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August 6, 2015



Most (damn near all) Western Homo sapiens sapiens (us) are whack jobs who can screw up an anvil with a rubber mallet!  Both genders, including me!

I began my research into sexology about 15 years ago to find out what was going on in our bodies after an awesome sexual experience.  It took 10 years just to find out the name: transcendent sex.  I got all the way down to the genetic level in our bodies without answers until I threw love into the pot.  Then it happened.  It worked!

I looked at love with an engineer’s eye: a different perspective.  Love is an energy spectrum impacting us at the genetic level.  It at least impacts our epigenome, and who knows after that?  Erotic love is apparently the most powerful because of the passion or amplitude of the energy we are transmitting.  Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Greeks defined Eros, the god of erotic love, as one who endowed us with creative powers and the ability to bring order out of chaos.  Around the time of Plato, Eros was diminished to the god of sexual pleasure.

One of the things I learned is sexology is very subjective.  Everybody is out to promote their view.  Me too.  The difference I claim is, I focus on love—attributes and behaviors—along with our biology.  I recognize there are no biological absolutes and we each have our own individual uniqueness.  I admit you are your own best “sex expert,” once you divest yourself of 5,000 years of fear-based BS creating your epigenome and screwing up your genes.  That is the tough part.

So, what is this war on women?  Face it!  We live in a greed based patriarchy.  We are given “standards of normalcy” from patriarchal authority.  What I have learned is that when I put anyone down, I am putting me down, which is where this authority wants me.  I don’t belong down!  Misogyny is not about putting women down.  It is about keeping men down!  The war on women is but a strategy in the war on love.  Until we come together in love, recognizing what fantastic creatures we and others are in their own right, “they” win!


March 11, 2014

edu2  We are told “formal” education began in Egypt about 5000 years ago, although military training was probably earlier.  In both China and India we are told it began 1200 years later, around 1800 BCE.  All formal education was based on “religion” as a mechanism for holding people together and controlling them.  In Egypt, it was the study of the gods Troth, etc.  In China it was Confucius.  In India it was Shiva and Shakti.  Then there was a pantheon of gods and goddesses.  Along came Judaism, with oral teachings until about 400 BCE according to some scholars or 1000 BC according to others and again we have religious teachings.  Most of these are based in fear.  This was followed by Christianity that really began with the Church at the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE.  It was formalized around 400 CE when Jerome translated the Bible from the three languages: Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic into Latin, and all the references to “Eros” were deleted and replaced with “Agape” which originally included Eros.  Around 800 CE, along came Islam.  Science, engineering and other disciplines were taught to build weapons for imperial expansion and fortifications as well as tombs to physically demonstrate how important religion is.  And here we are today.

One thing in common with all the “religions” is no mention of erotic love, except in the Upanishads, at least in the modern translations of these religions.   Many will talk about love in a round about way, but not really get into it.  It is my understanding, and I could be wrong, that Tantra evolved from the Upanishads.  I am sure there were other cultures extolling the virtues of erotic love, but not as well known as ancient India.  It appears to me, religion wishes to keep us away from erotic love.  Those who reject the church and focus on pleasure are of no threat to the control exercised by religion, so it is not only acceptable but also provides a mechanism for “divide and conquer.”

So where are we today?  I look around and I see Mammon as the “new” god, though he has been around since the dawn of civilization.  As Mammon’s servant, I see sexual pleasure.  Sexual pleasure is cool, because there may not be any real love there, and if there is, we can always change the focus back to pleasure.  At any rate, I have had a glimpse at what can happen with erotic love and other kinds of love, so that is what I “preach.”

Copyright 2014 Art Noble

Genital Detachment.

November 1, 2013

Woman glyph  I snicker at all the modern gurus who tell us to “get centered” then take the cookie cutter of disregard to our genitalia in the center of our bodies.   Consider an automotive engineer lecturing on how an automobile works, ignoring the carburetor.  Words, their use or non-use, have a direct impact on how we think.  And how we think is how we are… up to a point.

We did not come into this world separated from our genitalia or thinking “sex’ was a bad thing.  Toddlers explore their genitalia, until their parents come along and slap the crap out of them for doing something bad.  So, we begin detaching from our genitalia early in life.  Of course, if mine (male) are bad, yours are worse, ‘cause you are just a girl.  Or, the other way around.

