What is Love?

Men and women write about love today, as they have for centuries, knowing very little about it other than, “It’s a feeling you’re feeling when your feeling a feeling you’ve never felt before.” It is all very ethereal. Not solid! This is an attempt to take this ethereal subject and give it another perspective. Science currently looks at love as something within us. This will look at love as something outside us to which we must open ourselves in order to receive and give. Once received from seemingly nowhere (like the magnetic field that surrounds the earth), it then engenders our feelings of admiration, affection, respect, and so on, for a person, place or thing.

This proposes love is energy: a field or spectrum of energies. Now, when people talk about “energy” as in “good vibrations” it can be translated as a part of love. First, how can we even compare love to energy? There are two things about energy in common with love: it can be transmitted and it can transform. Electrical energy flows through wires to a microwave oven, transformed into microwave energy, then as it cooks a potato into heat energy. When a guy falls in love, initially he is transformed into a grinning blithering idiot, yet happier and more creative. Transformation may continue to new levels of consciousness.

Next how can we call it a spectrum? Easy. There are all kinds of love we already know about: Mother love, Father love, Brotherly love, and Erotic love. In Sanskrit, there are 531 words for and about love. Greek has six or seven. The one in Sanskrit most important to this is ApAaga, or boundary-less love.

ApAaga comes from the story of Shiva, representing the divine masculine; Parvati, the second incarnation of Shakti representing the divine feminine; and Kama, the god of love. Well, the people of the Indus valley were under attack by evil demons and spirits. The only thing that would save them was the son of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva was very ascetic and when the people came to him, he told them to bug off. They were interrupting his meditation. The people then went to Kama who made a sugarcane bow and a flower arrow. When Parvati walked by Shiva, TWANNNNG! And the rest is history. But, Shiva was really ticked off his meditation was interrupted. The next time he saw Kama, Shiva zapped him with his third eye and Kama burst into flame. All that was left of Kama was a pile of ashes and this boundary-less love, ApAaga.

This story implies that love is all around us; we just need to let it in. Next, it sounds an awful lot like Agape, the Greek word for what is now defined as “unconditional love.” Originally, Agape was defined as the total love as between Isis and Osiris: love in all its forms, including sexual. It looks like Egyptian myths traveled far and wide as do many myths. I can’t help but wonder if Isis and Osiris were real people, later deified because of the power of their great love, like the Church grants sainthood. Oh yes. There is power in our transformation to different levels of consciousness.

The big advantage of looking at love as energy, whether it is or not, is now when self-appointed mystics talk about “energy,” we can stick it in the love basket and see if it fits. Looking at it as a spectrum, allows us to make room for variations in what we, as the big I, once considered love. It broadens our perspective. Lastly, we can compare it roughly to a known energy spectrum, the Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum.

Note how little room is taken by the visible light spectrum (remember the scale is logarithmic, so each unit shown is actually 10 times the last unit) and think about how important it is to us. We use it, in conjunction with our eyes, to get food and eat. The sexual love spectrum is like that too. It is very small in the total picture, but very important to us. This also gives us a different perspective.

This may not clarify things for you, but will give you a different perspective on the subject.

3 Responses to “What is Love?”

  1. Kim Says:

    Very cool information. Thank-you.

    Kim Nelson
    Victoria, B.C.

  2. anita Says:

    I have known Love is an energy. I believe we are all connected thru this energy (Love) it is in our Soul, this is how we are all connected, Related…Our Creator is pure Love, so we are also Divine because we were created in his energy & in his image

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