowed while singing “And the Glory” in a chorus performing The Messiah.  Additionally, she was carrying a “bundle of joy” in her belly at the time.  Afterward, people asked her why the spot light was on her during that song and she had no idea what they were talking about!  The good news is it is not just about sex! And, we can be joyful in being with our beloved.

So what is it?

Bioluminescence is the opposite of photosynthesis.  You know, the process that takes light to activate chlorophyll in leaves to turn them green.  We also use light energy to run our bodies.  Sunshine is a “natural” Vitamin D.  Not really.  We take on the photons (light energy) to manufacture Vitamin D in our bodies.  Bioluminescence is simply the giving off of photons rather than the taking on.  We see it normally in fireflies and certain marine organisms.

What causes it?

Scientists, in their study of fireflies, etc., don’t know, but believe it to be associated with Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP).  ATP is like a wallet for energy, produced by the cells.  I don’t know about fireflies, but it carries energy through our bodies.  It this specific case, when we create an excess of energy, it is given off as photons through the skin.  It is rare and there is no money in it so science doesn’t study it.  Few have even heard of it.

How does it occur?

I learned from Chyna Pi in the ancient Sacred Shamanic Sexual texts it is called, “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” and is the result of a breathing exercise.  Think of hyperventilation.  When we engage in rapid, deep breathing, our fingers and toes go numb.  I imagine this exercise is something like that.  We build up O2 and reduce CO2 in our bodies.  But, there is more to it.  It also has to do with mental discipline and clearing the mind.  But consider, when making love, where you are focused on giving love through your body to your partner and open to receiving love from them, And there is not much else on your mind.

Now consider as you approach the orgasmic plateau, with a love focused mind, the autonomic nervous system takes over and naturally sets up the breathing rhythm to produce these results, mimicking the Shamanic breathing exercise.  Further, PET scans of humans having an orgasm show oxygen flow to the brain is shut off, where fMRI’s show an increase in blood flow.  There are a lot of things happening in the human body about which we have no knowledge.  We can only speculate, as I just did.  Let’s just say humans are fantastic creatures.

Here we can see how singing, a task that requires specialized breathing, can play into this.  We can also see how joy of singing this particular piece and the joy of being physically bonded with our beloved can produce this.  So, here we have a phenomenon that can be produced out of pure joy and the breathing associated with it, or simply by breathing alone, essentially mimicking the joy we feel.  Of course, this is speculation, but I like speculating this way.

Chicken or egg?

None of the men and women I contacted who claim to have observed or done this, ever mentioned “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” or “Shamanic Sex.”  Until I met Chyna Pi.  So, I’m thinking the non-sexual breathing exercise arose from sexual experience, not the other way around.  But, I also think the animal headed humans we see in ancient carvings from around the world arose from a transcendent sexual experience called Trespasso.  But, who knows?

This should not be considered a “goal” of sex, unless you have studied for years under a shaman who is familiar with it.  (There are few today.)  This is probably an expression, a physical manifestation of love and joy: the joy of being bonded with your beloved.  Simply focus on love and let go of everything else.  Something else just as wonderful may happen.  In the mean time, let us light up the world with the joy of being with our beloved.

Copyright Art Noble 2011


November 3, 2011

Most of my experiences in sex and sexual love (they are two different things – a matter of attitude) out stripped my knowledge of what was going on at the time.  Until my experience with transcendent sex, I thought: “Hey!  It felt good!  Who cares?”

Then, I had a little change and wanted to know what the heck was happening to me.  For this reason, my research was broad, encompassing just about everything from modern sexual science to ancient sexual history, including political history, microbiology, genetics, and that funny stuff called love.

With this, I have a broader knowledge of this subject than most of the people on this planet.  I also know that there are thousands of questions I cannot answer and millions of questions we know not how to ask!  I also have a unique perspective.  I cannot and do not say that I am right or wrong.  Sexual science does not go as far as I have been, so all I can do is speculate base on their suggestions.

A few of my articles are linked on this site:  One thing is for sure: we can “study” sex for the next century and still not know it all, because somebody will come along and have a new and different response with a different effect.  This material is both scientific and speculative.  It may be viewed as suitable for teen-agers, with parental approval.

The bottom line is we are all far more fantastic that we have been told we are!  I believe all it takes is love.  If you like what you read, please feel free to share it with others.  We can all use each other’s feed back.

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