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November 26, 2012

The power is off. Self-reliance seems to be a thing of the past. I muse about how our real dependence today is on electronic devices as we scramble to accumulate the imaginary electronic digits we call “money.” Foreign or domestic oil is not an issue. Without power, we can’t transport or pump it.

Consider what the EMP from a large, clean nuclear device detonated 100 miles over Kansas could do? Computers and electronic devices would be fried. Electric starters for motors and engines wouldn’t work. Electronic communications, transportation and the distribution of our food supply—gone in the blink of an eye along with our entire monetary system. Currency only represents 16% of our money supply (M1) and with electronic digits wiped from their electronic storage areas, it would be valueless. Martial law might be declared, but who would know it? We would have to rely on smoke signals and an upgraded pony express. In less than a month, we would be looking forward to the Dark Ages again. You can use your imagination.

What’s the answer? Is there another source of power on which we can rely? Some will answer, “God.” I don’t believe an imaginary man in the sky, wearing white robes and a beard will do anything. It is said, “God is love.” Make that, “Love.” God is omniscient and all powerful. So is Love. God is within us and with out. So is Love. We have sufficient Love within us to keep the “life engine” running for a while—another blink of the eye in terms of all time. But there is seemingly an infinite supply of Love all around us. We just need to let it in and go through us.

You don’t have to, but I view love as a spectrum of energy.   There is no “Western” science on this, but 400 years ago, there was no science on electricity either. Now, if love is energy, what does it do? I believe, and again you don’t have to, Love can restructure our genetic code giving us power beyond our wildest dreams. Screw Mid-East oil!

Nikola Tesla invented a device that seemingly pulled energy out of thin air and ran his automobile at 60mph. Ed Leedskalnin (Coral Castle) invented a device allowing him to lift, move and place blocks of coral rock up to 27 tons. We can go back to 2600 BCE and the Epic of Gilgamesh, where Enkidu had a week long encounter with Shamhat and transformed from a “wild beast” into a “human being.” Tesla was reported to be celibate and never married. Leedskalnin mourned his unrequited love for Agnes Skuffs until the day he died. Enkidu? Well… Sex is not the answer; it is Love. Tesla was a genius without love. Leedskalnin, unlike Tesla, was a 4th grade drop out. So where did his invention come from? He just knew. He had accessed some area of infinite intelligence in his brain to solve a problem. He didn’t go through all the academic mathematical calculations like Tesla; he just did it. This tells me erotic Love is pretty potent stuff, even when unrequited. It is a lot more fun when reciprocated.

Love is not the answer. Love is the question. It is up to you to answer, “Yes.” With Love, we can be the powerful creatures we were intended to be. Or as Jesus said in James 5 and 14, “Ye shall do greater works than these.”

The power is on now so I shall transcribe this to my electronic device and post it on an electronic wall.

© 2012 Art Noble

Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum: A Physical Model of Love

September 11, 2011
“I find Art’s prismatic model of love intriguing in its simplicity and inclusiveness.  It would fit well into any religion or belief system.” 
Fr. Thomas J. Rynne.

Abstract:  Love is currently defined as a feeling, generated by altered brain chemistry and then, generally between a man and woman.  This definition of love limits our capacity as human beings.  The proposed model of love is simply a model from which many simplistic observations can be made.  It also offers a different look at “boundaries.” Love can then be defined as any relationship with a noun (person, place or thing) that brings some “quantity” of joy into the life of the lover.  I love a good steak dinner, but I prefer women.  Maybe it really is simple?


While in the throes of failed models for love, I came across a mind-blowing Hindu myth:

Once upon a time, in the Indus Valley, running through parts of what we now call India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the people were under attack by evil gods and demons.  They learned their only salvation would come from the son of Shiva, a god representing the Divine Masculine, and Shakti, a goddess representing the Divine Feminine, then in her second incarnation as Parvati. The people went to Shiva, an ascetic god, and pleaded with him.  They interuppted his meditation, so he told them to bug off.  The people then went to Kama, the god of love, and told him the story.  Kama said he would see what he could do.  Kama fashioned a bow from sugarcane and an arrow from a flower.  He waited until Parvati was walking by Shiva and shot Shiva with the arrow.

