Orgasmic Childbirth


When I first heard of Orgasmic Childbirth, I thought it was gibberish: another oxymoron.  Then I took a look again at the “birth canal,” uterus, cervix and vagina.  It has the same nerve endings as those that bring pleasure.  So I guess it depends on how we look at it.  My first thought is the nerve endings are being over stimulated and that is what brings pain.  My second thought is I’m a guy.  Who am I to tell a woman what is over or under stimulation, when it is impossible for me to know?

My next thought is this is just an ancient head game, where pain is punishment for having had sex in the first place.  You were bad so now you must be punished.  I don’t really know.  What I do know is women have shared this experience with me personally (long after it happened) and it is on YouTube.

I’ve taken flack on this suggestion because if a woman has an orgasm on childbirth, she is liable to bond erotically with the child.  My first response is: there is enough of that going on without orgasmic childbirth.  My second response is maybe if man and woman were taught to build a strong bond of love with each other, there wouldn’t be a “need” for cross generational erotic bonding.

I know what it is like to believe, “this is the way it is now, so this is the way it must have always been.”  In my case particularly; I have limited travels and investigations into other cultures.  Most of us believe the rising and setting of the sun is the basis of time, at least during the day.  We have a moon too.  Moon time is in closer alignment with a woman’s monthly cycle.  Seasons don’t really care which we use.  We were not always as separated form nature as we are today.

Every interpretation we have of ancient history runs through the filters of the interpreter.  Those filters have been installed in most of us for centuries, so it is easy for us to believe.  Whether or not it is true is another story.

There is a post on Face Book about group birthing chambers found in Malta and elsewhere.  We know in College dorms today, in some cases, women who live together will bring their periods into sync with each other.  They don’t think about it.  It just happens.  Now consider a tribe living in relatively close quarters, and have synchronous periods.  A lot of them are going to get pregnant at the same time.  They would all go into the chamber, give birth, and exit this “womb of the earth” presenting their babies.  I have not found the original research on this, but it sounds very plausible to me.

Why am I talking about this?  I’m a guy, so on one hand it means nothing to me.  I don’t experience her pain, or her joy.  What I am after is to prevent future generations the burden of mama’s guilt trip,  “You don’t know what I had to do, what I went through o bring you into this world.”  Not many of us today are going to reply, “Well, Mom.  You coulda had an orgasm instead of feeing the pain.”   We’ll keep it for future generations.

Copyright 2013 Art Noble

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