Heiros Gamos

love poseHieros Gamos is a Greek phrase meaning “Sacred Marriage.”  Unless you are in the Eastern Orthodox Church, it is not a common phrase.  Originally it referred to the marriage of Isis and Osiris, the “legendary” rulers of pre dynastic Egypt, dating to about 3100 BCE.  Similar phrases are found in ancient Sumeria, dating back about 5000 BCE.  Of course, the Eastern Church changed it to the marriage of Adam and Eve.

There were a couple of things about Isis and Osiris I’ve noticed.  First, they are made legend, as though they did not exist.  Second, they were deified to separate their existence from us.  This essentially tells us since they are a god and goddess we are prevented from having the power they enjoyed.  The most important think I noticed about these two is Osiris didn’t have a harem, and Isis did not have a string of lovers.  If then we want the power Isis and Osiris enjoyed, all of this poly-sexual stuff seems kind of silly to me.

On the flip side of what seems silly to me, and a waste of power, I recognize first genetic differences in individuals where this MAY not be possible for them.  I also recognize a social cultivation promoting poly sexuality based on the pleasure “principle.”  Pleasure is a byproduct of sex. Ecstasy is a byproduct of love, as is our transmutation.

Both the words marriage and monogamy have religious connotation.  I suggest the bond of love between a man and woman is stronger than any man made laws of church and state, which apparently exist to suppress the power rightfully ours.  I then, not only seek and need Hieros Gamos, I promote it for men who may also want this power.  Does it work for women?  Yes, but I’m not a woman.  I do not know how. Possibly through genetic modification, which is how I believe ours works.

Power?  What kind of power am I talking about?  I would refer to Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” where through erotic love he speaks of “access to infinite intelligence.”  This appears to be on a need to know basis, so it won’t blow you away.  On top of that is our individual DNA coding.  I have no idea how any of us will manifest this power.  What ever form it takes, it will be right for us.

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