Point of View on Love and Sex: The Origin

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My POV came from a transcendent experience, following my then beloved glowing like a firefly, lighting the room.  I was in blackness.  There appeared a point of shimmering light, I recognized as my essence.  Then, another point of light I recognized as her essence.  The two lights danced toward each other,becoming one bright light.  Beginning with the blackness, I was in the presence of God and God was smiling.

THE POINTS OF LIGHT HAD NO GENDER.  There was no masculine or feminine, divine or otherwise in this dimension, or plane, whatever you want to call it.  No more than photons have gender.

This type of transcendent experience is called merging and it has many variations, as many as there are “types” of transcendence. “Any kind of transcendence with a partner is no guarantee of a lasting relationship.”  I read this in Jenny Wade’s book, “Transcendent Sex,” ten years later and smiled, because she was gone in four days.

Our society, or culture what ever you wish to call it, conditions us to believe, as it once did me, men are penises with wallets attached, the larger the better, and women are toys for pleasure or breeding to satisfy our respective egos.

There was one other element to my experience I forgot to mention: love; as close to “unconditional love” as I have ever experienced.  As I plowed through my research, I ignored it.  But something was missing?  DUH!  Love!  With love everything fell into place.  Better yet, I was aware that I could recognize the essence of someone and had the capacity to love that essence unconditionally as well as receive her love.

In this life, or on this plane, where most of us exist, men and women are different.  We have different anatomies, not only in our genitalia but also all over our bodies.  I believe this anatomical difference was given to us for a reason.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I like it.  It seems first we unite in the flesh, becoming one flesh.  Then we unite as male/female to female/male. Then we can see our essence, without gender, though in this life it will be with us ‘till we die.  The order is immaterial and there may be more.

My work leads me to believe as sentient, biological beings we have the capacity to make this leap.   It is a process: quickly for some, a long winding road for others.  I choose to begin at the beginning, in this plane, this life, leaving each to their own quantum leap.  Is there more?  Probably.  I can only lead as far as I have gone and leave the door open for the individuals who wish to pass through.  I also recognize other POV’s, because mine is not the only one.   Yet in the other ones I like, I can always find the love, even with another name.

Why is my book “… for Guys?”  I chose to begin at the beginning.  In this life, I am a guy.  As such, I have no business telling a woman how she should feel, be or what she should do.  I don’t even tell guys this.  I tell them what I have done and observed what works.  I tell them what my perspective is and how it changed my life.  How I think it works is all intuitive speculation.  I just know the results.

I describe the fantastic female interior genitalia for guys, using parts lists and wiring schematics.  I talk about responses few have experienced or even heard of.  This is just so they will know and not be frightened when and if they happen.  I talk about anatomical differences between men and women.  Women have a better connection between left and right brain, due to a thicker corpus callosum.  Sensory perception is a function of both halves.  Women have about 4000 genes on Chromosome #23, and men only have 2084.  Women have the capacity for billions of different kinds of orgasms (slight to major variations) men may have a dozen or more and usually limit themselves to one.  We are all unique creatures, but women are far more fluid and their bodies respond in accordance with their monthly cycle, making them an adventure.  If nothing else, I hope men develop more respect for women, simply based on their anatomy.

My goal is to make this book an anachronism.  We will look back on it and smile, shaking our heads, saying, “weren’t we silly.  All we gotta do is love.”

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4 Responses to “Point of View on Love and Sex: The Origin”

  1. miraprabhu Says:

    Art — excellent expression of your experience — but what I keep feeling when I read your work is — how do you teach people how to love? it is not just a decision to love — layers and layers have to peel away before one feels/becomes one’s true essence — which is love. Eastern phil prescribes spiritual practice for this — which can include a whole gamut of things — like hatha yoga, meditation, and the various forms of yoga or union — it seems you came upon this merging in your unions with women, but this is not the only way — and I think you know that, but it does not come across to me.

    • thesacredfemale Says:

      I emphasize this in the book: erotic love is not the only way,and even with erotic love, sex is not necessary. I have a story about Ed Leedskalnin the guy who built Coral Castle: a tribute to his love for Agnes Skuffs. It’s a bummer ’cause I like sex. lol. It seems like erotic love may be a far more common path than we are led to think.

  2. aqualastar Says:

    Art, I like this, I like your attitude, very realistic and not arrogant, and I think what you are doing may help to make a difference with how guys think.

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