After starting Hillman’s “The Soul’s Code,” I see myself as the intolerant child: the sprouting acorn. Considering my age, this is rather incongruous. J Or is it?

My 13 years of independent research showed me that humans have the potential of being fantastic creatures. This creature lays in our individual blueprint for life: our DNA. This is also where our unique perception of life originates. It appears that fear, or the absence of love, can suppress our genes with methyl groups. This prevents them from forming amino acids necessary for “becoming fantastic” or participating in life as it can be: both relative and absolute. I am sure there are other physiological factors as well. However, it also appears that love can override these genetic anomalies.

I do not see love as the syrupy shit it is portrayed as in modern culture. Nor do I see it as a “gender issue.” Rather, I see love as an energy spectrum far beyond what I am capable of comprehending as a human. I can comprehend that small segment of the spectrum humans are capable of comprehending, as we can see colors in the visible light spectrum. Unfortunately, many of us are “color blind” when it comes to love. The primary mechanism by which we are blinded is shame, at least it was for me. Toxic shame is not a gender issue either. It is a killer! I am therefore both sensitive to and intolerant of shaming, be it overt or covert.

I have no objection to being told my opinions are in error, including this one. That is your opinion, which I may either take under advisement or see in error. These opinions are formed by our (my) perception (DNA) and our (my) Perception of our (my) experiences, including: religion, education and our own (my) shaming transferred by parents, institutions, and society at large. I wonder whey it is that we humans are the only species capable of holding and transferring shame?

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3 Responses to “ON SHAME AND LOVE”

  1. Charlayne Grenci, Ph.D. Says:

    I would say that guilt is something an individual may want to share with others for absolution, however shame is a feeling that one is prone to hold in secrecy and anguish over.

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