There were two results;

1.  The birth of Karttikeya who slew the demons and evil spirits, and

2.  Shiva was resentful at Kama for messing up his way of life.  Shiva hunted Kama and when he found him, focused the energy from his third eye upon him.  Kama burst into flames leaving only a pile of ash and borderless, boundryless, conditionless love all about the world.  Think of the earth’s magnetic field.  Where ever we go, there it is. 

Next, I checked out the Cologne Sanskrit Digital Lexicon and found 531 responses for the word “love,”  most dealing with erotic love.  This boderless love in Sanskrit was called ApAaga.  No way they were going to fit on a Venn diagram.  The question was, if love is not a feeling, what could it be?  Since Einstein, everything is energy. 


Energy has two attributes that may be considered common with love: it can be transmitted and it can be transformed.  Look at electrical energy.  It is transmitted along wires into a microwave oven where it is transformed into microwave energy.  This energy is then transformed into heat energy when we “nuke” a potato.  We know this every time we take a hot, baked potato out of the microwave oven. Chapter 1 talks about our transformation.  The easiest way to model love would be as energy. 

We can transmit love with a smile.  The smile makes us feel better and perhaps the person we are smiling to feels better also.  We have “transformed” our feelings.  So, we can look at love as energy.  What kind of energy?  Who knows and who cares?  This is only a model and it seems to work.  This is not to say love is or is not energy.  It is simply a way of looking at it.  If it is energy, we can let others get down to the nitty gritty of frequencies and wavelengths and all the scientific stuff.  There is work in Russia regarding “attitudes” impacting our genes, and who knows: love may simply be an attitude?  Or is an attitude simply a reflection of our thoughts?

Metaphorically, let’s look at love energy as though it were light energy.  We’ve heard a lot about “unconditional love:” Agape, or “ApAaga” in Sanskrit.  Let’s imagine it to be white light.  Yet, there are many kinds of love: brotherly love, erotic love, mother love, etc.  A way of separating white light into its component colors is through a prism.  A way of separating unconditional love into its various forms is through people, or what is in our minds.  We are as love’s prism.


Love refracting through the prism of our mind.

            Others, with greater spiritual knowledge than I, believe energy is concentrated in various sections of our bodies called “Chakras,” which are color-coded.  The “red Chakra” or “root Chakra” is located in the genital area, so we can let red represent erotic love, right at the top.  We can also coordinate other forms of love with these colors.  It is important to note that the colors have tiny, blurred boundaries.  The colors are scientifically defined by given areas of frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.  In other words, red isn’t orange.  We should know our boundaries and protect them.

            Some 400 years ago, Newton and others observed if you screened or blocked part of the white light at the prism, you only got part of the rainbow.  If you blocked the prism on the other side, you only got part of the rainbow.  Sometimes one or both sides are just dirty and need a good washing, particularly in the region of erotic love.  The screens blocked the light just as the conditions we place on our love block that energy.  As an example, a guy becomes enamored of his secretary and finds the feeling is mutual.  When they begin the affair, what is the first condition, spoken or unspoken, he puts on his love?—“Don’t tell my wife.”  “Conditions,” or “screens” are generally based in fear.  It is like sticking a piece of chewing gum on the prism.  Other conditions we might place on our beloved might range from “Don’t ejaculate,” to “Don’t squeeze the toothpaste in the middle.”


              “Love’s Prism with a piece of Chewing gum.”

Of course, we all have these little bits of chewing gum all over our prisms and our “rainbow” is missing a lot of colors.  For the intellectual, these bits of chewing gum are called “memes” or “viruses of the mind.”  They are simple, subject-verb-object, negative thoughs, many implanted and transferred over the centuries.  “Women are evil,” is traced to the Malleus Maleficarum of 1486 and “men are dogs” may go back to Lysistrata around 411 BC.  Or as it is said in the military, “Grab ‘em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow.”  It is quite similar to Pavlov’s dogs where we are conditioned to respond.