This is nothing new.  Throughout history, we’ve developed what we euphemistically call “pet names” for our genitalia.  There are 2600 in English.  Most are vile, as in violent.  Some, deriving their name from sacredness were turned to express disgust.  I see this as part of some grand conspiracy to keep us from the full glory of our humanity.  This way, we may remain subservient to some sadistic, sociopathic “authority.”  It is a big con game and we are the dupes!

The big con is the politically constructed, sexual paradigm of pleasure and/or procreation.  That’s it.  That is all sex is about: one or the other.  By detaching our genitalia, even objectively with words like “penis” and “vagina” they are no longer a part of us; just a free floating entity, examined on the basis of pleasure or procreation.  With many of the “pet names,” it is even worse.

Interestingly, the word penis comes from a Latin word meaning “animal’s tail.”  Think of a dog’s tail.  It usually just hangs down between the legs.  It points straight out when on the hunt, and sticks straight up in the Alpha mode.  In Sanskrit, the word “lingam” is used. Lingam translates to “wand of light.”  There are two possible origins of this word:

1. Our enlightenment, or

2. Our bioluminescence.

Our enlightenment begins with awareness, something authority does not want us to have and I have written about bioluminescence in other blogs.[1]

The word vagina, coined circa 1580 by Realdo Matteo Colombo, an Italian anatomist: a guy.  The word in Latin means “sheath” or “scabbard,” as if something a man’s sword goes into.  This creates the image of an act of war, not an act of love.  The Sanskrit word, “yoni” means sacred place.  This is the sacred place on the entire woman: the whole darn critter!

Looking at the origin of words and sounds, I found the  “quh,” “ku,” “kuh,” and “coo” sounds are fairly universal in describing goddesses in ancient cultures: kunti, kunthi, kunda, etc., and other words for the Great Earth Mother, and universal yonis.  Keeping it simple, did you ever listed to a baby coo?  Did you ever think they might be trying to tell us something?  Naw. They are just babies.  They don’t know anything.  (Until I teach them all the garbage I’ve been taught for thousands of years.)

It should be noted Reginer deGraff around 1660 gave us another possible origin of the word cunt.  In cuneiform—there is that “coo” sound again—the Sumerian symbol for woman was the inverted triangle with the vertical cleft.  The inverted triangle is called the chaliceThe cleft was made with a wedge-tool called a cuneus, which is also the name for the impression made in the soft clay by that tool.  The word cunnus in Latin is translated as cunt.[2]  But, this was the symbol for the entire woman.  The symbol also meant “giver of life.”  Archeologists interpret this as childbirth.  I suggest it could also mean a different life through our enlightenment: our new awareness.

It is from these sounds and the names of these sacred goddesses that many believe are the origin of the word “cunt,” which we now believe is the most obscene word in the English language.  It became a disgusting word in England around the 14th Century in England, and perhaps other parts of Europe.  This set the stage for the 15th Century Malleus Maleficarum demonizing women in order to acquire wealth for the Church.  What do you think happened to the property of all the women burned at the stake?  This was a quick follow up to the Spanish Inquisition, making Ferddy and Izzy rich enough to sponsor Chris on his quest for India.  It took longer to con the masses because they didn’t have the net or other means of transmitting “misinformation.”  What a con!  The demonization continues with our “pet names” for each others genitalia.

Cunt was also the early name given to the priestesses of love (we denigrate to “temple prostitute”) in the Temples of Inanna, Isis, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, etc.  It is strange we never hear the wealth accumulated in these temples, be it coin or food, was distributed to the poor, elderly and ill within the communities where the temples were located.  Sounds like “Christian” values to me.

The word pussy is found in Egyptology.  The cat was the sacred animal in ancient Egypt.  Today it is a slang term when applied to men means “less than.,” a wuss, a coward.  I like what Betty White is reputed to say: “Have balls?  You ought to have a pussy!  It takes a beating day in and day out and keeps on going.”  Same con.  Both genders.

Have you ever heard a guy refer to “his Johnson?”  If his last name isn’t Johnson, it isn’t his.  How about his dick?  If his first name isn’t Richard, it isn’t his.  By detaching from our genitalia, we are no longer responsible for any actions “it” may take.  Even modern medicine divides us by our organs and components, so integrating ourselves is a tougher job.

If we are going to have “detachment,” at least we can refer to our sacred places with more beautiful terms, reflecting the magnificent beauty the act can bring to us.  The female vulva is described as a “bower of bliss,” a flower garden, a lotus opening with love as a flower opens with sunshine, and many others throughout history.  A magic wand, a wand of enlightenment, an evolutionary tool, even an applicator of love—the glue that holds the universe together—are better than what are commonly used today.

