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The Messenger.

January 25, 2012

I would ask, “Who the hell is this guy trying to teach us something about sex and love?”  Then I would answer I have no academic credentials in this field.  My Batchelor’s degree is in Ocean Engineering and my Master’s is in Business.  I am a teacher, once holding the academic rank of Associate Professor.  But, I have something better.  Experience!

Experience by itself is of no value until it is analyzed.  So, I went to the best in the business of sexual science, Dr. Beverly Whipple, and started asking questions.  With my academic background, I was able to understand much of what I read.  I received answers and leads.  My experience went far beyond the state of sexual science today.  My questions started with female ejaculation.  Most of Dr. Whipple’s work was around Neurophysiology with a more scientific focus on orgasm and female ejaculation from the prostate.  I knew there was more.

In the past couple of years, there are scientific papers on orgasmic discharge from the urinary bladder (not urine) and from the vagina.  My experience was finally validated by science.  “But wait,” as Billy Mays used to say.  “There’s more!”

I had also experienced a form of Transcendent sex and orgasmic bioluminescence.  Through other leads, I found information on these subjects as well.  I also read material on sexual practices of the occult, sexual archeology and anthropology, sexual history and politics, and culled a little information on love.  Not much information on love, but there are clues.

Over the years, Dr. Whipple and I have become friends.  We can tease each other, but she allows me to get away with nothing!  On a recent visit I was telling her that transcendent sex was altered brain chemistry.  She asked, “Which part of the brain?”  Were science-speak more a part of my vocabulary I would have responded, “It’s idiopathic.”  But, I just said, “Duh! I dunno.”  On reflection, I wrote her and said I guess it depends on the form of transcendence.

A few things I have learned from or through her are:

  1. There are 3.5 billion women on this planet and they are all different, to one degree or another.  So are we.
  2. There is a lot more to sex than the Big O.
  3.  Sexual intercourse is not necessary to get any of the sexual responses, including the Big O.
  4. We’ve all been conned out of sexual love, and
  5. Perhaps most important, all of the “experts” including me, come from their own agenda, based on their experience and the lies they’ve been told over the centuries.  So do the rest of us.

Some of the “conclusions” at which I arrive, are simply my own thoughts on the subject: conjecture and speculation.  But I tell you.  And, like others, I pick and choose the science that validates my experience, but I try and let you know varying opinions.  For example, love is defined as a “feeling.”  I find the definition limiting.  Feelings come from brain chemistry due to certain genes being activated, or expressed.  I look at love as a form of energy all about us, which we can allow, or disallow, to express, or not express those genes.  If it is a feeling, then we are responsible for that feeling.  If it is energy, then we are only responsible for allowing it!

Why don’t we allow it?  Brainwashing!  Centuries of brainwashing.  I’ve traced some of it and quite frankly it pisses me off!  We’ve been inculcated to live under a sexual paradigm of pleasure and/or procreation.  I tell you from experience, there is a third “P:” power.  Napoleon Hill called it “access to infinite intelligence.”  My speculation (see what I mean?) is when sex is coupled with love, and the focus of the act is on giving and receiving love, rather than pleasure, we become empowered!  I again speculate that these energies express new, or modify old, genes, altering our brain chemistry positively.

Before I learned a lot of this, I wrote The Sacred Female, my first novel.  I wanted to share the experiences so that others might also share them with their beloved and become far more empowered than I.  Now I share the mechanisms, and possible mechanisms that create this experience and the power.

I am just a messenger.

Copyright 2012 Art Noble

It’s a Sad Fact…

January 10, 2012

It is a sad fact that “knowledge” about love and sex has been dictated to us over the centuries.  Most of it is myth and misinformation.  We believe we have to “like” some one in order to love them.  Although this is quite true in intimate relationships, is not true about the rest of the world.  We can wish for, or pray for, or think about the highest good of others without even knowing who they are or what their highest good is!  We may abhor their behavior, but still wish for their highest good.

When it gets up close and personal—here I speak of acquaintances, friends and neighbors—we have the opportunity to not only “think about,” but actually do something that may be in their best interest and higher good.  Sometimes, it is just staying out of their way.

For most guys, and a lot of women, love has been removed from sex, or confused with it.  We view sex simply as a pleasurable activity with someone we may or may not love, like or even know.  Well, yeah.  We have a natural sexual desire.  It comes from the paraventricular nucleus in the hypothalamus; the same place thirst comes from.  So, as long as we get thirsty, we will have sexual desire. (Pass me a glass of water.)  The hypothalamus is the size of a pea and the paraventricular nucleus is a tiny part of it.  I never knew such a little thing could get me in so much trouble!

 Intimate sexual love takes time.  There are two reasons for this. 

  1. Biochemical.  It takes longer for the bonding hormone oxytocin to build up in the man than it does in the woman.
  2. Social.  We all wear masks when on the hunt: both men and women.  To get to really know a person takes time.  We have to be comfortable with them and that is a function of who we really are as well as who they are.  Some wear masks all their lives.

When we do get to know them—emotionally—then we can get to know them physically.  The Kama Sutra recommends taking three days of non-genital erotic play after marriage to get to know each other’s bodies.  There are many more erogenous zones on the human body than the genitalia, and they are all different for each of us.

 It seems today, everybody is worried about the “Big O.”  First, that is only one of many sexual responses, some making the Big O seem like a non-event and sexual contact, intercourse or masturbation is not necessary to produce any of them!  But, we haven’t been told this or trained in it.  Honestly, from what I’ve heard from most guys their “Big O” isn’t much more than prostate maintenance coupled with an ego trip.

 We’ve heard about “magic buttons” on women, like the clitoris and G spot.  But for both genders the real “magic button” is the essence of your beloved!  Get to know it, and then open yourself to let love reverently flow through you to that essence.  Think about transmitting love rather than producing pleasure.  Now, you are making love instead of having sex.  You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Copyright Art Noble 2012

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