There are many of us I have seen on Facebook who are aware of what is really going on in this world: Flouride, Chemtrails, Geoengineering, economic manipulation, corruption, policy substituting for law, GMO’s etc.  We post these things on FB.  The question is no longer, “what are they doing.”  The question is what are we going to do about it?  I don’t know.  You do! For me, the answer lays in the field of love.

I got into the field of sexual biology to find out what was happening in my body as the result of erotic love.  I call it an “epigenetic event.”  That was the conclusion I came to.  It doesn’t make any difference what I call it, or even if it is an “epigenetic event.” Something wondrous does happen.  I simply chose a path away from all the woo-speak and double talk.

I can view the “Placebo effect” as an epigenetic event.  When the Doctor tells us we have such-and-such and hands us a pill, we trust him or her.  Trust is an attribute of love.  It exists in our relationships with others to some degree or another.  I trust that you will read this.  I also look at NDE’s where the party changes as epigenetic events. There are many ways of this occurring, and sex is not the only one.

I believe most of us are whack jobs in our own wondrous way.  Many were wounded by life’s experiences.  Some have healed and some have not.  It makes no difference.  We all have abilities beyond what is considered “normal.”  I teach.

The bottom line for me is I think most of us like sex.  A lot of us are having sex fairly regularly.  All I ask is you tweak your attitude a little and see what happens. Forget about this or that technique, or this or that mechanism of control, particularly of your body.  Get out of your head!  Go into your heart!  (My experience is the sex is much better that way.)  If you think you are in your heart, you probably aren’t.  I can tell you guys you probably have no concept of what a fantastic creature that woman lying next you is!  (Once she gets out of her head too.)

Our bodies are fantastic machines.  The heart is a fantastic organ and it does a hell of a lot more for us than pump blood. I think about primal man who didn’t have the centuries of conditioning we do.  It is a job to get rid of it.  It is all in our head!  By-pass it! Go through your heart!

I have no idea of what your results will be.  Your DNA is unique.  But we will be able to DO something other than post on Facebook.  One of the functions of the early god Eros was through us to create.  (Plato changed that.)  But we knew. We were told.  We were brainwashed.  We forgot!  We must create again.

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