Joyful Bioluminescence

ArtNobleFireflies Who am I?

I am a man blessed by knowing some fantastic women in my life and cursed with curiosity.  When I say, “knowing” I mean both in the Biblical sense and over the Internet.  The original title of this piece was “Orgasmic Bioluminescence.”  Because I observed it on orgasm as did the people I contacted or who contacted me to validate this experience. I quote two of them on the back cover of The Sacred Female.  A woman in Arkansas told me when she wanted to glow, she’d call a certain fellow in town, he’d come up the mountain, they would get it on, she would glow and that was it.

BUT, a woman recently shared with me she glowed while singing “And the Glory” in a chorus performing The Messiah.  Additionally, she was carrying a “bundle of joy” in her belly at the time.  Afterward, people asked her why the spot light was on her during that song and she had no idea what they were talking about!  The good news is it is not just about sex! And, we can be joyful in being with our beloved.

So what is it?

Bioluminescence is the opposite of photosynthesis.  You know, the process that takes light to activate chlorophyll in leaves to turn them green.  We also use light energy to run our bodies.  Sunshine is a “natural” Vitamin D.  Not really.  We take on the photons (light energy) to manufacture Vitamin D in our bodies.  Bioluminescence is simply the giving off of photons rather than the taking on.  We see it normally in fireflies and certain marine organisms.

What causes it?

Scientists, in their study of fireflies, etc., don’t know, but believe it to be associated with Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP).  ATP is like a wallet for energy, produced by the cells.  I don’t know about fireflies, but it carries energy through our bodies.  It this specific case, when we create an excess of energy, it is given off as photons through the skin.  It is rare and there is no money in it so science doesn’t study it.  Few have even heard of it.

How does it occur?

I learned from Chyna Pi in the ancient Sacred Shamanic Sexual texts it is called, “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” and is the result of a breathing exercise.  Think of hyperventilation.  When we engage in rapid, deep breathing, our fingers and toes go numb.  I imagine this exercise is something like that.  We build up O2 and reduce CO2 in our bodies.  But, there is more to it.  It also has to do with mental discipline and clearing the mind.  But consider, when making love, where you are focused on giving love through your body to your partner and open to receiving love from them, And there is not much else on your mind.

Now consider as you approach the orgasmic plateau, with a love focused mind, the autonomic nervous system takes over and naturally sets up the breathing rhythm to produce these results, mimicking the Shamanic breathing exercise.  Further, PET scans of humans having an orgasm show oxygen flow to the brain is shut off, where fMRI’s show an increase in blood flow.  There are a lot of things happening in the human body about which we have no knowledge.  We can only speculate, as I just did.  Let’s just say humans are fantastic creatures.

Here we can see how singing, a task that requires specialized breathing, can play into this.  We can also see how joy of singing this particular piece and the joy of being physically bonded with our beloved can produce this.  So, here we have a phenomenon that can be produced out of pure joy and the breathing associated with it, or simply by breathing alone, essentially mimicking the joy we feel.  Of course, this is speculation, but I like speculating this way.

Chicken or egg?

None of the men and women I contacted who claim to have observed or done this, ever mentioned “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” or “Shamanic Sex.”  Until I met Chyna Pi.  So, I’m thinking the non-sexual breathing exercise arose from sexual experience, not the other way around.  But, I also think the animal headed humans we see in ancient carvings from around the world arose from a transcendent sexual experience called Trespasso.  But, who knows?

This should not be considered a “goal” of sex, unless you have studied for years under a shaman who is familiar with it.  (There are few today.)  This is probably an expression, a physical manifestation of love and joy: the joy of being bonded with your beloved.  Simply focus on love and let go of everything else.  Something else just as wonderful may happen.  In the mean time, let us light up the world with the joy of being with our beloved.

Copyright Art Noble 2011

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7 Responses to “Joyful Bioluminescence”

  1. albaneiler1221 Says:

    Please tell me, Art–you’ve spoken about bioluminescence during sexual love (and also in other ways), but with respect to women. Do you have experience or knowledge of this also happening to men?

  2. thesacredfemale Says:

    Yes, of course. ATP is common to all animals, male and female, so we have the ingredients. Add joy: the joy of being with our beloved and let the breathing take its course and bingo.
    From what I understand, many Shamanic practicioners of Dragon’s Fire/ Breath are male. No, this is not exclusively female.

  3. thesacredfemale Says:

    It is glucose that is cut off to the brain, not oxygen.

  4. Lady Di Says:

    Yes, humans are indeed fantastic subjects Art. The physical expression/feeling of bonding with an infant either before or soon after birth can, in my experience, be related in some way (not sexually) but to a similar feeling one gets from the glow. Love is love…

    • thesacredfemale Says:

      It is all about joy, an attribute of love. I probably have a broader knowledge of sexual responses at the physiological level than 99% of the people on this planet! (Broader, not in depth.) Yet, all my knowledge would fit into a thimble and leave room for one’s thumb, compared to what is out there to be learned.

  5. Maggie Says:

    Interested in This theory, I am just 40,& feel old, not alive, my husband doesn’t bother touch, hold, nothing, over 7 months. Barely, ever did, 7 years, 1 1/2 yeaes married. He’s mean about it,,says sex, like in disgusting way,if I say word, of our relations, as intimate, he’s addicted to porn, intimate, isn’t just sex,at all, so read your theory,I feel unalive, .

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