Sexuality is the way we perceive, experience and express the erotic nature of our lives. Since sex is at the root of life, this is a very complex and wide reaching subject, as is sexual repression. The question is why? The answer is civilization!

Most of the higher animals exhibit behaviors of love: nourishing, touching, gazing and grooming. Man added words to mating calls. Both man and animals exhibit the capacity for fear as well. It is quite possible that love, rather than just sex, is responsible for evolution in a way beyond today’s common genetic perception. The possible genetic mechanism for this will be discussed in later blogs. Obviously, Homo sapiens is mentally advanced compared to Neanderthal: larger brain cavity, etc.

Evolution is a slow process and we are half a million years away from Neanderthal. Look around you and ask yourself if the process is finished yet? It would seem as we evolve, not only does the brain cavity get larger, but also the way we use this anatomical structure becomes more efficient and effective. Our creativity expands. The ancient Greeks, who were smarter about this than we are today, defined the god Eros as,” a primeval deity who embodies not only the force of erotic love but also the creative urge of ever-flowing nature, the firstborn Light for the coming into being and ordering of all things in the cosmos.” The problem is, as we minutely evolve on a minute basis at a personal level, our brains become more effective. We clearly see how civilization’s “leaders” are bullshitting us. It makes us much more difficult to control.

So, what do leaders must do to maintain control of the population is not simply repress sex but sexual love. (There is a difference!) The easiest way to do this is divide and conquer. Make one gender superior and denigrate the other. It works. It has worked for over 5000 years. From this view, promiscuity is as good as celibacy, because we are keeping the power of love out of sexual congress. It is interesting to note many primitive cultures honored, respected and highly valued women, which may be why we are this far along.

The earliest symbol for woman in cuneiform is the inverted triangle with the vertical cleft representing the vulva. This symbol, also known as “the chalice,” additionally meant giver of life. Sexually repressed archeologists interpret this as “childbirth.” It could also mean that through sexual love we become more aware, intuitive and are able to live life more fully. Woman has given us life!

It is also quite possible this chalice, this receptacle for life, is also the Holy Grail for when men treat it as such, with the awe, respect and reverence deserved, it is then we are transformed. Men have been chasing the Holy Grail for the last ten centuries or so, and Ladies, you’ve been sitting on it all along.

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