Erotic Healing?

I’ve been saying for a long time, “In love, we sacrifice only the comfortability of our limitations.”  I may have figured that out at the level of our “hardware and software.”

Our individual DNA coding is only a blueprint for our life.  Modern science looks at DNA as though it were fixed, except for epigenetics, where they don’t know what the hell is going on?  Well, at one time, “science” thought the earth was flat.  What science doesn’t tell us is we have the power to alter our DNA coding.  If you don’t like the blue print, write a change order.

That is a lot easier said than done.  In the video I posted by Dr. Bruce Lipton, he points out conscious positive thinking doesn’t work. .  It is like me telling my computer to charge the BIOS battery on the mother board.  Telling it doesn’t work.  I gotta remove the protective case, pull the board, and remove and replace the battery.  The protective case is as our ego!  This of course makes me wonder if the ego is not the locus of our unreasonable fears?  Then I wonder if all our fears are unreasonable?  I go back to my own experience, and honestly don’t know if it will work for you?  Maybe for many, it will be better than what you have going on right now?  Of course, it is about erotic love.

At that time, I just wanted to give that woman all the love I could.  Then I figured God could do a lot better job than I could.  I imagined a door on my back, opened it and let God love her through me.  It only took a few days of this, in and out of the bedroom, before the experience that changed my point of view occurred.

I wonder sometimes if all I have is a point of view, backed by research I looked at to justify that point of view?  I intuitively knew something was happening at the genetic level early in my research.  When I saw the figurine from 7000 BCE, I knew the artisan knew too! (I shamefully reproduced this from memory.)


The oversized vulva is a tribute to the power of erotic love and the double spiral was his model for DNA!  He didn’t really understand it, anymore than I did when I saw it.  As I write this today, I believe I only have a better handle on it.

When we made love before this, she would amazingly say, “You look twenty years younger.”  I felt twenty years younger and was filled with get up and go.  It was a lot different than having sex.  But this time… it is in the blog linked above.  I don’t know what her experience was, other that it was a powerful orgasm.  The involuntary muscle contractions were so powerful and consuming, she lost control of her anal sphincter muscles and the result was obvious on the protective toweling we had placed on the bed.

When we don’t know what the results of our love making can be, no matter how beautiful and awesome the experience is for us, we can be frightened.  One part of my mission is to relate these natural experiences as I have experienced them and as others have shared with me.  If they happen to you, you no longer have cause to be frightened.  You can enjoy and appreciate their beauty.

As I said, I don’t know what the rest of her experience was.  Four days later she was in the arms of another man, and called me to tell me about it.  Damn near killed me.  I recovered.  If it happens to you, you can recover too.  I’d rather it not happen for anybody, and maybe my work will help.

The bottom line here is when I opened the door on my back to let love flow through me to her, it shut the door on my ego.  I was not concerned about “giving her an orgasm” which is silly anyway.  It occurs in her body, not mine, and I now view it as her gift to me, as is mine to her.  By closing the door on my ego, and all of my ego based fears, something wondrous happened!  Not only the experience, but also it has given me a mission.

What I find really funny about all this is the artisan didn’t have all this “modern knowledge.”  Eastern gurus have been telling us for centuries to pare back our egos, and I blew it off as woo-speak.  Why does it work so well with erotic love?  Our passion.  From my hardware point of view is simply the amplitude of the energy frequency or frequencies (love) we are transmitting.

Now comes the good part.  Modern medicine tells us of many beneficial aspects of sex.  They do not consider the healing aspect of erotic love.  If they did, they would go broke!  Erotic love can heal us: physically and emotionally.  From my pint of view, we don’t have to know which genes on what chromosomes have been modified, in what way by what known or unknown fears to produce the blocks in our lives.  We just gotta love and be able to receive it.

There are two very important points here:

  1. “I” cannot heal of fix anybody.  All I can do is love them.  The healing occurs in their body at their genetic level.  I don’t have the foggiest idea of what is really happening, but whatever it is, it works.
  2. “I” have to get “I” out of the way to receive their love and be healed.  “I” of course, refers to my ego and all of its associated fears.  Some of which I am not aware.  I thought I got rid of them a long time ago.  Ha!  The same holds true for the partner we love.

Love will do the work as long as we are willing.  Sometimes when we aren’t.  My thinking is, it begins at home.  Loving myself so I can love others.  Receiving the love I give myself.  Then Loving—giving and receiving—our partner.  Then, we can change the world!

Copyright 2013 Art Noble

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