Our ignorance about sex is a root problem of the world’s social and economic ills.  Further, we are told to stay ignorant!  When we do “look” at sex, it is generally under a microscope, behind closed doors.  It is not a topic for public discussion.  “It’s bad.”  In the general consciousness of man, we are laden with myth and disinformation, essentially designed to keep us ignorant.

The first step in our brainwashing is to separate men from women with stories like the Myth of Lilith and “authoratitive” documentation such as the Malleus Maleficarum, the most misogynistic document in the history of man.  Next, we separate  sex from love.  Sex is bad.  Love is good.  Therefore they are separate.  Unfortunately, too many people, mostly women, recognize these things belong together.  The task is to get men on the same page.

The next step in our brainwashing is to focus on pleasure.  Under the “right” circumstances, and there are many, sexual activity releases various hormones and neurotransmitters into the body, giving us the sense of pleasure.  Whoopee.  But, for most this sense of pleasure is like McDonalds compared to the ecstasy of Chateaubriand available to us.  We are putting th em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LAB-le.  Then we are told feeling pleasure is bad, so when we do, we must be guilty of something? 

The third step is to take the “bad box” into which we have placed sex and color it with conditions so that even if a little love squeezes through, it is so “conditionalized” we are deprived of the full advantages to mankind.  We are being brainwashed out of our humanity!

This is a brief statement of the problem.  The solution is integrative education.  It is not difficult to imagine every human being on the planet having a slightly to totally different perspective on love and sex, including religious, spiritual and scientific leaders in their various fields.  Many in sexual science do not even consider the impact of love in their experiments.  There are a few.  Many spiritual leaders tell us to “get centered,” then take a cookie cutter to our genitalia in the center of our bodies!

Kabbalahist Karen Berg, teaches, “God is energy.”  God is Love, so Love is energy.  I have a different perspective too.  Perhaps when we can get together and learn from each other, we will all begin to understand the fantastic benefits of sexual love.

copyright Art Noble 2011

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2 Responses to “LOVE ~ Sex ~ BODY”

  1. Lana Says:

    l’ve heard that before growing up that sex is bad and i use to wonder,if it’s this bad why did my parents had 4 of us? Maybe for procreation.
    Some ppl will argue that sex is not love, what is love then if it doesn’t end up in sex? lol.I know some men can have sex without the slightest love but at one point they have to feel somethin’, probably lust.Society has brainwashed us ,turning somethin’ which is good for us as bad.The beginning of all our woes..

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