Chyna Pi

I “met” Chyna Pi on My Space a few years ago.  She is a “sex worker” practicing Shamanic Sex.  When I met her, I didn’t know there was such a thing as Shamanic Sex.  In that it is a discipline, it is like Tantra.  Some would call Chyna a whore, prostitute, and other derogatory names.  I don’t.  She is a teacher.

 It was Chyna who explained to me what I call “Orgasmic Bioluminescence” is the same thing as “Dragon’s Fire/Breath,” a Shamanic breathing exercise that results in bioluminescence.  Sex isn’t necessary.  (Bioluminescence is the opposite of photosynthesis.  In photosynthesis, the body takes on light energy, photons, to perform a task.  Bioluminescence is simply the release of photons from the body.)

 I observed this in my partner of a few years ago and I think I was too awe-struck to be scared!  I’ve chatted on line with women around the world who have experienced this; one told me her husband also glows.    I also mention this response in The Sacred Female.  The only thing I can figure out is that as we reach the orgasmic plateau, our breathing sometimes naturally mimics the Shamanic exercise?

 I have a dream!  I want to get a bunch of multi-disciplined scientists together for a conference on Love, Sex and God, then start the conference with Chyna Pi demonstrating Dragon’s Fire/Breath.  I’m thinking of Dr. Beverly Whipple in sexual science, Dr. Bruce Lipton in microbiology, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Ob/Gyn, Dr. Francine King in Psychiatry, Dr. Gina Ogden in Psychology, a couple of Russians who are working with thought energy impacting our DNA, Karen Burke, the woman who teaches the Kabbalah in Southern California where God is energy, Dr. Ted McIlvenna at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, and a few others.  I’m mean.  I just want to warp their minds.

 We humans are fantastic creatures, especially women.  When men begin to let go of all the BS ideas we’ve been fed over the centuries, we’ll know how fantastic we are too!

Copyright Art Noble 2011

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11 Responses to “Chyna Pi”

  1. Lana Says:

    Making love is more of a spiritual exercise than what meets the eye,the combination of two souls as one,in which anything is possible if we free our minds from carnality. We are fearfully and wonderfully made ! Nice work Art , I can’t wait to see your dream come true.

  2. albaneiler1221 Says:

    I do think your event is something that definitely needs to happen! The world–scientific, religious and secular–needs to become aware of these amazing, mind-boggling yet normal responses to love-making of a spiritual nature. Lana is correct. Making love, not sex, making love is a holy undertaking, not something to be treated lightly. Many ancient cultures were aware of this and it, along with much else, has been lost to modern man. Let’s stop our de-evolvement. Art, let’s make this happen!

  3. Joyful Bioluminescence « Thesacredfemale’s Blog Says:

    […] learned from Chyna Pi in the ancient Sacred Shamanic Sexual texts it is called, “Dragon’s Fire/Breath” and is the […]

  4. Jerry Says:

    I first heard about bioluminescence and human sexuality in 1974, reading an extract from Dr. Rudolph von Urban’s 1948 sexology textbook. To quote the inimitable Fox — The truth is out there!

    “Damascus, February 6, 1916.
    In my room in the Victoria Hotel, Dr. A. B., a former patient of my sanitarium, told the following story:
    “A week ago I married a beautiful young Arabian girl. We were both very much in love. The strange happenings between us were so remarkable and so exciting, that I felt impelled to tell them to an expert.

    “My wife and I lay for an hour, naked on a couch, in close bodily contact, caressing each other; but without sex union. The room was in total darkness, entirely blacked out. You could not distinguish anything. Then we separated from each other and stood up; thereupon my wife became visible. She was outlined with a nimbus of greenish-blue mystic light which radiated from her. It was like a halo, except for the fact that it encircled not only her head but her whole body, showing its configuration in a hazy way. “

  5. straighthairdresser Says:

    This is interesting! I was Pi’s hairstylist before, leading up to, and while she was working at the Ranch. She touched on these subjects, but this explains in far more depth.

    • thesacredfemale Says:

      It was Chyna Pi who introduced me to it, or rather explained what I had experienced. I figured out the biology on my own and later had it validated by another Shaman who also studied (more than I0 anatomy and physiology.

  6. The Silver Poet Says:

    truly excellent idea, good luck with your dream.

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