Be it clearly known, I am no archeologist, linguist or sexual scientist.  I am a man who has seen the beauty and benefits of a small attitude change in making love with a woman.  My research focuses solely on this: both the positive and the negative we have been “taught” through the centuries.  They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and I am a danger to authority who would maintain the sheeple status of mankind.  I know it works!  You won’t until you try it.


Copyright 2013  Art Noble





[2] Blackledge, C., The Story of V, Rutgers University Press, 2004

Sexual Perspective.

December 25, 2012

We each have our own, somewhat unique perspective on the subject of sex. Many times, what we say for political correctness and what we do are two different things. I feel we are like the five blind men and the elephant. Some stand on one side of the elephant yelling, “Procreation!” Yet, they do not stand in exactly the same spot, so their view and perspective is different. On the other side of the elephant, the crowd shouts, “Pleasure.” They too stand in different spots. The legs could be called “bonding,” “intimacy,” “kink” and “other” where other is GLBT etc. the tail, trunk and tusks are up for grabs.

Our perspective comes from what we have learned through our experience and our mental input about the experiences and dysfunctional beliefs of others ranging from hard-core porn to scientific research. As I was studying sexual biology, it occurred to me everything we do and feel is first a mental and or physical stimulation of nerve endings and secondly how our mind interprets, enhancing or blocking, those impulses. This interpretation impacts us at the level of our DNA, providing slightly different brain chemistry for each of us. This in turn, affects our behavior. The masochist stubbing his toe, might kick the chair again because it feels good? I don’t know.

Because the sexual responses I experienced were beyond orgasm, and what science says, I had to put sex in the category of nerve ending stimulation. As I continued to learn, I found that coitus, nor even genital contact, were necessary to elicit any of these sexual responses: they could all occur through mental stimulation. Of course, there is something missing fro the non-genital response: the warmth of human contact. What is this warmth? Could it be a tiny bit of love? And what is love? I’ve already discussed this in my blog, Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum. The result of this thinking is the premise; sex is a mechanism for transmitting love. This puts our elephant in an entirely different perspective.

I would point out, our pleasure/procreation paradigm is both incomplete and a political construct designed to keep us from even thinking about transmitting love during sex! Why? “Authority” does not want us doing this. Keep us fat dumb and happy with pleasure or kids and forget about love. This started about 5 or 10,000 years ago, so it is pretty well ingrained in us. I’ve looked at many of the admonitions about sex and love throughout history as well as the historic transformations occurring through erotic love. Those transformed realize how full of crap “authority” is on this subject which is why they want to keep us fat, dumb and happy.

Where others call our transformation a “spiritual experience,” because they don’t really know what is happening, I prefer to call it a genetic restructuring because I don’t really know what is happening. But, genetic restructuring is something I can get my head around to explain what the heck is going on in our bodies.

So, there you have it: both another perspective on sex and a reason why this has been kept from us. You are free to choose. I might add that orgasm can become a non-event—a miniscule thing compared to the joy and ecstasy available—when transmitting love.
© Art Noble 2012

The Messenger.

January 25, 2012

I would ask, “Who the hell is this guy trying to teach us something about sex and love?”  Then I would answer I have no academic credentials in this field.  My Batchelor’s degree is in Ocean Engineering and my Master’s is in Business.  I am a teacher, once holding the academic rank of Associate Professor.  But, I have something better.  Experience!

Experience by itself is of no value until it is analyzed.  So, I went to the best in the business of sexual science, Dr. Beverly Whipple, and started asking questions.  With my academic background, I was able to understand much of what I read.  I received answers and leads.  My experience went far beyond the state of sexual science today.  My questions started with female ejaculation.  Most of Dr. Whipple’s work was around Neurophysiology with a more scientific focus on orgasm and female ejaculation from the prostate.  I knew there was more.

In the past couple of years, there are scientific papers on orgasmic discharge from the urinary bladder (not urine) and from the vagina.  My experience was finally validated by science.  “But wait,” as Billy Mays used to say.  “There’s more!”

I had also experienced a form of Transcendent sex and orgasmic bioluminescence.  Through other leads, I found information on these subjects as well.  I also read material on sexual practices of the occult, sexual archeology and anthropology, sexual history and politics, and culled a little information on love.  Not much information on love, but there are clues.

