The Myth of Sacred Prostitution

Isis   I just read the introduction to “The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in the Ancient World.”  This is a scholarly work by Stephanie Bodin.  It was all I needed.  “Deflowering by foreigners” is a nice way of describing rape: an ancient (and modern) tactic of war to damage or destroy the keepers of the culture and thereby the culture of “the enemy.”  All it does is piss off the losers who are gonna get you later!

Alternative theory:  The temples where this allegedly took place might have been schools?  Tantrikas studied for 12 years, learning how to be a good wife, obviously not by the 1950’s definition.  Their education was asexual.  They were then married, usually to a high-ranking male.  The sexually based artifacts recovered might have been instructional aids.  (My definition of a “good wife” is embodied in Isis, whom I believed deified so that mortal women would not believe they could achieve her status.  They can!)

Herodotus, the father of history, and father of this myth, was simply another spin doctor, no different from the modern spin doctors.  Remember, “history” is written by winners leaving out that which is detrimental to “the cause,” and embellishing whatever helps them.

In my humble opinion the bottom line is sex is always a sacred act; it is we who profane it, by blocking or removing love from the act.  But, this is what we have been taught for centuries.  It’s damn time to unlearn these profane lessons of the past!

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2 Responses to “The Myth of Sacred Prostitution”

  1. Vennie Kocsis Says:

    I have always appreciated you dedication to the Sacred Female. I respect and adore you, Art. ❤ ~Vennie~

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