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Aliens or Love?

November 26, 2011

Ed Leedskalnin

            The problem with the “Ancient Astronaut” theory is that it diminishes man to a bestial state, with no hope of any achievement other than making money.  We humans are fantastic creatures, but we are shamed into believing we are not!  This is not to say ancient astronauts don’t exist, but a lot of the head gear looks like modern diving equipment to me.  We just don’t believe that humans can build things like the Pyramids and the structures at Machu Picchu.   We humans have great potential!  And our biology is still a mystery, even to scientists.  

It was a chilly, Spring Latvian night in 1913, as the 26 year-old Ed sat at his empty table, alternately weeping and sobbing.  It was supposed to be a night of anticipatory joy and excitement.  He was supposed to be married the next day.  His 16 year-old fiancé left an hour or so before, saying she had found another.  Ed, never forgot the name that might have been, Agnes Scuffs, or Skuvst, or Hermīne Lōuis?  We don’t know, but Ed did. Hearts may break, but love and hope remain.  Was this great love the source of his amazing accomplishments?  In the article, Love: A Many Splendored Spectrum, I suggest that love is an energy that can restructure our genetic code, possibly giving us access to infinite intelligence, as Hill put it. 

Edward Leedskalnin was born in Latvia in 1887.  He was not wealthy and only had a fourth-grade education.  The one hundred pound Ed immigrated to North America after the break-up and in 1919 bought land in Florida City where he began single–handed construction on Coral Castle: America’s answer to the Taj Majal.  Coral Castle is made of hewn oolitic limestone blocks having an average weight of 14 tons!  The largest block weighs 27 tons!  The 9-ton gate could be opened with the push of a child’s finger!  In 1936, he single handedly moved the structure North to Homestead, Florida to avoid the development in Florida City.   He continued his work until his death in 1951.

Ed did have a home made tripod, with a four-fall block and tackle at the hand-lashed top.  The six to eight inch diameter legs were made of Dade County pine, which is harder than a bankers heart when cured: almost impervious to nails.  But it is mechanically impossible for a 100-pound man to generate the purchase required to lift a 27-ton block!  Further, that weight would splinter the tripod legs: unless it didn’t “weigh” that much.

 When asked how he did it, Ed would give polite but vague answers: “learning the secrets of ancient Egypt,” or “being in line with the Earth’s magnetic field,” or “a perpetual motion machine.”  Allegedly, some teenagers sneaking a peek at his work saw him “levitating” the blocks into place.  Photographs show a “shoe-box” sized box on top of the tripod, but the box has never been found.  Through his great love, did he find access to “infinite intelligence” on a need-to-know basis?  Did this access allow him to construct something assisting him in the movement of the huge blocks: an “anti-gravity” machine?  From his pamphlets on magnetism, he believed he was using the earth’s magnetic field as an assist.  But how did he make the perfect cuts?

It is quite possible he didn’t really intellectually “know” how he did it.  He just did it.  The key is in his continual reference to “Sweet Sixteen” or his “earlier love.”  It is important to note, this love was unrequited.  He didn’t get any!  From his later laments on morality, we can assume somebody else did.  One can only wonder what could have happened had they married?

It is further quite possible we will never “intellectually know” how he did it.  A more rational explanation would be the energy of his great love raised him, not only “from mediocrity to the altitude of genius,” but also to a different plane of consciousness, inexplicable to the rational mind, where he had access to infinite intelligence.  That was easy!  And, it carries Kohlberg’s statement about communicating across more than one level of morality to the next level![1]   If communicating across more than one level of morality at an intellectual level of consciousness is impossible, what about communicating across levels of consciousness?

There are those who speculate, perhaps believe, that Edward Leedskalnin was an alien, similar to the Ancient Astronauts.  He was small in stature, as are the “Grays” seen on TV.  But, he died of malnutrition from stomach cancer, in a very human way.  Possibly eaten alive by his resentment of immoral young men or his betrayal by Agnes.  Hearts may break, but love and hope remain.  It is love that makes us great!   We have a universe ahead of us!

[1] Kohlberg, Lawrence (1981). Essays on Moral Development, Vol. I: The Philosophy of Moral Development. San Francisco, CA: Harper & Row.   Essentially, Kohlberg states that moral development is based on the five phases of childhood emotional development: dependence, co-dependence counter-dependence, independence and inter-dependence.  His stages of moral development are:

1. Obedience and punishment orientation

(How can I avoid punishment?)

2. Self-interest orientation

(What’s in it for me?)

(Paying for a benefit)

3. Interpersonal accord and conformity

(Social norms)

(The good boy/good girl attitude)

4. Authority and social-order maintaining orientation

(Law and order morality)

5. Social contract orientation

6. Universal ethical principles

(Principled conscience)

He further states that communication across more than one level of morality is impossible.  You cannot talk to a child about universal principles.

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