Over the years, Dr. Whipple and I have become friends.  We can tease each other, but she allows me to get away with nothing!  On a recent visit I was telling her that transcendent sex was altered brain chemistry.  She asked, “Which part of the brain?”  Were science-speak more a part of my vocabulary I would have responded, “It’s idiopathic.”  But, I just said, “Duh! I dunno.”  On reflection, I wrote her and said I guess it depends on the form of transcendence.

A few things I have learned from or through her are:

  1. There are 3.5 billion women on this planet and they are all different, to one degree or another.  So are we.
  2. There is a lot more to sex than the Big O.
  3.  Sexual intercourse is not necessary to get any of the sexual responses, including the Big O.
  4. We’ve all been conned out of sexual love, and
  5. Perhaps most important, all of the “experts” including me, come from their own agenda, based on their experience and the lies they’ve been told over the centuries.  So do the rest of us.

Some of the “conclusions” at which I arrive, are simply my own thoughts on the subject: conjecture and speculation.  But I tell you.  And, like others, I pick and choose the science that validates my experience, but I try and let you know varying opinions.  For example, love is defined as a “feeling.”  I find the definition limiting.  Feelings come from brain chemistry due to certain genes being activated, or expressed.  I look at love as a form of energy all about us, which we can allow, or disallow, to express, or not express those genes.  If it is a feeling, then we are responsible for that feeling.  If it is energy, then we are only responsible for allowing it!

Why don’t we allow it?  Brainwashing!  Centuries of brainwashing.  I’ve traced some of it and quite frankly it pisses me off!  We’ve been inculcated to live under a sexual paradigm of pleasure and/or procreation.  I tell you from experience, there is a third “P:” power.  Napoleon Hill called it “access to infinite intelligence.”  My speculation (see what I mean?) is when sex is coupled with love, and the focus of the act is on giving and receiving love, rather than pleasure, we become empowered!  I again speculate that these energies express new, or modify old, genes, altering our brain chemistry positively.

Before I learned a lot of this, I wrote The Sacred Female, my first novel.  I wanted to share the experiences so that others might also share them with their beloved and become far more empowered than I.  Now I share the mechanisms, and possible mechanisms that create this experience and the power.

I am just a messenger.

Copyright 2012 Art Noble

Interview with Richard Andrews – Part 2.

August 14, 2011

(Richard Andrews is the main character in The Sacred Female. It is just a fun trip to interview him. Go here for Part 1.

Host: Hi, Rich. Welcome back.

Rich: Thank you. Good to be back.

Host: When we parted last, you were going to tell us about bogus beliefs. Just what do you mean by a “bogus belief?”

Rich: We are told many; many things about sex that just aren’t true. When be believe them, it seems like our bodies respond in accord with our beliefs, limiting us in many ways.

Host: What do you mean by that?

Rich: As an example, when I was a college kid, there was an article in Time magazine titled, “Men ejaculate. Women Lactate.” Just by that title alone, from an authoritative voice, it puts a bogus belief in our heads. If women believe it, they don’t ejaculate, depriving themselves of a lot of pleasure. If men believe it, and their partner ejaculates, they think it is urine or something and get bent out of shape.[1]

Host: I can understand that.

Rich: Does that mean you don’t “approve?”

Host: Not exactly. I’d never heard of it before I read your story.

Rich: That’s the whole damn problem! We are just ignorant about sexual responses and even how badly we are locked up about our sexuality!

Host: I’ll agree with you on that! Now, tell us about the glow that came from her head when you , uh, when you er…

Rich: Had an orgasm? You can’t even say it! Sheesh! Well, it wasn’t just from her head. Her whole body was glowing, lighting up the room. At first, I thought I was hallucinating. Then I thought the rods and cones in my eyeballs had opened up, letting more light in. I had, and have no idea what was going on. But it happened! She lit up like a firefly in mating season with a white light.[2]

Host: Amazing!

Rich: That was only the beginning! We experienced transcendent sex!

Host: What’s that?

Rich: Science defines transcendence as an alteration of brain chemistry. I guess our activity was really sending out nerve impulses that produced a lot of chemicals, altering our brain chemistry.

Host: Is this like an “acid trip?”

Rich: I don’t know. Never been on one. But it was as if we were reduced to our essences: two points of light, that came together as one. It was the most beautiful experience in my life!