            We all have screens over our prisms, or conditions we put on love.  We seem to congregate with others who have screens covering the same areas of the prism.  I don’t know or care where your screens are.  Sometimes I think what we call “true love” is no more than two people having chewing gum in the same places on their respective prisms.  Problems arise when one scrapes some of it off.   I am here to simply suggest we at least change our screens from opaque to translucent.  Or scrape some of the chewing gum off. Let a little light through. 


Now, why would we want to wash our “prismatic” self?  If a smile can make us feel better, what would allowing love to stream through us do to us when we are making love with our beloved?  There is a lot more intense energy being generated in sexual congress than in just smiling. 

Science knows of many different proteins being created during this time, but certainly not all of them.  We know from ancient and modern history, transformations of we humans can occur through sexual love.  Oh yeah, with love, the sex is better too.

Of course, this is simply the speculation of a novelist. If this speculation is anywhere near correct, don’t think for an instant it deprives love of its mystery.  We will all be long gone from this mortal coil, or mortal double helix, before science accepts love as energy.  Even then, the mystery will remain.  I hope I am wrong about science.  But this is simply provided as a different way of looking at love.  I’m an engineer.  Whaddya expect? 

We modeled our spectrum of love on the visible light spectrum, mostly so we could visualize it.  We humans need this. But, visible light is only a tiny part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), and this shows “erotic love” at the bottom, because red has a lower frequency,but a longer wavelength than purple.

 Let’s see what science says about these frequencies.

It can be seen from the different forms of human love, our behaviors would occupy different areas of the spectrum within the boundaries.  The frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum of the basic colors are measured in Tetrahertz (1012 Hz) as follows:

Indigo-             665 – 715 Thz

Blue-                610 – 680 Thz

Green-             520 – 570 Thz

Yellow-            515 – 525 Thz

Orange-           485 – 510 Thz

Red-                405 – 480 Thz

We are just interested in the numbers.  Note the 5 Thz gaps between red and orange and orange and yellow.  There are “colors” and frequencies in those gaps, but they are neither red nor orange.  (Red-orange?)  Also note how green, blue and indigo overlap.  I don’t think the guys defining colors had anything to do but argue over which color was which, so they probably compromised on these numbers.  Maybe we might consider bringing all of these “colors” into the bedroom.

Could Love be Different for Women?

In looking at our prism, we can see it represents the ancient male symbol, the blade.  If we turned it upside down, it would represent the ancient female symbol, the chalice and red would be at the bottom, as it is in the EMS.  I wonder, do women look at love differently?  But that would be only a perception of this energy.  The energy itself has no gender attached: it embraces us all, if we allow it.



Could Love be Bigger?

            Our model of the prism and visible light spectrum only looks at the range of love as humans can perceive it, or perhaps intellectually know of it.  The EMS is a lot bigger.  Maybe the EMS is a measurable shadow of the love spectrum?  Perhaps to “perceive” more of it would require opening of other senses?  Forget it!  We have enough to handle right here.

How Do We Love?

            Now that we’ve finished all the theoretical stuff, we can forget it.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.  You’ve met a young lady, or you might be married to her.  Your paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus is putting out “those” signals.  You want to ravage her body.  Now, what about your desire to give her love?  You may “love” her as a friend, but that doesn’t give you “those” signals.  If all you have is “those” signals, get a blow up doll.  They don’t take the house when it is over. 

            When we get into sexual anatomy, you wil

l see what a fantastic creature a woman is, just from an anatomical point of view.  We know they think differently, possibly because of the corpus callosum connecting the left and right halves of the brain.  This is cool because they can offer a different perspective on the same problem and keep us from beating our heads against a wall, if we listen to them.  They have a lot going for them, besides being a “friend with benefits.” 

            OK.  Now, how much do you really know about this woman?  Can you think about her in a non-erotic way?  Just about what a good mother she is, about all the attributes she has; how she treats her friends and yours; how she behaves with you in public and in private (remember, this is non-erotic.)  When you can think about her in a non-erotic way and still get a bulge in your trousers, this is a pretty good indicator that you are in love.

