The Epic of Gilgamesh: 2nd Generation


(These tablets were found in the imaginary archeological dig of my mind.)




Grok, High Priest in the Temple of George,

Sat tattered and forlorn.

He watched as down the street

At the Temple of Ishtar

Lines were long and the sound of coin

Grated upon his ears.

Radiant men left the Temple,

Imbued with the power of Love.


Gilgamesh Jr., too, was

Discombobulated, and

The coffers of Urek grew empty.

His army dissipated as the

Men of Urek grew prosperous and

Content in their Joy,

Transformed with the power of Love.

Jr. could no longer raid and loot

Neighboring towns and states

For all war is simply

Theft and murder by Kings.

Grok with Jr., pondered

Until Jr. said, “I have a plan!”




Jr. called for his stealthiest assassin

And in confidence ordered him

To the house of Anktor, his General.

Jr. told the assassin to cut his throat

Then sever his penis

And bring it to Grok

In the Temple of George.

The assassin did

As he was bid.


The next morn

A great cry arose from Urek

As this news spread.

People gathered in the street,

And were startled by Grok

Waving the severed penis over head.

“George is angered,” he cried.

“You spend your time with Ishtar.”

“You ignore the Great God George.”

“This is your fate!”


Fearful, the men entered

The Temple of George,

Dropping their coin as they entered,

Music to the ears of Grok,

To humble themselves before George

As once they humbled themselves

Before Ishtar and their wives.

They left the Temple more fearful

Than when they entered.


Now believing only

The demise of Ishtar would save them

They whipped the Priestesses

Out of Urek

And ransacked the Temple

Bringing the wealth to Grok

(Who split it with Jr.)


The army gathered

Sumer was attacked

Men had coin for George

The coffers of Urek were filled,

And misogyny was born.



Copyright Art Noble 2012


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  1. Sharronelise Brandon Says:

    Thank you Art 🙂

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