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We’ve Been Conned Out of Love!

July 11, 2012

 I’ll be doing a radio show on this topic on August 19, so I think I’ll get my thoughts in order.

 First “love” is a lot bigger than we normally think about.  There are all kinds of love.  In my blog “Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum,” I model love as light energy with unconditional love as white light going through the prism of our mind.  It comes out as a rainbow, with each color representing a different form of love.  I focus on the red and orange as erotic love.  The problem is somebody stuck pieces of chewing gum all over the prism, blocking a lot of the colors.

 Governments are good at splattering our prisms with chewing gum.  There are a lot of people in this country who hate Islam.  We use an intellectual approach, citing the Koran to show what evil people Islamists is.  That’s nothing!  You ought to hear what Islamists say about us.  They use an emotional approach, calling us sons of Satan and punctuating their epithets with gunfire.  We hate each other and hate is the absence of love.

 We go around looking for ways to hate each other: skin color, hair color (dumb blonds and red-headed witches), belief systems, religion and politics (Dems and Reps.).  Nobody gives us a reason to love each other, particularly when it comes to erotic love.  Let’s face it.  The first real war was the war between the sexes, a.k.a., the war on women.  My question is why?  Why were we conned out of love.  I can only guess.

 Let’s speculate for a moment and say, “love is energy.”  I found there are a lot of people out there who believe this, after I came up with it.  There is little science on this.  But, energy has two attributes: transmittal and transformation.  We transmit electrical energy through wires into a microwave oven where it is transformed into microwave energy, then into heat energy when we nuke a potato.  So, can love energy transform us?  My answer is yes.  Particularly when we consider the passion (emotional energy) with which we transmit it through our bodies in sexual congress.

One of the things that can happen with transformation or enlightenment is an increase in our awareness.  We are no longer as easily swayed by politicians and used-car salesmen.  Kings and priests lose control.  We are not sheep following a false Shepard whose goal is to feed us to the wolves.

In today’s sexual paradigm, we live with the general belief sex is about pleasure and or procreation.  This political construct is designed to divide us into groups.  There is a group that says pleasure is bad and another saying pleasure is good.  Many sex therapists today are simply moving people out of the “bad” group into the “good” group.  Men are supposed to spread their seed and women are supposed to take birth control pills.  Very few see sex as a mechanism for transmitting love through our bodies. 

Even when we are focused on transmitting love, there is probably some piece of chewing gum stuck somewhere blocking the love.  You hate that she squeezes toothpaste from the middle of the tube.

Historically, the Church has been down on women since its inception.  When Jerome (a flaming cross-dresser) translated the Bible around 400 CE from Greek and other languages (as an example) in the Song of Solomon though the Greek word for “love” was “eros” Jerome used another word.   Around 1250, the Speculum Doctrinal told husbands not to love their wives too much.  Then in 1486 The Malleus Maleficarum told us “women’s insatiable lust was the cause of all evil and witchcraft in the world.”  The last successful prosecution for witchcraft was in England in 1944, so that one lasted a long time and is still hanging around. 

Erotic love is not the only form of love that will transform us and it seems to work best when other forms of love have little to no chewing gum blocking them.  We can love women with out desiring to bed them and the converse is also true.  We can desire to bed them without having love for them.  Given a choice, I’ll take love.  The results are better.


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