            If we think we are responsible for love, we are putting a burden on ourselves.  By viewing it as something (energy?) outside of us, it makes it a lot easier.  We simply have to open ourselves to it.

            I’m just a guy with as much “chewing gum” on my prism as you will find under a 7th grade desktop.  When I wanted to give my love to my beloved, I figured I didn’t have much to offer.  Then I thought, “God can do a much better job than me.”  I envisioned a door on my back, opened it up and let God love her through me.  Done deal.  I wanted to give her the best of everything, including love.  I had not formulated the energy concept at the time.  It was that kind of desire to love, as well as ravage her body.  The temporary results were phenomenal!  I don’t know if I chose the right one or the wrong one, because it didn’t last long.  Damn near killed me when it ended.  But, the experiences I enjoyed, and I mean enjoyed at the deepest sense of the word, with her and others, led to my research to find out just what the hell was going on in our bodies, that I now share with you.  You don’t have to envision a door on your back.  For a poet, I am rather prosaic in these matters.  You may want to think of love as X-rays, and all you have to do is stand in front of the machine and let it pass through you to her.  Whatever works for you will be just fine, but it helps a lot if she is doing the same thing, with whatever works for her.

Yes, it is this simple.  Not easy, but simple.

There is a lot of talk about “foreplay” generally done in the bedroom as foreplay for sex.  Foreplay for love is done out of the bedroom, from a sense of desire to love.  When we bring that into the bedroom, Hoo Boy!  We’ll look at this in the next chapter.

Abraham Maslow

            In 1954, Maslow developed a hierarchy of human needs.  Later these were modeled in the triangle fashion as such: 


It is now suggested we take another look at this hierarchy to see how these needs are actually met, noting that Maslow based this hierarchy on

what he considered “healthy” individuals.  This is just a thought for consideration with our new perspective on love, not saying this is the way it is.


            Looking at this through our developmental stages, from infancy, childhood, adulthood, up to death, we all need to love and be loved.  In infancy, regardless of the time period in human history, our parents met most of our physiological and safety needs.  Even sexual intimacy in childhood is observed in children playing with their wee-wee’s, until parents come along and beat the crap out of them.  Love in, from and through the family, gives us our sense of belonging as well as our esteem.  Developing past puberty, sexual intimacy will give us the ability to create and self-actualize, however, self love is also very important here, including children getting a sense of sexual intimacy with themselves.  We simply open our selves to it for us.?

Copyright Art Noble 2010

Interview with Richard Andrews – Part 2.

August 14, 2011

(Richard Andrews is the main character in The Sacred Female. It is just a fun trip to interview him. Go here for Part 1.

Host: Hi, Rich. Welcome back.

Rich: Thank you. Good to be back.

Host: When we parted last, you were going to tell us about bogus beliefs. Just what do you mean by a “bogus belief?”

Rich: We are told many; many things about sex that just aren’t true. When be believe them, it seems like our bodies respond in accord with our beliefs, limiting us in many ways.

Host: What do you mean by that?

Rich: As an example, when I was a college kid, there was an article in Time magazine titled, “Men ejaculate. Women Lactate.” Just by that title alone, from an authoritative voice, it puts a bogus belief in our heads. If women believe it, they don’t ejaculate, depriving themselves of a lot of pleasure. If men believe it, and their partner ejaculates, they think it is urine or something and get bent out of shape.[1]

Host: I can understand that.

Rich: Does that mean you don’t “approve?”

Host: Not exactly. I’d never heard of it before I read your story.

Rich: That’s the whole damn problem! We are just ignorant about sexual responses and even how badly we are locked up about our sexuality!

Host: I’ll agree with you on that! Now, tell us about the glow that came from her head when you , uh, when you er…

Rich: Had an orgasm? You can’t even say it! Sheesh! Well, it wasn’t just from her head. Her whole body was glowing, lighting up the room. At first, I thought I was hallucinating. Then I thought the rods and cones in my eyeballs had opened up, letting more light in. I had, and have no idea what was going on. But it happened! She lit up like a firefly in mating season with a white light.[2]

Host: Amazing!

Rich: That was only the beginning! We experienced transcendent sex!

