A “Higher Purpose” for Men and Women

(This will be the “Author’s Note” in The Alchemy of Erotic Love… for Guys.)

kissing  When it comes to women, men are taught to view them as either “brood cows” or “Pleasure Palaces.”  It wasn’t always this way.  We are taught to penetrate them as we did the enemy long ago, with sword and spear from behind a shield.  Even the word, vagina, means “scabbard” or “sheath” in Latin.  The bedroom is not a battlefield!  We treat them as a glass of beer, sipping only the frothy head, leaving the delicious nectar beneath to go flat and stale.  We do this at our own peril!

Join me as we look at woman without the perfumed blinders of pleasure and/or procreation.  We will look at her scientifically through the magnifying lens of love.  This lens is not the mushy gushy stuff of chick flicks, rather the lens that focuses the sun’s energy on us to ignite the creative flames of men’s souls.

I will not lead you down some primrose path of ethereal foo-foo talk.  I have been there and they all dead-end for me.  I wanted hard-core answers!  However, science hasn’t been there yet.  The flame in me can only suggest what science might find when they get there.  If my scientific speculation on what might be going on in the human body is wrong, it doesn’t make any difference.  The results are there, if you want them.

Many Gurus will tell you, ”I am right.  Believe me.”  I won’t.  As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting.”  Don’t believe me!  Try it for yourself.  Only when you have the results, will you believe me, and my speculative mechanisms still could be wrong.  I don’t think so, but it makes no difference.  The results are there, if you want them.

Oh, yes.  Our higher purpose?  To love and be loved.  That simple!

Copyright 2012 Art Noble


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10 Responses to “A “Higher Purpose” for Men and Women”

  1. Jackie Paulson Says:

    I agree I love to be loved..so you hit the nail on the head. I use to be on SN too, Jackie Paulson

    • thesacredfemale Says:

      I now believe we transmit love through us and receive it in a similar fashion. So, “to love” is opening ourselves to allow love to flow through us while simultaenously receiving it, “to be loved.”

  2. marysuemarshall Says:

    To learn to love and to open ourselves to love is our purpose here on earth. Until we reach the point we can do that, we’re just existing! Once we learn to open ourselves to love whenever it comes our way, we truly have found the secret to life.

  3. denisehale Says:

    Yes there is no greater experience, to not only transmit love but to feel one with love, to be love.

  4. sheapache Says:

    Art, You are “The Guru Of Love” Can’t wait to get my hands on your new book!…♥

  5. maya Says:

    hello 🙂
    i’ve been reading your work on and off for several months now, and I am amazed! you are wise and brave. today I figured I’d go and ask you about your opinion on gay love/sex? sorry if you elaborated on the subject, and if you did, please leave me the link.
    me 🙂

    • thesacredfemale Says:

      Maya, my work is based on my experiences and the research to validate thase experiences. Although I wss raised in Key West, I have no experience in this field. My research indicates 3 possible reasons for homosexuality 1. Genetics. 2 Intersex birth where the Doctor snipped when he should have sewn (genetics again), and 3. lifestyle choice. There is one genetic condition where the person has no gender identity, other than their “equpment.” So this is my opinion. There may be a host of other reasons of which I am unawre

      As for love, I see that as energy with an infinite number of frequencies. Our job is to transmit and/or transfer it, to ourselves and others. I don’t think love really cares. Love is the energy that transforms us from bottom dwellers to divine human beings. What I have found is our culture does not want us to love, so loving is a counter-cultural statement. Too bad.

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