Why “they” Lie About Sex!

It is a very long story, part of which is only a different history theory, but let’s pick Genesis 6:2 as a beginning point.  The Bible stories of the first five books were pretty much straightened out under Moses around 1425 BCE.  Some scholars believe these books were first put on papyrus by Ezra for King Solomon’s Temple, around 1000 BCE, but modern consensus is the first recording occurred around 400 BCE.

Gen.6:2 says, “The sons of God looked upon the daughters of man and found them pleasurable.”  I was always in perfect agreement with this, although it goes on to condemn this as “wickedness.”  This is interpreted historically by Christianity that sexual pleasure is wicked!  However, Judaism recognized the inherent pleasure of sexual congress. The tractate of Niddah of the Talmud tacitly approves of pleasure during sex, stating that, if a woman takes part in copulation more passionately than the man, a son will be born, but if the man takes part more passionately than the woman, a daughter will be conceived.  Yet, both religions kept the purpose of sex as procreation.

A few of my readers know there is a lot more to sex than pleasure or procreation: a very few, and unfortunately, most are women.  I say unfortunately because when men finally catch on, this will be a different world!  The first thing about Gen. 6:2, is its inherent misogyny: men are better than women.  Why?  It certainly isn’t about agrarian economics because women worked the fields alongside men.  But men became soldiers, needed for conquest!

Gen. 6:2 is a double-edged sword, but only one side is honed.  Yes, sex is quite pleasurable and if we focus on pleasure that is what we will receive and we may pick up a couple of kids along the way.  And, yes, sex does produce kids.  But, save The Song of Solomon discounted by Christianity as love for the Church, does the Bible speak of sexual love.  (Much of the early Greek versions use eros, but in English it just comes out as “love.”)  This is the un-honed side of the sword!  For once we bring our focused, sacred, unconditional love into the bedroom, the mutual love of, for and from our wives becomes the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth!  We become great warriors, but lousy soldiers.  We intuitively know we are not fighting for God, Mom and apple pie, but to fill the coffers of the already rich.  Historically, there is big money in war and conquest and banks are the biggest winners on the blood of soldiers.

There is another side to this.  Even the Great Apes, when food runs out in their territory, will invade another ape’s territory to eat.  If they are successful, they may kill the alpha male and possibly eat him.  We need warriors to protect us from invasion, as white cells protect the body.

Now, this implies only that men have had their egos fed for thousands of years regarding their superiority and as superior beings what their duty is: to be cannon fodder.  Women are to be “protected” so they may bear future soldiers or future wives.  Perhaps it is time we protect women from this role into which they have been gently forced.  A lot of these fantastic creatures already know that something is wrong here, but don’t know exactly what.  Maybe this will help.

The leaders to whom we acquiesce authority perpetuate the myths, believed by both men and women.  Granted, we as humans are all different.  But to one degree or another, we are united by an attitude that sex is “bad,” “dirty” or “evil.”  Some carry it to laughable extremes, and others will restrict certain types of behavior as “bad.”  “Promiscuity is bad because it spreads disease.”  Although this is centuries old, it may have a deeper meaning.  Promiscuity may keep us from maintaining the focus of love on our primary beloved and when we lose focus, we may lose the power.

More importantly around the world, whether in an African refugee camp, or on Park Avenue, just about everybody has sex!  Even Republicans have sex!  This is a fact that unites us all.  When we shift our attitudes from sexual pleasure to sexual love, our lives and our pleasure will be enhanced.  This does not condemn sex for pleasure.  (That would be too hypocritical even for me!)  But only suggests you add love into the mix.  Pleasure is a part of love, even without sex.  But when we can fully give of ourselves to one another and with one another of the love that we are, we will have a much different world: a better world.  One “they” do not want.

Copyright 2011 Art Noble


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