Host: What’s that?

Rich: Science defines transcendence as an alteration of brain chemistry. I guess our activity was really sending out nerve impulses that produced a lot of chemicals, altering our brain chemistry.

Host: Is this like an “acid trip?”

Rich: I don’t know. Never been on one. But it was as if we were reduced to our essences: two points of light, that came together as one. It was the most beautiful experience in my life!

Host: Whoa! That’s fantastic!

Rich: Good word: fantastic. We hear about all this stuff and think people are making it up. Well, we aren’t. It’s real.

Host: So, bottom line is some of the myths are bogus and some are real. How do you tell the difference?

Rich: Simple. Anything demonizing or demeaning to women goes in the BS pile. Anything of great, “fantastic,” beauty goes into the reality pile.

Host: Does this mean that all women are these fantastic, wonderful creatures?

Rich: It is my opinion they all have the capacity to be. But, we’ve been putting them down for thousands of years. Sometimes, very hard! They react, the same way we would, and it’s not nice.

Host: One last thing, Rich. It the story, you describe a new awareness that you have. As a two-part question, how would you describe it and where do you think it comes from?

Rich: There are many names for it: transformation, awakening and evolving to name three. I prefer “growth of consciousness.” Consider it as an extension of having our brain chemistry altered on a more permanent basis. We exercise our muscles when we work or work-out; we exercise our brains through education. But we don’t exercise our consciousness much at all.

Host: OK, Rich. Where does it come from?

Rich: That’s easy. Love. [3]

(Dead air)

Host: You have left me speechless; not a good thing for a host. This is a lot to digest and though I really enjoy interviewing you, right now I’m glad we are about out of time. I hope we can get you back in the near future?

Rich. Glad to accommodate you.

Host: Thank you again. And now, a word from our sponsor.

[1] The Bible and Female Ejaculatory Orgasms

[2] A shamanic breathing ritual produces a glow in the practitioner. It is possible that during the orgasmic plateau phase of intercourse, the partner’s breathing mimics this practice, producing the glowing results. Also, it is possibly a function of excess Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) that changes into photons.

[3] What is Love?
Copyright Art Noble 2011

What is Spiritual Sexuality and Why? (In English)

June 12, 2011

Lets first take a look at what passes for spiritual sexuality today. And all this sounds very mystical and strange! There are many words I don’t understand, but those I do, have much in common with my belief system. (You can skim the next three paragraphs.) It is really much less complex than this. All it takes is that nasty, four-letter word, “love”. Is there anything more spiritual than love?

In Vajrayana Buddhism, tantric sexual practice (Sanskrit: Maithuna, cf. Tibetan:Yab-Yum) is one aspect of the last stage of the initiate’s spiritual path, where s/he, having already realised the voidness of all things, attains enlightenment and perpetual bliss.

Mantak Chia’s teachings about qi and cosmology are similar to the Taoist instructor Hua-ching Ni. In contrast to Ni’s writings however, Chia’s books lack discussion of philosophy, ethics or everyday practical advice. The system he presents is a narrowly focused system of qigong rooted firmly in neidan However, Mantak does talk about internal alchemy as a part of healing and applies this in his sexuality.

Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho, used his version of tantra, neotantra, in combination with breathing techniques, bio-energy, yoga and massage in some of the groups at his ashram. He is the author of many books on meditation, taoism, buddhism and mysticism, and at least six on tantra. One of them is Tantra, The Supreme Understanding, in which he unpacks the verses of the Song of Mahamudra, by Tilopa

A lot of the words up there, I can’t pronounce and don’t understand! There are also Shamanic Sex and Sex of the Tarot, each disciplines to reach the same goal of enlightenment and bliss. Guess what? Love is a discipline as well! The bottom line is that love is a spectrum of energy of which sexual love only occupies a small part, as light occupies a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, in order to love, we must get our egos and preconceived notions out of the way.

Sexual love is erotic. We cannot learn about anything with ears plugged and eyes closed. So, take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and get ready! Mantack talked about “internal alchemy” and Osho talked about bio-energy. It is actually electrochemical energy. In my radio show, “Female Sexual Anatomy – For Guys!”, I compare the female genialia to a power plant! They do produce some energy! There is even a diagram for you to trace the “transmission lines” (nerve trunks).