Host: Whoa! That’s fantastic!

Rich: Good word: fantastic. We hear about all this stuff and think people are making it up. Well, we aren’t. It’s real.

Host: So, bottom line is some of the myths are bogus and some are real. How do you tell the difference?

Rich: Simple. Anything demonizing or demeaning to women goes in the BS pile. Anything of great, “fantastic,” beauty goes into the reality pile.

Host: Does this mean that all women are these fantastic, wonderful creatures?

Rich: It is my opinion they all have the capacity to be. But, we’ve been putting them down for thousands of years. Sometimes, very hard! They react, the same way we would, and it’s not nice.

Host: One last thing, Rich. It the story, you describe a new awareness that you have. As a two-part question, how would you describe it and where do you think it comes from?

Rich: There are many names for it: transformation, awakening and evolving to name three. I prefer “growth of consciousness.” Consider it as an extension of having our brain chemistry altered on a more permanent basis. We exercise our muscles when we work or work-out; we exercise our brains through education. But we don’t exercise our consciousness much at all.

Host: OK, Rich. Where does it come from?

Rich: That’s easy. Love. [3]

(Dead air)

Host: You have left me speechless; not a good thing for a host. This is a lot to digest and though I really enjoy interviewing you, right now I’m glad we are about out of time. I hope we can get you back in the near future?

Rich. Glad to accommodate you.

Host: Thank you again. And now, a word from our sponsor.

[1] The Bible and Female Ejaculatory Orgasms

[2] A shamanic breathing ritual produces a glow in the practitioner. It is possible that during the orgasmic plateau phase of intercourse, the partner’s breathing mimics this practice, producing the glowing results. Also, it is possibly a function of excess Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) that changes into photons.

[3] What is Love?
Copyright Art Noble 2011

Man. Woman. Sex.

June 17, 2010

            I generalize and speak for myself when I say, “Men are taught how to get laid and women are taught how to get a man.”  For men, well, sex feels good: some women too.  Both men and women like feeling good.

           Dr. Cindy Meston enumerated 237 reasons Why Humans Have Sex.  These reasons are broken into four categories:

  1. Physical; stress reduction, pleasure, desirability, experience seeking.
  2. Goal attainment; resources, social status, revenge.
  3. Emotional; love and commitment, expression.
  4. Insecurity; self esteem, mate guarding, duty/pressure.

Under emotional, at number 227 overall on the list, was “feeling close to God”.  This is the focus of this blog.

            Since the dawn of man, sex and spirituality have gone together.  With the advent of civilization, that changed.  Man’s spirituality may be expressed in many ways besides sexual love.  However, it seems to me, all of them involve some segment of love’s spectrum, of which sexual love is but one.  It also seems to me that sexual love is the most powerful for the individual parties involved.

            My initial focus in my studies was on female ejaculatory orgasms, a phenomenon still denied in many scientific circles.  However, recorded Western history both confirms its normality beginning with Leviticus 12: (1425 BC) to Hippocrates “double seed theory” (400 BC—seeds from male and female ejaculate were required to conceive a child) and its promotion by the Roman church until 1770 AD; the first successful artificial insemination experiment.  So, it is only for the last 200 years or so that female ejaculatory orgasms were denigrated.  Case closed.

            Female ejaculatory is more pleasurable for women than non-ejaculatory orgasms.  I make that statement because this is what women tell me.  They also told this to Dr. Reginer de Gaff in 1660!  It is nothing new.  However, neither ejaculation, nor the pleasure received (and given) is the end: it is just a beginning.  The quantity of pleasure felt by a woman (or man) is directly proportional to the quantity of electrochemical energy she allows to be generated with a sexual experience.

            My clinical definition of sex is “the mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve ends, creating electrochemical energy, resulting in pleasurable sensations in the genitalia and other sexual responses.”  Unfortunately, since this stimulation results in a “response”, a response can be repressed.  “Authorities” for the last 200 years or so, suppressed (outside force) both female orgasm and ejaculation so that women will repress (inside force) this response.

  1. Krafft-Ebing in 1886 said ejaculation was a lesbian condition.  Women who did not wish to be considered lesbians repressed the response.
  2. Freud in 1905 said a vaginal mucus discharge was disgusting.  Women who did not wish to be considered disgusting repressed the response.  However, the “mucous discharge” comes through the urethra.  Vaginal orgasmic discharge is through the vagina, clear, thin and copious!
  3. Kinsey in 1948 said it was urinary stress incontinence.  Women who did not want their lover to think they were urinating on him repressed this response.
  4. Masters in 1966 echoed Kinsey with the same results.

