The power is off. Self-reliance seems to be a thing of the past. I muse about how our real dependence today is on electronic devices as we scramble to accumulate the imaginary electronic digits we call “money.” Foreign or domestic oil is not an issue. Without power, we can’t transport or pump it.

Consider what the EMP from a large, clean nuclear device detonated 100 miles over Kansas could do? Computers and electronic devices would be fried. Electric starters for motors and engines wouldn’t work. Electronic communications, transportation and the distribution of our food supply—gone in the blink of an eye along with our entire monetary system. Currency only represents 16% of our money supply (M1) and with electronic digits wiped from their electronic storage areas, it would be valueless. Martial law might be declared, but who would know it? We would have to rely on smoke signals and an upgraded pony express. In less than a month, we would be looking forward to the Dark Ages again. You can use your imagination.

What’s the answer? Is there another source of power on which we can rely? Some will answer, “God.” I don’t believe an imaginary man in the sky, wearing white robes and a beard will do anything. It is said, “God is love.” Make that, “Love.” God is omniscient and all powerful. So is Love. God is within us and with out. So is Love. We have sufficient Love within us to keep the “life engine” running for a while—another blink of the eye in terms of all time. But there is seemingly an infinite supply of Love all around us. We just need to let it in and go through us.

You don’t have to, but I view love as a spectrum of energy.   There is no “Western” science on this, but 400 years ago, there was no science on electricity either. Now, if love is energy, what does it do? I believe, and again you don’t have to, Love can restructure our genetic code giving us power beyond our wildest dreams. Screw Mid-East oil!

Nikola Tesla invented a device that seemingly pulled energy out of thin air and ran his automobile at 60mph. Ed Leedskalnin (Coral Castle) invented a device allowing him to lift, move and place blocks of coral rock up to 27 tons. We can go back to 2600 BCE and the Epic of Gilgamesh, where Enkidu had a week long encounter with Shamhat and transformed from a “wild beast” into a “human being.” Tesla was reported to be celibate and never married. Leedskalnin mourned his unrequited love for Agnes Skuffs until the day he died. Enkidu? Well… Sex is not the answer; it is Love. Tesla was a genius without love. Leedskalnin, unlike Tesla, was a 4th grade drop out. So where did his invention come from? He just knew. He had accessed some area of infinite intelligence in his brain to solve a problem. He didn’t go through all the academic mathematical calculations like Tesla; he just did it. This tells me erotic Love is pretty potent stuff, even when unrequited. It is a lot more fun when reciprocated.

Love is not the answer. Love is the question. It is up to you to answer, “Yes.” With Love, we can be the powerful creatures we were intended to be. Or as Jesus said in James 5 and 14, “Ye shall do greater works than these.”

The power is on now so I shall transcribe this to my electronic device and post it on an electronic wall.

© 2012 Art Noble

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  1. Paul Clifford Schrade Says:

    Art Noble…you leave me speechless to say the least !. I devoured every word of your blog and you left me with mouth hanging open and a big fat WOW! poised on my lips1 Pardon me while I wake up. Some of this I was intuitively aware,but the rest of it I was not and I’m grateful to you for lighting up some more rooms in my mind.. When in gods name are we going to reverse this idiotic trend and start using the rest of the space in our brains?

    • thesacredfemale Says:

      Science has disproven the myth we only use 10% of our brain. We use 100% of our brain. Science has also proven a Ferrari running at 10 mph is using 100% of its engine. We gotta step on the gas!

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