We know this energy somehow activates certain genes on our DNA, creating proteins (Hormones, enzymes, etc). Some genes. Science is primarly interested in dopamine and serotonin for pleasure and oxytocin and vasopressin for bonding. Genes are a sequence of base pair (rungs on the twisted ladder) on a strand of DNA. There are 3.1 Billion base pair. Genes occupy only 90 million base pair, leaving 3.01 billion base pair unaccounted for. Essentially, our map of the human genome is as accurate as Amerigo Vespucci’s map of the New World in 1507! So, it is relatively easy to blame whatever is happening on “genes” or other segments of our DNA we know very little about.

Historically, I am not alone in this view. Nahminides (?) in The Holy Letter (a 13th Century marriage manual for the Kabbalah) states the manual is “to produce learned sons”. Nahminides also suggests an attitude of reverence, not only for the partner, but for the act. One could consider this involves a change in DNA to make the brain a more effective organ. One cannot give what one does not have. In Sanskrit, the word for the vagina is yoni, or “the sacred place”. Considering other ancient sexual texts, it all makes sense. Also, ancient sexual artifacts have the “unknown” double spiral engraved upon them. I would suggest this is symbolic of the double helix containing our genes. Part of enlightenment is not complete technical understanding, just the general idea. Is this a correct interpretation of the scant facts? I don’t know and I don’t care. Something wondrous and amazing happens and that is what counts!

So, exactly what does happen and what is its value? First, we must clarify that the various sexual responses are not a function of love. A man does not have to be in love with a woman to have an orgasm and vica versa. Physiological responses are not necessarliy an indication of love, any more than the knee jerk response is an indicator of love. As the responses increase in levels of pleasure, what we are looking at is “hot sex”.

As I said before, love is this energy stuff. To be imbued with it, we simply have to open ourselves to it. I can’t open you, and you can’t open me. It is strictly an inside job. I envision my self with a door on my back. I open it, and the love-energy flows in. But, the inside door handle is chained to my ego. Drat! This is what the great spiritual teachers have been telling us for centuries: “Get your damn ego out of the way!” And THIS is where the discipline comes in.

So, what are the real benefits of allowing this energy into us, and sacrificing our ego-based identity? Some will say it is transcending the material world, living at a higher plane of existance. Buddhism speaks of perpetual bliss and enlightenment. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich said, “The combination of love, sex and romance can lift a man from mediocrity to the altitude of genius.” For each of us, the results will probably be different, but a lot better than where we are now!

I’ve thought about closing metaphors like, “love is the salt and pepper on your eggs,” but that just makes them taste better. The one I like best is comparing sex to gunpowder. Having sex is like taking a handfull of gunpowder and putting it on the floor and then lighting it. We get a flash and a WOOSH! If we have the discipline to put into a casing with a cap and fuse, seal it and place it properly wh have an explosion with higher brisance. Better is bringing love into our life with reverence and respect for our partner. It is like turning on the light in a darkened room. It lets us see what we have never seen before.

Copyright 2010 Art Noble

Man. Woman. Sex.

June 17, 2010

            I generalize and speak for myself when I say, “Men are taught how to get laid and women are taught how to get a man.”  For men, well, sex feels good: some women too.  Both men and women like feeling good.

           Dr. Cindy Meston enumerated 237 reasons Why Humans Have Sex.  These reasons are broken into four categories:

  1. Physical; stress reduction, pleasure, desirability, experience seeking.
  2. Goal attainment; resources, social status, revenge.
  3. Emotional; love and commitment, expression.
  4. Insecurity; self esteem, mate guarding, duty/pressure.

Under emotional, at number 227 overall on the list, was “feeling close to God”.  This is the focus of this blog.

            Since the dawn of man, sex and spirituality have gone together.  With the advent of civilization, that changed.  Man’s spirituality may be expressed in many ways besides sexual love.  However, it seems to me, all of them involve some segment of love’s spectrum, of which sexual love is but one.  It also seems to me that sexual love is the most powerful for the individual parties involved.

