An Overview

Sex is at the root of life: without it, there would be no life!  It is a part of life we generally put into “boxes” of different shapes, colors and sizes, isolating it from the rest of life.  For the most part, we remain ignorant of values other than pleasure and/or procreation and even limit ourselves in these areas.


Love is a “many splendored” spectrum.  Scientists all over the world contribute to knowledge of aspects of this spectrum and its beneficial impact on humans in specific areas.  We talk about “making love” which for many is simply a justification for having sex.  Our concepts of love vary from person to person as do the boxes into which we put sex.


We are at a point in history where science is making inroads into discoveries about the human body from sub-microscopic discoveries about our genetic code to gross anatomical and physiological discoveries about our sexual bodies.  Even our “psychological bodies” are falling into the realm of science.  Perhaps, as the saying goes, “God isn’t finished with us yet.” 


Since Einstein and the field of quantum mechanics, everything seems to be about energy, even life itself!  Energy, then, may be a common denominator for viewing love, sex and the impact of these things on the human body.


In reality, it makes no difference what science discovers.  Science can only put names to what happens; it will happen with or without names.  However, science can show possible mechanisms for our continuing evolution, beyond the standard gene pool theory.


At this time, there is little or no integration of the various disciplines bringing these topics under the umbrella of life.  Perhaps it is time to begin to integrate the fields?  The average man on the street requires no knowledge of quantum mechanics or anatomy or genetics to accomplish the improvements in his life.  As Hill put it in 1937, “The combination of love, sex and romance can raise a man from mediocrity to the altitude of genius.”[1]  It happens!

[1] Think and Grow Rich, Hill, N,  Random House, New York, 1996

copyright Art Noble 2011

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2 Responses to “An Overview”

  1. albaneiler1221 Says:

    You are absolutely right! These incredible responses happen whether or not scientific or medical research prove they exist at all. The next step is getting the word out to anyone out there who has never even supposed that these glorious sensations and experiences could occur in their love-making lives. We humans need to know that this is possible, achievable and normal.

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