To Love a Woman

To love a woman means to love her completely.  To love the wounded child within her, and the child is not loved erotically.  The child is loved with hugs and sacred kisses on the forehead.  We are all wounded children and hopefully she loves our wounded child as well.

We love the child that wants to play.  And we play with one another: silly games that children play, and we let our own child play with her.  We nourish one another with food and words and touch.  We admire the essence of one another, for it is her essence we love.

And yes, we love her body, her womanliness.  Her body is a fantastic mystery, ever changing, as is her essence revealed and released with our love.  Of course, our essence grows as well, and our hearts become young.  Her body grows, and like fine wine ages, as does her essence with our love.  And like wine, some without proper care turns to vinegar, not to be imbibed, but loved from a great distance.

It is a challenge and adventure to love a woman.  It is almost comparable to climbing Mt. Everest.  And as embarking on any adventure, we must prepare for it.  We must equip ourselves.  On this adventure, it takes more than a fat wallet, though a fat wallet may help you prepare yourself.  It is not necessary for the journey and may not be necessary for the preparation.

This like all adventures requires courage, more than it takes to brave the unknown perils of the Amazon.  The question is asked, “Do you love yourself?”  This is what takes the courage!  If you don’t love yourself, what do you have to offer a woman?  How do you care for yourself?  Do you treat yourself like you would a good friend or buddy?  How do you care for your own inner child?  Do you hide behind an ego-based macho mask: a wall of denial?  Courage is required to sacrifice the comfortability of your limitations.  They are more comfortable than the couch and chips while the illusion of a game blares on TV.

The overall question is “Why?”  Why should I give up the comfortability of my limitations to love a woman?  The answer is simple: THE REWARDS!  In climbing Everest, we have a sense of great accomplishment.  We are in a small club.  When we get to the top, on a clear day, we have a magnificent view, as far as the eye can see, of the mountains about us.  It is nothing.  In loving a woman, and in having that love returned, we open a view of the Universe.  Our creativity expands by quantum leaps and our accomplishments materialize before our eyes.  It is an awesome journey.  But, don’t believe me.  Try it.  It may be painful along the way, but so what?  It hurts after a workout too.  Are the rewards of the workout worth the pain?  You have to answer that question.

Copyright Art Noble 2013

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2 Responses to “To Love a Woman”

  1. anita Says:

    Aaahhh, Delightful & insightful. I gotta say I learned a thing or two today! So this is why, no matter all the heartache, drama, chaos, a man will love a!

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