            My initial focus in my studies was on female ejaculatory orgasms, a phenomenon still denied in many scientific circles.  However, recorded Western history both confirms its normality beginning with Leviticus 12: (1425 BC) to Hippocrates “double seed theory” (400 BC—seeds from male and female ejaculate were required to conceive a child) and its promotion by the Roman church until 1770 AD; the first successful artificial insemination experiment.  So, it is only for the last 200 years or so that female ejaculatory orgasms were denigrated.  Case closed.

            Female ejaculatory is more pleasurable for women than non-ejaculatory orgasms.  I make that statement because this is what women tell me.  They also told this to Dr. Reginer de Gaff in 1660!  It is nothing new.  However, neither ejaculation, nor the pleasure received (and given) is the end: it is just a beginning.  The quantity of pleasure felt by a woman (or man) is directly proportional to the quantity of electrochemical energy she allows to be generated with a sexual experience.

            My clinical definition of sex is “the mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve ends, creating electrochemical energy, resulting in pleasurable sensations in the genitalia and other sexual responses.”  Unfortunately, since this stimulation results in a “response”, a response can be repressed.  “Authorities” for the last 200 years or so, suppressed (outside force) both female orgasm and ejaculation so that women will repress (inside force) this response.

  1. Krafft-Ebing in 1886 said ejaculation was a lesbian condition.  Women who did not wish to be considered lesbians repressed the response.
  2. Freud in 1905 said a vaginal mucus discharge was disgusting.  Women who did not wish to be considered disgusting repressed the response.  However, the “mucous discharge” comes through the urethra.  Vaginal orgasmic discharge is through the vagina, clear, thin and copious!
  3. Kinsey in 1948 said it was urinary stress incontinence.  Women who did not want their lover to think they were urinating on him repressed this response.
  4. Masters in 1966 echoed Kinsey with the same results.

Men believe these erroneous doctrines as well.  In the 70’s, a man filed for and received an order of divorce because his wife was urinating on him during their honeymoon!  So, everyday man also contributes to the suppression of this response.  This is done to their detriment!

            Question:  What is so cool about electrochemical energy?

            Answer:  It expresses genes!  Genes are segments of base pairs on our DNA.  They are thought of as switches.  Electrochemical energy turns them on or off.  When a gene is turned on, it is said to be expressed.  We know that calcium ions (Ca+, a form of electrochemical energy) express genes that control the production of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors.  We currently know of other ions that express other genes in the sexual experience to produce things like Oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and PSA, Prostatic Specific Antigen found in ejaculate from both genders because its production is controlled by a gene on chromosome 19 that has nothing to do with gender!  It is just human, or perhaps animal. 

            My experience, and knowledge that science isn’t finished yet, leads me to guess, and believe, that other genes may be expressed not only to provide the experiences in transcendent sex, but also to alter our brain chemistry.  This alteration allows us to use our brains more effectively.  Notice I did not say “think”.  Here I speak of “intuitive powers” or “psychic” or “paranormal” activity.  First, I believe every human being is unique, so there is no “one size fits all” type of expression.  Second, I wonder if “paranormal” is not actually “normal” and we live in a “sub-normal” state?

            So, what does it take to receive this power form altered brain chemistry?  Again my guess is love: unconditional love.  Hold on!  “Love” is not necessary to generate sexual responses!  A woman may think her orgasm is an indicator of love, but it is only an indicator of how much energy she allowed to be generated.  Love helps, but initially, hormones are more important.  Orgasm, transcendent sex or any sexual response is not an indicator of a lasting relationship.  Only the discipline of love will provide longevity.

            “Love” implies many things: trust, respect acceptance and intimacy among others.  These qualities must be present in the individual before they can be given to another.  You cannot give what you do not have!

            Now, what makes women such fantastic creatures?  To date in my studies, I have found 16 different areas in the female genitalia that produce electrochemical energy.  Men have 6.  This is only physical. The mind activates this.  So a man has to look, smell, and sound “good” to the woman before you get started!  But once you do, it is strongly advised and recommended for your benefit, you treat the woman at least with respect—even reverence—for what this can do for both of you. 

