Interview with Richard Andrews – Part 2.

(Richard Andrews is the main character in The Sacred Female. It is just a fun trip to interview him. Go here for Part 1.

Host: Hi, Rich. Welcome back.

Rich: Thank you. Good to be back.

Host: When we parted last, you were going to tell us about bogus beliefs. Just what do you mean by a “bogus belief?”

Rich: We are told many; many things about sex that just aren’t true. When be believe them, it seems like our bodies respond in accord with our beliefs, limiting us in many ways.

Host: What do you mean by that?

Rich: As an example, when I was a college kid, there was an article in Time magazine titled, “Men ejaculate. Women Lactate.” Just by that title alone, from an authoritative voice, it puts a bogus belief in our heads. If women believe it, they don’t ejaculate, depriving themselves of a lot of pleasure. If men believe it, and their partner ejaculates, they think it is urine or something and get bent out of shape.[1]

Host: I can understand that.

Rich: Does that mean you don’t “approve?”

Host: Not exactly. I’d never heard of it before I read your story.

Rich: That’s the whole damn problem! We are just ignorant about sexual responses and even how badly we are locked up about our sexuality!

Host: I’ll agree with you on that! Now, tell us about the glow that came from her head when you , uh, when you er…

Rich: Had an orgasm? You can’t even say it! Sheesh! Well, it wasn’t just from her head. Her whole body was glowing, lighting up the room. At first, I thought I was hallucinating. Then I thought the rods and cones in my eyeballs had opened up, letting more light in. I had, and have no idea what was going on. But it happened! She lit up like a firefly in mating season with a white light.[2]

Host: Amazing!

Rich: That was only the beginning! We experienced transcendent sex!

Host: What’s that?

Rich: Science defines transcendence as an alteration of brain chemistry. I guess our activity was really sending out nerve impulses that produced a lot of chemicals, altering our brain chemistry.

Host: Is this like an “acid trip?”

Rich: I don’t know. Never been on one. But it was as if we were reduced to our essences: two points of light, that came together as one. It was the most beautiful experience in my life!

Host: Whoa! That’s fantastic!

Rich: Good word: fantastic. We hear about all this stuff and think people are making it up. Well, we aren’t. It’s real.

Host: So, bottom line is some of the myths are bogus and some are real. How do you tell the difference?

Rich: Simple. Anything demonizing or demeaning to women goes in the BS pile. Anything of great, “fantastic,” beauty goes into the reality pile.

Host: Does this mean that all women are these fantastic, wonderful creatures?

Rich: It is my opinion they all have the capacity to be. But, we’ve been putting them down for thousands of years. Sometimes, very hard! They react, the same way we would, and it’s not nice.

Host: One last thing, Rich. It the story, you describe a new awareness that you have. As a two-part question, how would you describe it and where do you think it comes from?

Rich: There are many names for it: transformation, awakening and evolving to name three. I prefer “growth of consciousness.” Consider it as an extension of having our brain chemistry altered on a more permanent basis. We exercise our muscles when we work or work-out; we exercise our brains through education. But we don’t exercise our consciousness much at all.

Host: OK, Rich. Where does it come from?

Rich: That’s easy. Love. [3]

(Dead air)

Host: You have left me speechless; not a good thing for a host. This is a lot to digest and though I really enjoy interviewing you, right now I’m glad we are about out of time. I hope we can get you back in the near future?

Rich. Glad to accommodate you.

Host: Thank you again. And now, a word from our sponsor.

[1] The Bible and Female Ejaculatory Orgasms

[2] A shamanic breathing ritual produces a glow in the practitioner. It is possible that during the orgasmic plateau phase of intercourse, the partner’s breathing mimics this practice, producing the glowing results. Also, it is possibly a function of excess Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP) that changes into photons.

[3] What is Love?
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2 Responses to “Interview with Richard Andrews – Part 2.”

  1. Gayla Says:

    I guess I should read the book or maybe my sons should read the book. They are young and have time to enjoy real love but they are in such unhappy marraiges I don’t know if it would help them. I think they have both gone over the edge too far with their wives to come back to a loving relationship. Of course I am just seeing and hearing what goes on in the day light. I am not on their beds.

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