Of All Places!

One would not think transformation by sexual love would be found in a 1937 Best seller, but it is. One would not think it would come from a hard-nose reporter, but it does. (Gurus do not hold a corner on the market!) Lastly, one would not think it would be found in a HOW TO GET RICH book, but there it is. Our awakening has many positive side effects.

Poor Man Rich Man.

Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) was born in the Southwest corner of Virginia; a small Appalachian town called Pound. At thirteen, he began reporting for small town newspapers in Wise County, VA. After a financially short stint in Law School, he returned to writing.

Andrew Carnegie had a nearby summer home and in 1908, Hill was assigned to interview him. During the interview, Hill learned Carnegie had a formula for success. Carnegie asked Hill if he would like the formula so he might interview other successful people. He could evaluate them against the formula and the formula against them. He provided Hill with a letter of introduction. Interrupted by WWI and slowed by the Great Depression, it took Hill over 20 years to complete the project. He interviewed over 500 of the wealthiest men in America, including over 40 millionaires: billionaires in today’s terms.

In 1937, Hill published the thirteen-step formula as Think and Grow Rich. The tenth step in the process is The Mystery of Sex, aptly sub-titled Transmutation: the Tenth Step Toward Riches. Hill found those he interviewed treated sex not as a physical expression, rather focusing the mind on thoughts of another nature: perhaps love? Paraphrasing Hill, The combination of love, sex and romance can raise a man from mediocrity to the altitude of genius. It is in bold because you will be seeing it again.

We must recall in 1908, as Hill began his journey, Victorian prudery was in it heyday. After WWI, came the “boom” and the Flapper era where for many, the reins of sexual repression were loosened. Yet, for others, the prudery remained. As time passed after that fateful Black Friday in October, 1929, many believed the Depression was punishment for “their sinful behavior.” Prudery once again triumphed in the minds of many. Yet, through these ups and downs of sexual repression, Hill held fast.

It is interesting to note Hill talks about a “field of consciousness” in his Eleventh Step, where the sub-conscious mind has access to infinite intelligence. In his Twelfth Step, he defines The Brain as a Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought. His Thirteenth Step, The Sixth Sense, is where our intuition flourishes. Hill was a reporter, not a “New Age Guru.”

There is no doubt, Napoleon Hill was ahead of his time, or perhaps he had regressed 4500 years to the time of Enkidu? In the Foreword, it says, “This book should be adopted by all high schools…” including Chapter Ten! And, the Publisher’s preface reminds us, “Riches cannot always be measured by money.”

Just something to think about.

Copyright 2011 Art Noble

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