Men believe these erroneous doctrines as well.  In the 70’s, a man filed for and received an order of divorce because his wife was urinating on him during their honeymoon!  So, everyday man also contributes to the suppression of this response.  This is done to their detriment!

            Question:  What is so cool about electrochemical energy?

            Answer:  It expresses genes!  Genes are segments of base pairs on our DNA.  They are thought of as switches.  Electrochemical energy turns them on or off.  When a gene is turned on, it is said to be expressed.  We know that calcium ions (Ca+, a form of electrochemical energy) express genes that control the production of dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters and neuroreceptors.  We currently know of other ions that express other genes in the sexual experience to produce things like Oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and PSA, Prostatic Specific Antigen found in ejaculate from both genders because its production is controlled by a gene on chromosome 19 that has nothing to do with gender!  It is just human, or perhaps animal. 

            My experience, and knowledge that science isn’t finished yet, leads me to guess, and believe, that other genes may be expressed not only to provide the experiences in transcendent sex, but also to alter our brain chemistry.  This alteration allows us to use our brains more effectively.  Notice I did not say “think”.  Here I speak of “intuitive powers” or “psychic” or “paranormal” activity.  First, I believe every human being is unique, so there is no “one size fits all” type of expression.  Second, I wonder if “paranormal” is not actually “normal” and we live in a “sub-normal” state?

            So, what does it take to receive this power form altered brain chemistry?  Again my guess is love: unconditional love.  Hold on!  “Love” is not necessary to generate sexual responses!  A woman may think her orgasm is an indicator of love, but it is only an indicator of how much energy she allowed to be generated.  Love helps, but initially, hormones are more important.  Orgasm, transcendent sex or any sexual response is not an indicator of a lasting relationship.  Only the discipline of love will provide longevity.

            “Love” implies many things: trust, respect acceptance and intimacy among others.  These qualities must be present in the individual before they can be given to another.  You cannot give what you do not have!

            Now, what makes women such fantastic creatures?  To date in my studies, I have found 16 different areas in the female genitalia that produce electrochemical energy.  Men have 6.  This is only physical. The mind activates this.  So a man has to look, smell, and sound “good” to the woman before you get started!  But once you do, it is strongly advised and recommended for your benefit, you treat the woman at least with respect—even reverence—for what this can do for both of you. 

            Better yet, through some mechanism, it seems that the energy created in her is somehow transferred to the man as an additional gift of love.  I have no idea how it works.  It just does.

            Is this all to discount the “spiritual experience”?  Not at all.  It simply offers a possible explanation of how this creative energy may work in humans.  It is just something that “left brained” guys can hang onto while science gets us a better answer—if they ever look for one.

            Many women intuitively know of their power and seek other outlets.  Their husbands and lovers have been conned out of it.  I just wanted to show how the con works.  Just maybe, some men will catch on and get it back.

Swimming Upstream

June 1, 2010

I’ve been told going against the flow is not recommended. I’m glad nobody told salmon this. There was a catch phrase many years ago, “Question Authority”. I’m a late bloomer, so now I question authority as it relates to sex. Of course, this is like trying to swim upstream over Niagara Falls.

My first question to Authority is, “Why are you giving us all this false information?”

The answer is, “So you will be easier to control. We (the Authority) find that most humans respond to fear quite easily: like 1000 sheep being herded by three or four dogs. If we instill fear, it doesn’t take much to keep you in line.”

My second question is, “How are you going to keep us from finding out what you are saying is false?”

The answer is, “By making it a forbidden topic. Not only that, we will get interdisciplinary authorities to confirm and validate our falsehoods. Further, we will demonize it, so it is not only forbidden, but involvement will place you on the side of the demons. If you do question it, then everybody who believes us will simply disregard what you are saying. They will close their ears, to avoid associating with demons. We are smart that way.”

I finally ask, “Then you would deny man the fullness of his or her humanity simply to control them”

“In a word, yes.”

Well, it is now quite obvious to me that bringing you a different message about the “spiritual side” of sex is swimming upstream! Why? There are many new ideas and concepts as foreign to conventional thinking as Quantum Mechanics is to Newtonian physics.

