“History” Pisses Me Off!

We all know,

            “In fourteen hundred and ninety two,

            Columbus sailed the ocean blue.”


What we don’t know is by the Roman Church’s Doctrine of Discovery, he, and all adventurers, were to convert or kill the native population.  What we don’t know is this Doctrine was incorporated in to US law, without the religious overtones.  This justified the “Indian Wars.”  Most importantly, in 1486, the Roman Church “discovered” women and wrote the Malleus Maleficarum or Witches Hammer: a justification for the Witch Hunts.


The Granddaddy of the Witch Hunts was the Spanish Inquisition from 1479 to 1532.  England holds the dubious honor of having the last successful prosecution for witchcraft in 1944.  Between 1479 and 1944, over 9 million people, mostly women, were killed directly or indirectly from the “Witch Hunts.”


The hidden results were both Spain and the Roman Church became incredibly wealthy by confiscation of “witches’” property and our sexuality was further impinged upon!  As late as 1972, the residents of Ines Beag, a fishing island off County Cork, Ireland only had sex for procreation and then in the dark, fully clothed.  The bottom line is women began freezing up and men stuck their heads up their butts when it came to love, sex and women!


It probably goes back to the Temple of Inanna, around 3000 BC.  She was the goddess of Love and her Temple was probably getting a lot more play than the temples of the male gods.  These priests were probably jealous or envious or just plain greedy and started rumors that grew over the centuries.  The result is what we know about love and sex today is simply the BS we learned in the locker room and it has short-changed us as human beings!


Copyright Art Noble 2011.




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