I know how Galileo felt!

Can you imagine Galileo running around telling people the earth is round, when they all knew it was flat? I, too, have discovered something that may seem just as ridiculous to you as a round earth seemed to those 14th Century people. It is about sex!

I wrote a novel about it (The Sacred Female) and have been researching it ever since. This site will be about sexual love, sexual science – as far as it goes – and the power available in sexual love.

Power? We all live with a sexual paradigm of pleasure and/or procreation. There is a third “p”, power, hidden from us for centuries! Eons! I, like those before me stumbled on to it by accident, sort of, and for those of you who will hear, share it with you.

Tantra, Schmantra! Bottom line is that it is all about women’s anatomy and physiology and love. Sexology stops with the orgasm, but there is a lot more available to us. So, I hope this blog is rated “mature” or what ever they do, so that I might share this with you

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