            Better yet, through some mechanism, it seems that the energy created in her is somehow transferred to the man as an additional gift of love.  I have no idea how it works.  It just does.

            Is this all to discount the “spiritual experience”?  Not at all.  It simply offers a possible explanation of how this creative energy may work in humans.  It is just something that “left brained” guys can hang onto while science gets us a better answer—if they ever look for one.

            Many women intuitively know of their power and seek other outlets.  Their husbands and lovers have been conned out of it.  I just wanted to show how the con works.  Just maybe, some men will catch on and get it back.

Sexual Controversy

July 17, 2009

Sexual Controversy

To write The Sacred Female, I did some cursory research into female sexual anatomy and physiology, beyond what Doctors know. (Wow! Women are fantastic creatures!) Women loved the book, but male reviews were both skeptical and negative. The book is based on my experience, and I don’t like it when others try to invalidate that. So, I continued my research into matters sexual and am regarded as a “sex information expert”, offering lectures and seminars far beyond the scope of the book. The research included reading in diverse fields such as sexual neuro-physiology, the human genome, archeology, history (modern and ancient), anthropology, paleontology, and on and on!

Now, when we think we know all we need to know, we are either headed for trouble, or shortchanging our lives. There is no better example than some male attitudes toward sex: some female attitudes too.

Male to female: “Your purpose in life is to lay there and let me take my pleasure.”

Female to male: (aloud) “Oh yes, my love. Anything for your pleasure.”
(aside) “And when I get tired of your bore-gasms, I’m gonna take you for everything you’ve got.”

Those in authority have told us for thousands of years, the purpose of sex is procreation: the propagation of the species. It is a factual result on which both science and religion agree. Oops! It is also fun. So, while they are on stage saying one thing, they are also in the back room doing another.

Then, along come a bunch of cults, or wacky religions, like Tantra, Shamanism, Tarot, early Gnostics, etc., and tell us the purpose of sex is “enlightenment.” The Sanskrit word for penis is “lingam” or “wand of light.” Unfortunately, with enlightenment comes knowledge that “authority” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. So, they force the sexual paradigm of procreation upon us. Of course we include pleasure in the paradigm, and live under this glass ceiling of procreation or pleasure: fat, dumb and happy. So, what the heck is enlightenment?

First, we have to know what is going on inside the body, particularly the female. Basically, as her internal and external erogenous structures are stimulated, leading to the pleasure responses she has not suppressed, there is increased energy production at the cellular level. Certain genes are stimulated to produce amino acids that combine and form hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc. Males produce them too, but they work differently. Suppose then, “enlightenment” is the stimulation of other genes, producing additional amino acids, which combine in a way to allow the brain to function in an enlightened fashion?

Why not? We have 3.1 Billion base pair, or “rungs” on the twisted ladder of our DNA. Science only locates about 20,000 or 30,000 genes, depending on which scientist you ask. A “gene” is nothing more than a specific, limited sequence of base pair and so far, they total no more than 100 million base pair, leaving 3 billion unaccounted for. Oh, and science only knows, or think they know what about 7000 of these genes do. This leaves a lot of room for speculation! In Biology of Belief, Lipton says that thought can impact our DNA, so the hypothesis has credibility. And sex generates a lot more energy!

Genes operate like gang switches: either open or closed. Once open, some may or may not stay that way. (Based on my “15 minutes of enlightenment”, I can assure you they close.) However, consider DNA in both the egg and sperm at the moment of conception, energized by “enlightened” copulation. Further, consider this in a Neanderthal couple. Voila! Cro-Magnon man!

Then, the purpose of sex would not simply be the propagation of the species, but THE EVOLUTION of the species! Oh, I forgot something. To generate the energy required for enlightenment at whatever level, it takes the added ingredient of love and a desire to bring as much pleasure to her as humanly possible. The more “pleasure” she has, the more energy she generates and the more genes are opened. At least, it validates the saying, “God isn’t finished with us yet.” Neat, eh?

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