First, I see many people in the “spiritual world” using the word “energy”. I wonder if they know what it means? I have some knowledge, enough to know it is a measurable entity, it has many forms, and it may exist as either in potential or kinetic states. Further, just because we know of many forms of energy, electrical, chemical, mechanical, etc., doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there we don’t know about. So, we haven’t measured them… yet.
Second is the word, “spiritual”. Do people have spiritual experiences? Absolutely! But what are they? These are powerful experiences to an individual, upsetting our “normal” brain function. We know much of our brain works from two sources: 1. Our genes, and 2. Our beliefs. Our beliefs control our genetic responses to energetic stimulation. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Third, is our genes. Our map of the human genome is as accurate as Amerigo Vespucci’s map of the New World in the year 1500. What we do know is that genes produce amino acids—they have found 20 different amino acids, so far. These amino acids combine to form five classes (so far) of proteins: hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters, neuroreceptors and structural protein. These various proteins, WHEN OUR BELIEF SYSTEMS ALLOW THEM TO BE FORMED, keep us alive, at least in the survival mode.
Fourth, and last, is the word “love”. Suppose love were a kind of energy spectrum all around us, perhaps even throughout the universe? What we call “love” is actually the behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that allow this creative energy to permeate our being, our essence, thereby enhancing our lives.

Whew! These are pretty heavy concepts! They fly in the face of “authoritative conventional wisdom”. So, it would be foolish of me to demand, ask or even suggest you accept them. I’m even willing to admit they may all be in error. But, intuitively I know that human beings are fantastic creatures (especially women). My experience tells me there is a world out there beyond the world of the commonplace we experience on a daily basis. This is simply an explanation of what might be happening within us. The really nice thing is, it doesn’t have to be right! Something wondrous does happen, so whether you believe this is the mechanism or not is immaterial. What is important is that you experience it. So, let’s put it together.

Energy is funny stuff. We eat food: chemical energy. Our bodies at the cellular level break it down into electrochemical energy (ions). These form proteins, which we convert to mechanical energy as seen by our heart beating and our walking around. Then, there is “sexual energy”. Now, until Plato got hold of him, Eros was defined as, “not only the force of erotic love, but also the creative urge of ever flowing nature, the first born Light of coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos.” The word force implies an influence that produces motion or a change in motion. This force is created by kinetic energy—acting over time, i.e., work—to influence or produce motion or a change in motion. Love is the energy!

After Plato, we were left with the obvious: sex is for procreation or pleasure. The power of “the creative urge of ever flowing nature” was cast aside. That was around 325 BC.

Spiritual? We humans observe and have experiences we cannot explain by “conventional wisdom” as it existed from the dawn of man until now. So, we credit God, or gods and goddesses for the occurrences. Early on, man invented or created anthropomorphic gods and goddesses, for various facets, to explain these occurrences. Generally, today, there is but One, although Christianity seems to have three. I would call this God “Love”, but since love is a spectrum of energy, we could easily return to the pantheistic without understanding it is all part of the same energy spectrum. We still cannot explain these experiences or their occurrences. We can only guess, as I am doing.

It is nice to know that we know so little about the human genome. We can now credit our genes for “spiritual experiences”, without proof: only inductive reasoning, which may be flawed. One scientist came up with the guess that there was a homosexual gene. Many who wanted to believe it, believed it without proof. It was later dis-proven by those who wanted to keep homosexuality as a moral issue. But genes are funny critters. So far, science only knows of one gene, whose amino acid forms one protein that performs one function in the human body. The rest of them produce very complex amino acids and combine in a complex fashion to form proteins and there are possible combinations still waiting to be investigated. Could one or more of these combinations operate on our brains to make us more effective? To bring about the creative urge of ever flowing nature? I think so, but thinking has its limitations.

Lastly love as a creative energy spectrum certainly validates the expression, “God is love”.

So, what does sex have to do with all this? A clinical definition of sex may be “The mental and/or physical stimulation of nerve ends, creating electro chemical energy that results in pleasurable sensations in the genitalia and other sexual responses.” The word “mental” implies in part, our belief systems about sex and sexuality, most of which was imposed upon us by authoritative voices. This causes us to believe, at its worst, sex is only for procreation, or at the current best, sex is for pleasure. The creative power is disregarded or minimized as childbirth being the ultimate creative power. The true creative power is accessible to all men and women, through the gift of love. We only need open ourselves to it.

But for goodness sakes! Let’s don’t talk about it! “They” don’t want us to.

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